5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling

5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling

Today, we are going to discuss 5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling in this detailed article.

Whether it is the beauty of the hills and mountains, the calmness of the beaches or the luxuries of hotels and cruises, a wandering heart is always dreaming of another vacation, another adventure. For nomads who dream of exploring all the famous and hidden treasures of the world, traveling is not a verb but a way of life. But like everything else, traveling has a price and sadly, it’s huge! There are many ways to make money while travelling.

So while you ponder over a notebook filled with picture cutouts, checklists or a world map with countries left to be pinned, the one nagging concern is always money. After an extensive research on how the most fun and expert travelers get by on their journeys financially, we bring you 5 ways to make money while you are travelling – living your life to the fullest.

1. Make Money with Travel Blog

5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling

The best but not the easiest way to earn as you live your dream of traveling across the world is blogging about it. You can travel to different locations all over the world as you document your experiences and review the places, people, culture and other services you encounter in your journeys. Blogs usually start small, with limited audiences and low returns.

However, if you are an avid traveler and if you can patiently and regularly present your trip experiences to a certain target audience, it isn’t long before you can start living the life of a traveler without having to worry about accommodation, transportation or even money. Here are a few benefits of travel blogging in the long run.

Your Dream comes true – every single day

If you wanted to be a wanderer and spend your life exploring the treasures of the world, then nothing can be better than to make a living out of writing about your lifelong dream. You get to experience the places, lives and cultures that you’d never even heard of and every single day, no matter how hard it gets, is a day well spent. You will never feel too tied down or too worked up as you wake up to a fresh new holiday spot every few days, weeks or months. And if you ever need a break from work, all you have to do is shut down the computer and let the vacation begin.

Source of Income

Once your blog starts getting regular views in large numbers, your blog becomes a marketing tool for others and a source of income for you. You can earn from the paid advertisements, product placements and other sponsors that you associate your blog with. If you are a frequent traveler, different hotels and restaurants may provide you free services in return for honest reviews and mentions of their businesses in your blog.

If you are blogging professionally, chances are you will be offered sponsored trips to places due to the exposure of your blog. As you save money on most expenses as transportation, accommodation, and other services, you save for other adventures in your bucket list. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. Some companies might even provide certain goods and products for free to be featured in your blog’s content. Some lucky ones even get a chance to try out various adventure sports, cuisines, cooking classes or other entertaining activities to feature on their blogs.

Learning as you go

Travel blogging is not limited to just writing about the places you visit. You can add different features such as photography, advertisements, social media marketing, and other skills that can help you polish your skills for another career. These skills help you enhance your personality, sharpen your resume, and even apply to different other jobs anywhere in the world that can be done remotely. As you travel and blog, you can still learn different things in different places, situations, or from the internet.

Helping the world

While traveling and blogging might seem self-centered and personal, the truth is actually very different. Your blog is not just your own journal and source of income; it is an inspiration to all your readers who travel the world through your words and pictures. You can inspire many people to get out of their comfort zones and explore the world around them. You become a part of the society that you create with your blog and a part of each of their lives.

If you are earning enough from your blog to cover your travel expenses, you can also get involved in volunteer work in certain places that require them. There are various volunteer organizations that let you travel for free in return for your efforts towards their causes. So, you can make the world a better place with every step you take and every word you write.

Creative Expression

If writing, photography, and travel videos are the means of expressing yourself, then travel blogs are definitely your thing. You can let your creative juices flow freely as you pen down your traveling experiences, describe and review places, people, and cultures. You can express your ideas, experiences, emotions, and reviews freely and connect with a large audience of your choice.

Travel blogging is a free, unconstricted, and personal expression of your creativity. As you are your own writer, editor, and publisher, you get to control the content and how it is perceived and used for the promotion of your career. It can be a perfect addition to your resume if you want to apply to any big organization as well.

Meeting other travelers

Travel blogging and social media help you spot, follow and even meet fellow travelers and bloggers. As a frequent traveler, you have your own issues, problems, and lifestyle that your regular friends might not relate to. Your blog can give you the opportunity to meet others like you who share the same passion, ideas, and experiences as you in terms of traveling. It is a great way to have a family of sorts that recommends new ideas, places, and cuisines, shares your traveling stories and sorrows and ones that inspire you to keep doing what you do and get even better.

Personal Memories

The accounts of different places and experiences of your many travels will be a source of memory for later years. You can read your own blogs and view the pictures and reminisce about your fun, traveling days. They can be a source of knowledge and inspiration to your kids and others who read your blogs. Moreover, they will be something you will cherish all your life to recall some of the best moments of your life.

2. Make Money with Freelancing

Freelance has been a buzz word for a while now as people want flexibility in the workplace as well as their lives. Usually, freelancing refers to writing, photography, and other such creative works, but with the introduction of new freelancing agencies (and websites) you can freelance for anything from accounting, HR management, consultation, language lessons, and website creation to lifestyle advice, interior designing and many more. It is a slow and lengthy process to reach a level where you can earn enough to fund your entire trip.

You need to have patience and dedication to create your own regular clients so you can have regular jobs that you can complete from anywhere or anytime you like. Websites like Elance have millions of job posts where you can choose the field and level of work you are good at. Takelessons allows you to connect with people who are willing to learn something that you might be good at and can teach them.

Skype is a useful tool for freelancing online as it allows you to connect, teach, or even conduct businesses online. With proper internet connection and dedication to the clients, any job can be done from any corner of the world as you enjoy traveling to your favorite destinations.

3. Make Money by Teaching

5 Ways to Make Money While Travelling

Knowledge truly is the greatest power after all. If you have any basic skills, knowledge, or talent, it can be language, playing an instrument, a certain dance form, or something as crazy as playing video games, you are good enough to teach.

If you are enthusiastic about something, chances are there are others like you too. If you can find the right place and people to share your skills with, you could actually make enough for your expenses as well as save for later. Some places and people will also trade accommodation in return for the lessons. Just make sure to find the right people and arrangements in advance.

If you are a native speaker or even just a fluent speaker, there are open vacancies for the post of English teachers all over the world especially in countries like Japan, China, South Korea, and others that are trying to make their people fluent in English.

If you are good with children, you can also apply for the position of a tutor, language, or musical instrument teacher.

4. Sales

If you were born to be a salesperson, then it won’t be a problem for you to sell your talents anywhere you go. You can contact factories and sales companies and apply for the position of a salesperson. In some lucky cases, they will pay for your trip and also pay you a commission for the sales. If you are the artsy type, you can make your own products and sell them as you travel. Tourists mainly work as marketers to other tourists as they review and recommend certain hotels, travel agencies, and other service providers and get compensated or receive services from them in return.

5. Jobs

There are a lot of tourist destinations that hire tourists specifically for certain jobs. Most usual places are hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants. Most hotels and resorts want you to deal with other potential tourists as you can be more relatable. You can work as a receptionist, salesperson or in the entertainment department if you are the fun-loving, interesting, and entertaining type. If you know bartending, working shifts in some of the trendiest restaurants can also be a fun way to fund your travels.

Another potential job can be a beautician if you are good at haircuts, facials, manicures, and pedicures. You should reasonably price your services and you will have a regular customer base in no time. You can set it up anywhere (hotels) and word of mouth will do the rest.

As long as you have some skills and can work sincerely, getting employed temporarily and earning enough to fund your entire trip is no big deal. Traveling is as challenging as it is fun and as you wander in other countries; nothing can be 100 percent certain. So, it is a good idea to look into a number of options and try out a mix of those that you excel at to make enough money. Give creativity and perseverance a chance and enjoy your travels!

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