5 Days Nepal Tour

5 Days Nepal Tour

If you opt to do a whole Nepal tour, you are going to take it as a very wise and brilliant decision. Know about the 5 days Nepal tour in this article:

Nepal is the land of Mount Everest and Buddha. Sheltered by majestic Himalayan ranges, it is small but a magical land.

Since Nepal is world-famous for its mountains, it is no surprise that Nepal is one of the most sought after destinations for trekking in the world. If you are an avid trekker or mountaineer you will find plenty of amazing destinations for trekking in Nepal.

But if you want to join a 5 days Nepal Tour, then trekking to the popular trails may not be convenient. So, you can choose to do easy yet rejoicing tours in Nepal.

Nepal is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. You will find plenty of historical, architectural, and religious places to explore here.

Nepal is also a great destination for leisure holidays. You can sit back and relax in the beautiful lake city of Nepal, Pokhara. Or, you can explore the city of temples and monuments- Kathmandu.

Once in these cities, you can chill among many restaurants/bars/cafes. This way you can reward yourself with some relaxing time along with the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the hills.

You can also try various outdoor activities in Pokhara like paragliding, river rafting, kayaking etc.

Highlights of the 5 Days Nepal Tour

  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Explore temples and historical sites that display the exquisite architectural craftsmanship of Nepal.
  • Visit various tourist spots in Pokhara like the Seti Gorge, Dhttps://himalayasonfoot.com/trip/kathmandu-city-sightseeing Devi’s Fall, Bindhyabasini Temple etc.
  • See the spectacular sunrise from Sarangkot.
  • Visit the beautiful lakes of Pokhara.
  • Mingle with the local people and learn about their unique culture and traditions.

5 Days Nepal Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at the Kathmandu Airport and Transfer to Hotel

Maximum Altitude: 1,345 m, Kathmandu

Welcome to Kathmandu! Our representatives will pick you up from the airport and drop you to your respective hotels.

Once at the hotel, you can freshen up and settle down in your rooms. You can either choose to take a rest after your long flight or take a stroll around your hotel and explore the area.

You will have an early welcome dinner at a traditional Nepali restaurant where you will get to taste some authentic Nepalese cuisine.

Overnight at the hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu – Pre-Trip Meeting, Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Patan

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, representatives from our agency will meet you up at 8 in the morning for a pre-trip meeting.

You will receive detailed information about your trip and your itinerary. You can ask any questions and clear your doubts about anything related to the trip.

After the meeting, you will embark on the first day of your tour. You will be visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations in Kathmandu on the second day of the 5 Days Nepal Tour.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Today’s tour begins with a tour to the Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is Kathmandu’s most spectacular spot that preserves traditional architecture and monuments.

The square is an active and living square which houses several souvenir shops/ cafes and an assortment of ancient high temples.

There are a lot of historically important temples on the premises like the Taleju Temple, Kal Bhairav, and Jagannath Temple. Nine story palace, Coronation spot- the Nasal Chowk, the Gaddi Baithak are some of the major attractions in the area.

You are in for a treat if you are into traditional architecture and ancient artifacts.

The temples, architecture, and the royal historic palaces showcase the skill of the Newar artists and craftsman. The temples were mostly built during 1560-1574 but the oldest palaces date back to the 3rd century.

Swayambhu Stupa

After Kathmandu Durbar Square, you will be visiting the Swayambhu Stupa.

This stupa is atop a hillock and is also famously known as the ”monkey temple” due to the large number of monkeys living there.

This stupa is a visually stunning monument. It a is perfectly proportioned monument rising through the white dome to a gilded spire called the harmika.

You can explore the surroundings there and on days with clear weather, you will be able to get a view of the entire Kathmandu Valley from here.

Pashupatinath Temple

The next destination for your Kathmandu Tour is the Pashupatinath Temple, one of the most sacred Temple of the Hindus around the world.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple complex consists of 518 temples and monuments. Its main temple stands in the center of an open courtyard and is a square two-tiered pagoda temple.

And on the back of the temple, by the river is a cremation site. Although the main temple is off-limits to foreigners, there is still lot to see and experience around the rest of the complex.

Boudha Stupa

After Pashupatinath, your next stop is the Boudha Stupa or the Bouddha Mahachaitya because of its size. It is the biggest stupa in Nepal and one of the most important pilgrimage site for the Buddhist people.

It is protective, purification, and a wish-granting stupa. It is a sacred stupa and an epitome of beauty, grace, and serenity.

You can find shops selling Tibetan handicrafts, statues, etc and rooftop cafes around the stupa.

You can join the locals while they take their usual koras around the stupa (circumambulations) and explore the area.


After Boudha, your last destination for today is Patan. Patan is a must-visit for anyone visiting Kathmandu.

Patan is home to Patan Durbar Square one of the three durbar squares in Kathmandu Valley. And it has one of the finest collections of temples and palaces.

It is a marvel destination of Newari architecture. It is a great spot if you are a Nepali history buff or if you just enjoy traditional architecture, streets, temples, and the unique culture of Nepal.

You can take a stroll around Patan and take a look at the ancient temples and palaces.

The shops around the areas are also worth visiting, they mostly sell exotic handmade items which you might not find elsewhere.

After finishing the sightseeing, you will go back to the hotel. After dinner, you can pack for your trip to Pokhara.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 03: Fly to Pokhara, Sightseeing in Pokhara

Maximum Altitude: 827 m, Pokhara

Flight Duration: 35 minutes

After an early breakfast, you will pack your bags and catch an early morning flight to Pokhara.

It will take around 35 minutes to reach Pokhara. On the way, you will get amazing views of Kathmandu Valley and stunning mountains.

Once in Pokhara, you will go to your respective hotels and get settled. After lunch, you will begin your half-day tour of the visually stunning lake city.

You will be visiting the Barahi Temple. Located on an island in the middle of Phewa Lake, it is also known as the Lake Temple. You can also boat in this lake and enjoy the serene beauty of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

After boating, you can stroll around the lakeside, sit back, and relax in the bars and cafes the lakeside.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 04: Pokhara Sightseeing

Your day starts early morning with a drive to Sarangkot Hill to view the sunrise over the Himalayas.

You will also get beautiful views of the Annapurna Range from here. Once you’ve watched the sunrise you will go back to the hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast, you will be visiting some famous tourist attractions in Pokhara. It includes the Peace Stupa, Devid Fall, Gupteshwor Cave, mountain Museum, and the Seti Gorge.

Once your tour is over, you can go explore the area around and do some shopping if you wish.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 05: Pokhara – Kathmandu Drive Back by Tourist vehicle

Travel Duration: 5-6 hours drive

After breakfast at the hotel, you will leave for Kathmandu and this time you will be going by road on the last day of the 5 Days Nepal Tour.

This road trip will definitely be an interesting experience for you. You will be driving through local villages, rivers, and lush green hills which will be an eye-soothing experience.

Once near Kathmandu, you will notice the usual hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

Once you check into your hotel, you can unpack and freshen up. The rest of the time is for your own, you can either do some souvenir shopping or go explore the area around.

Overnight at the hotel.

Best Time for 5 Days Nepal Tour

The major factor that determines the best time to visit any place is the weather. Travelling is all about exploring new places and it is only possible during favorable weather.

Nepal experiences a total of four seasons Spring, Summer/Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter. Since in our 5 Days Nepal tour you will explore the most convenient places, you can plan this tour any time of the year. However, in a different season, you will experience something different.


Spring in Nepal is from March to May and is the second-best season for 5 Days Nepal Tour. The weather this time is warm and not too hot. The nights can be a bit chilly so it’s best to pack some warm clothes for the evenings.

The average temperature is normally around 8 – 29°C.

The days are long and perfect for touring. The valley blooms with flowers this time of the year creating a perfect picturesque image.

You might, however, face some slight showers towards the end of May.


Summer/ Monsoon in Nepal is from June to August and not a very good time to visit Nepal. The weather is hot and there is rain almost every other day.

On some occasions, it rains almost the entire day. There might be cancellations in flights due to bad weather conditions. And since the sky is not clear, the visibility of the mountains is rather low.

The average temperature during this season is normally around 17 – 29°C.

One good thing about traveling during this season is that it will be less crowded. You will be able to enjoy traveling in peace and you might even get discounts on accommodations this season.


Autumn in Nepal is from September to November and is the best time to visit Nepal and do 5 Days Nepal Tour.

The weather during this season is the best you can get, it is neither hot nor cold. The nights can be a bit colder so, bring along some warm clothes.

The average temperature during this season is normally around 7 – 19°C.

The skies are clear and the views of the mountains and landscapes are exceptionally beautiful this time of the year.

Nepal’s biggest festival Dashain and the festival of lights Tihar both fall in this season.

Dashain usually falls during October and Tihar in November. The dates vary as they are always calculated according to the Lunar Calendar.

You can be a part of these celebrations and experience the wonderful culture of Nepalese people first hand.


Winter in Nepal is from December to February and is the coldest month in Nepal.

The weather during this season is rather cold and chilly, especially in the mornings and nights. Days are, however, sunny and not that cold.

The average temperature during this season is around 2 – 11 °C.

One of the popular destinations in winter for tourists is the lake city Pokhara because of its warmer weather compared to Kathmandu.

Losar which is also known as the Lunar New Year celebrated by the Tibetan/Buddhist people falls in this season. You can be a part of this festival and learn a few things about their rich culture and heritage.


A 5 days Nepal Tour is an exciting way to explore the beauty and culture of Nepal. Everything and everyone here will leave you enchanted.

Nepal is also a place with warm and welcoming people. It is without a doubt that you will receive nothing but love and warm hospitality here. It is a quality every traveler seeks when exploring.

5 days Nepal tour is definitely not enough to encompass the beauty and uniqueness that Nepal has to offer. If there are certain places that you wish to visit and explore, we are more than happy to arrange it for you.

For any further questions or bookings, please contact us.

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