12 Days Manaslu Trek Cost and Itinerary

12 Days Manaslu Trek Cost and Itinerary

Manaslu Trek is an incredible Himalayan journey that is slightly distinctive from other mainstream adventures. Instead of the bustling towns crowded with trekkers, this serene journey will take you across the remote virgin landscapes of the west-central Himalayas on an off-beaten trail.

This off-beaten journey is famous for its authentic Himalayan trekking experience that offers you the opportunity to soak in the solitude of the secluded landscapes that reconnect you with the true grandeur of nature. If you are here, then you are interested in this classical Himalayan trek and looking for a shorter exploration variant. This 12 Days Manaslu Trek Cost and Itinerary article will provide you insights on every aspect of this short and exciting trekking package.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days is a wonderful trekking prospect to explore the unspoiled beauty of the Manaslu region in a short period. Although it is a short and optimized version of Manaslu Trek, it doesn’t mean that exploration compromises on any highlights of the region.

Himalayas On Foot has just excluded the sightseeing and stay at Kathmandu part. So your journey will start directly with the drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola and ends after return to Kathmandu from Dharapani. You can enjoy the before and after trek period as you wish; we will just arrange a remarkable journey for you.

After reaching Machha Khola, you will move along the mainstream trekking route of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, enjoying the iconic western Himalayan vistas. Your excursion will take you across the major highlights of the region, such as Jagat, Deng, Namrung, Lho, Sama Gaun, Samdo, and Dharmashala.

You will then trek over the Larkya La Pass, completing the circumnavigation of Mt. Manaslu, and make your descent to Dharpani via Bimthang. The drive back to Kathmandu from Dharapani will conclude your remarkable Himalayan trek.

12 Days Manaslu Trek Cost

Attractive Mount Manaslu | Low Alpine Manaslu | Manaslu Trek

The 12 Days Manaslu Trek Cost can range somewhere between US$ 880 to US$ 1,700. The primary factors that will affect the pricing of your package will be the overall duration of the trip, side exploration around the region, acclimatization and exploration days, and quality of the services.

Himalayas On Foot’s 12 Days Manaslu Trek costs only US$ ###. We offer the best value experience in this remote Himalayan exploration without neglecting any enroute highlights of the region. There is also a further discount on our trekking package if you book it for a group.

Like any standard package, there are also packages included and excluded. Your trek will start after a drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola and will end after you return back to the capital from Dharapani. Here are different expenses heads of expenses, includes and excludes of the Himalayas On Foot’s 12 Days Manaslu Trek cost.

Package Includes

  • Cost of transportation by bus; Kathmandu to Macha Khola, Dharapani to Kathmandu (Optional jeep drive cost US$ 240)
  • Government-licensed professional trekking guide
  • Full board meals throughout the trek (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • All the necessary permits for the trek: Restricted Area Permit, MCAP, ACAP, TIMS Card
  • Comprehensive first aid kit and oximeter
  • Farewell dinner
  • Government expenses and our service charges

Package Excludes

  • Travel insurance and visa
  • Cost for porters
  • Meals in Kathmandu
  • International airfare and airport tax
  • Tips to guides and porters
  • Drinks and snacks during the trek
  • Other personal nature expenses

12 Days Manaslu Circuit Itinerary Outline

Manaslu Trek Detail Itinerary - Himalayas on Foot

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola (9hrs drive; 870 meters )

Day 02: Trekking from Maccha Khola to Jagat ( 8 hours; 1290 m)

Day 03: Jagat to Deng trek (7 hrs trek; 1860m)

Day 04: Deng to Namrung (6 hrs trek; 2630m)

Day 05: Namrung to Lho trekking (4 hours ; 3180m)

Day 06: Trek from Lho to Sama Gaun (7 hours; 3500m)

Day 07: Acclimatization day at Sama Gaun and hike to Manaslu Base Camp (4400 m )

Day 08: Trekking from Sama Gaun to Samdo (5 hours ;3,875m)

Day 09: Samdo to Dharmashala trek (5 hrs ; 4480m)

Day 10: Trekking from Dharmashala to Bimthang via Larkya La Pass (9 hours; 3720 m)

Day 11: Trek down to Dharapani from Bimthang ( 9 hours; 1,963m)

Day 12: Drive back to Kathmandu from Dharapani (8-10 hrs drive; 1400m)

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Detailed 12 Days Manaslu Circuit Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trek 13 Days | Cost, Itinerary, Map, Review

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu [1,400 meters/ 4,593 feet] to Machha Khola [870 meters/ 2,854 feet]

Elevation Loss: 530 meters/ 1,738 feet

Drive Duration: 7-8 hours

This exciting day’s drive on the Prithvi Highway will take you across the charming banks of the cascading Trishuli River and Marsyangdi River. From Dhading Besi, you will leave the highway behind and make your way toward Arughat situated on the bank of Budhi Gandaki River.

Then, driving past the Soti Khola, and beautiful settlements of Khursani Village and Lububesi Village, you will finally arrive at today’s rest point at Maccha Khola.

Day 02: Trekking from Maccha Khola to Jagat [1,290 meters/ 4,232 feet]

Elevation Gain: 420 meters/ 1,377 feet

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

On this day’s trekking journey, you trek to Khorlabesi after crossing the Machha Khola. Your trail up ahead then stretches toward the natural hot spring of Tatopani. Then, moving along the forest trails, you will head toward Doban.

During the last part of this day’s trek, you will trek past Lauri and then climb across Thado Bharyang to reach your resting destination, Jagat.

Day 03: Jagat to Deng [1,860 meters/ 6,102 feet] trek

Elevation Gain: 570 meters/ 1,870 feet

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Today, you will move along with the ascending trail that passes through the valley and leads to Sirdibas Village. Then, after crossing a suspension bridge, you will take the steep climb to Philim.

The journey further ahead then takes you through Ekle Bhatti and Pewa Village to reach Deng, this day’s resting point.

Day 04: Deng to Namrung [2,630 meters/ 8,628 feet]

Elevation Gain: 770 meters/ 2,526 feet

Trek Duration: 5-6 hours

After breakfast, you will move along the uphill route during the initial part and then descend down to the bank side of the Budhi Gandaki River. Trekking further along your exciting route, you will cross a suspension bridge and trek across Bihi Phedi, and Bihi.

Then, you will cross another suspension bridge to reach the Ghap Village. The last stretch of this day’s trek takes you through rhododendrons, fir, oak, and bamboo forests to Namrung.

Day 05: Namrung to Lho [3,180 meters/ 10,433 feet] trekking

Elevation Gain: 550 meters/ 1,804 feet

Trek Duration: 4 hours

Moving to further elevation points in your journey, you will leave the Narmung Village behind and head down to the trail beside the Budhi Gandaki River. This day’s trek will take you across several small settlements, including Lihi Village and Sho Village, that offer magnificent views of Simnang Himal.

Then, you will also stream, which originates from the Lindanda Glacier, before getting closer to the Tibetan border on the north side. Passing through mani walls, prayer flags, Chorten, and monasteries further ahead, you will then reach Lho Village.

Day 06: Trek from Lho to Sama Gaun [3,500 meters/ 11,482 feet]

Elevation Gain: 320 meters/ 1,049 feet

Trek Duration: 7 hours

This day’s exciting trekking adventure unveils the wide vistas of Ganesh, Boudha, Himchuli, Sringi, and other surrounding peaks. After switching trails to a forested area, you will arrive sat Shyala Village.

The journey further ahead then takes you close to the Pungen Glacier, which offers spectacular views of Manaslu. During the last stretch, you will cross a stream originating from the glacier to enter the Sama Gaun.

Day 07: Acclimatization day at Sama Gaun and hike to Manaslu Base Camp [4,400 meters/ 14,435 feet]

Elevation Gain: 900 meters/ 2,952 feet

Trek Duration: 6-7 hours

Sama Gaun is a charming and closet village to Manaslu Base Camp. This village is also a strategic acclimatization destination in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. For the morning hike, you will move along the trails on the northern side to explore the foothills of the eighth-highest snow-clad peak in the world, Mt. Manaslu.

After returning from the hike, you can do some sightseeing around Sama Gaun, checking out local culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

Day 08: Trekking from Sama Gaun to Samdo [3,860 meters/ 12,664 feet]

Elevation Gain: 360 meters/ 1,181 feet

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

After enjoying an acclimatization day at Sama Gaun, it’s time to move further in your Himalayan adventure. The initial portion of this day’s trek will take you across the Khermo Kharka and wide lush meadows.

Moving further in your trekking route, you will trek past the Manaslu Glacier and through the birch and rhododendron forest. During the last section, you will cross the Budhi Gandaki River over a wooden bridge to ascend to Samdo Village.

Day 09: Samdo to Dharmashala [4,460 meters/ 14,632 feet] trek

Elevation Gain: 600 meters/ 1,968 feet

Trek Duration: 4-5 hours

Moving across the edge of the Samdo, you will trek across the mani walls and chortens before crossing a bridge over the Budhi Gandaki River. On the trekking trails, you will also cross several rivers, including Athahra Saya River and Larke River, before arriving at Larkya Bazaar.

From this trading hub, you will move along the steep trails around the Salkha Khola Valley to reach Dharmashala, the stone guest house.

Day 10: Trekking from Dharmashala to Bimthang [3,720 meters/ 12,204 feet] via Larkya La Pass [5,160 meters/ 16,929 feet]

Elevation Gain: 700 meters/

Trek Duration: 7-8 hours

This is the most challenging and rewarding day’s adventure in your Manaslu Trek 12 Days. Today, you will cross one of the highest Himalayan passes, Larkya La Pass, after leaving Dharmashala. You will first make your ascend to Cho Chand and continue across the steep section of the pass to reach its summit.

From the top of Larkya La, you will be able to enjoy an incredible Himalayan panorama that comprises Himlung Himal, Kang Guru, Cheo Himal, Annapurna II, Ganesh Himal, Himalchuli and other surrounding peaks.

Then, you will climb down the pass and cross the moraines to reach Bimthang Village, your overnight rest destination today.

Day 11: Trek down to Dharapani [1,963 meters/ 6,440 feet] from Bimthang

Elevation Loss: 1,757 meters/ 5,764 feet

Trek Duration: 9 hours

This day’s trek will re-introduce you to the lush greenery of the lower valley. Descending across the rhododendron, fir, and pine treelines, you will reach the Budhi Gandaki River. The path further ahead opens up to the cultivated areas of Karche above the Budhi Gandaki Valley.

Then, you will move along the bankside of the river to reach Gho Village. From here, the route descends even further, and you will trek across wife pastures and terraced farmlands to reach the large Gurung village, Tilje.

Trekking past decorated mani walls, praying flags, and chortern, you will finally reach Dharapani Village through Thonje Village.

Day 12: Drive back to Kathmandu [1,400 meters/ 4,593 feet] from Dharapani

Elevation Loss: 563 meters/ 1,847 feet

Drive Duration: 8-10 hours

This day will officially mark the end of your remarkable Himalayan journey. After breakfast in Dharapani, you will take a convenient vehicle here for the drive back to Kathmandu. Following the sparkling flow of the Marsyangdi River, you will trek past Bhulbhule and Khudi to reach Besisahar.

After joining the Prithvi Highway, it is a smooth drive alongside the Trishuli and Marsyangdi Rivers for the return to Kathmandu. Hotel transfer after reaching Kathmandu.

When Should I Do 12 Days Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu Trek Permit and Their Cost

This classical Himalayan excursion can be done throughout the year. Spring and autumn are the high seasons for trekking adventures in Nepal; these ensure a comfortable trekking experience under favorable climatic conditions.

Overcoming the challenges of the snow-covered Larke La Pass can be slightly challenging during the winter season. Similarly, the unfavorable weather conditions of the monsoon season affect the trekking trails and overall itinerary plans.

So, it will be best to stick to high seasons if you are new to high-altitude treks or longing for a pleasant experience to connect with nature. The 12 Day Manaslu Trek in the autumn season rewards you with great visibility of the Himalayan vistas due to the low precipitation rate.

Similarly, the trekking trails are dry; temperatures are just perfect for outdoor adventures, the lush vegetation surrounds you, and the festive vibrance adds magic to your excursion. In case if you are planning a trip for the spring season, nature’s magnificence at its peak will just simply melt your heart away.

Temperatures of Manaslu Circuit Trek in All Four Seasons

Temperatures in Spring season (March, April, and May): 12°C- 31°C

Temperatures in Autumn season (Septemeber, October, and November): 13°C- 25°C

Temperatures in Winter season (December, January, and February): 5°C- 12°C

Temperatures in Monsoon season (June, July, and August): 16°C- 30°C

How Hard is the Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty | 5+ Manaslu Trek Difficulty Factors

12 Days Manaslu Trek itinerary is a moderate Himalayan excursion. Due to its mild difficulty, even a beginner trekker can take part in this trek as the trekking route doesn’t demand any technical skills.

But, still, the Manaslu Trek is an altitude journey, and you have to navigate your way across the remote and rugged landscapes of the Himalayas. So, skipping the training means you will struggle physically during the trip and may not be able to relish the excursion to your heart’s content.

The trekking distance and altitude gain are the two significant difficulty factors of this journey that you will have to overcome. The approximate trekking distance of the Manaslu Trek is about 177 km. It means you will traverse across the remote landscapes of this restricted region for about 6-7 hours per day.

Similarly, even though most of the elevation points in this trek are on a milder scale, you will also have to trek over one of the high Himalayan passes, Larkya La Pass, which stands at an altitude of 5,160 meters (16,929 feet).

However, as you acclimatize along the way, trekking over the pass won’t be that big of a deal. The overall experience of the trek will depend on how well you are prepared for the trip.

How to Prepare for the Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty | 5+ Manaslu Trek Difficulty Factors

As the difficulty level of this spectacular Himalayan excursion and the blissful memories you will garnish entirely depend on your preparation, you shouldn’t slack off during the training part.

We generally recommend 3 to 6 weeks of training for high-altitude trekking adventures that are at least as long as this 12 Days Manaslu Trek itinerary. However, you can freely optimize the training period after doing a thorough physical assessment.

If you are physically active in general, you may not require a long training period, but if you aren’t, then you can work on your weak physical aspects to meet the minimum requirement threshold for the trek.

Practise hikes to nearby steep sections is also one of the effective ways to assess your physical capabilities and understand the trekking route demands. You will also get the opportunity to try out your boots and gear during the practice hikes.

Training for Manaslu Trek 12 Days

Your training should emphasize improving your strength, endurance, and overall stamina level. You will need to walk for long hours during the trek on the rugged and challenging trails.

Similarly, rising altitudes add further challenges to your trip. Thus, these training exercises will improve your overall endurance level and help you effectively acclimatize to rising altitudes.

Strength Training: Push Up, Plank, Deadlift, Lunge, leg Press, Squat, Push Up, Step Up, Bench Press, Leg Raise, High Knees, Curl Up, Glute Bridge, etc

Stamina Training: Jogging, Dancing, Swimming, Rowing, Jumping Jack, Stair Climbing, Jumping Rope, Aerobic, etc

Preparing Mentally

If you haven’t done any remote high Himalayan trekking adventures before, you need to understand that Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days is nothing like a vacation to an exotic tourist destination. Due to the remoteness of the region, its infrastructures, services, and amenities are not on par with urban settlements.

Similarly, the weather conditions at high altitudes are not always predictable, and you may even have to deal with the inconveniences caused by the weather during your trip. So, if you are considering this remote trek, be mentally prepared for it.

  • Research the challenges and difficulties of the trek so you can understand what to expect
  • Have a positive mindset and surround yourself with positive people
  • Be flexible and adaptable so you can easily cope with the variable circumstances
  • Emphasize teamwork and support
  • Develop resilience to tackle setbacks
  • Have self-confidence and set realistic goals

Is This Trek Right for Me?

Manaslu Trek Permit and Their Cost

12 Days Manaslu Trek itinerary is a slow-paced Himalayan excursion that also offers you enough time to acclimatize effectively before heading toward further elevation points. As there are no technically demanding sections in the trekking route, any trekking enthusiast can take part in this exploration.

There are no age restrictions for this trek, nor is there any experience threshold. So, if you have basic fitness and good health, you are pretty much good to go for this trip. Still, as the Manaslu Trek is a remote and high-altitude journey, so consult your guide if you have children in your trekking group.

The success rate of 12 Days Manaslu Trek with Himalayas On Foot is about 98% to 100%. If you want to partake with us in this iconic exploration, we will guarantee a remarkable, immersive, and safe journey guided by our exceptional pro guides with significant years of guiding experience in the region.

Some Helpful Tips for Manaslu Circuit Trek 12 Days

  • Start your physical preparation at the recommended time frame
  • Plan ahead and book services only after thoroughly understanding the perks
  • Acclimatize properly and don’t rush yourself at the elevating routes
  • Stick to the instructions of guides and porters
  • Pack wisely, including the necessary layer, but at the same time, do not go overboard
  • Stay hydrated (minimum 3-4 liters per day) and eat nutritious meals, don’t just prioritize taste
  • Respect local culture and traditions, be open-minded about experiencing new things
  • Stay safe, listen to your body language, and do not push yourself beyond the limits
  • Engage with the natives, learn a few greeting phrases
  • Take short breaks along the route, and don’t forget to pack snacks
  • Convert enough cash to local currencies
  • Enjoy and relish the once-in-a-lifetime experience

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