Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

The 10 days Annapurna Base Camp trek is a classic journey to the beautiful Annapurna region. You can enjoy the sights of many high peaks like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, etc.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of the world-renowned treks. It is a trek to the Annapurna region which is highly situated at 4,320m above the sea level. This trek combines the high Himalayas, diverse cultures, and landscapes.

You can get to the ABC in just 10 days. This short trek allows the trekker to enjoy the variety of landscapes, cultures, and vegetation.

This journey starts with taking the scenic flight from Pokhara. Pokhara is the city that lies in the heart of beautiful lakes. Then driving to Nayapul from Pokhara and walking all long, trekking down to the Annapurna region.

This trek also takes you to the destinations through the beautiful villages like Ghandruk and Deurali. Furthermore, you will also visit Jhinu Dhada, where you can enjoy the hot water bath.

The short 10 days Annapurna Base Camp trek is suitable for almost everyone. This trail is comparatively easy and appealing.

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, and many other high peaks.
  • Amazing scenery of occasional Himalayan Rivers across the land.
  • Pass through deep gorges and take in breathtaking views of mountains
  • Witness the rich cultural diversity
  • Passing through the ethnic villages, with the forests full of Rhododendron and oak forests
  • Get a pleasant time following the waves of Modi Khola with diverse flora and fauna
  • The hot water bath in the hot spring of Jhinu Dhada is a wonderful experience

Detailed Itinerary of Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (Drive)

Altitude: 830 m

Trek hour: 6-7 hr

Early morning, you will head towards Pokhara from Kathmandu. It will take around 6-7 hours of a comfortable ride along the Prithvi Highway.

The vehicle will drive along the Trishuli and Marshyangdi rivers. Small rural villages and beautiful green fields will pass on your way. You will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery on your way.

Pokhara is a popular city that is right beside the Phewa Lake. This city is the tourism capital of Nepal. The views of three of the ten mountains in the world- Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu lies within this valley.

It is one of the cleanest city that is free from the chaos of a city. In Pokhara, besides enjoying the mountain vistas there are a lot of activities that you can do. It is well facilitated for trekkers to rejuvenate and relax.

Overnight stay at Pokhara.

Day 2: Pokhara to Nayapul (Drive) to Ghandruk

Altitude: 1840 m

Trek Hour: 5-6 hr

After having breakfast you will then drive to Nayapul. From Pokhara to Nayapul is about 42 km.

From Nayapul, you will trek to Ghandruk. It will take 5-6 hours to reach Ghandruk. The trek to Ghandruk provides an amazing glimpse of the rural life of the countryside.

From Ghandruk you can enjoy the view of Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Himchuli mountains. You can find a number of lodges and tea-houses in Ghandruk.

Overnight stay at Ghandruk.

Day 3: Ghandruk to Chomrong

Altitude: 2170 m

Trek Hour: 6 hr

On the third day, you will trek to Chomrong village. This village lies at the very base of Mt. Himchuli. The trail starts by passing above the west bank of Modi Khola.

Chomrong village is spread over the hillside that has stunning views of the Annapurna. Views are particularly best in the morning.

You can also spot a number of shops that sells trekking supplies and dispensary that stocks pills.

Then, you will begin to climb slowly as you head up for the destination of the day. Overnight stay at Chomrong.

Day 4: Chomrong to Bamboo

Altitude: 2310 m

Trek Hour: 4-5 hr

Today you will cross the Chomrong Khola and climb up to Sinuwa. The trail will enter to upper Modi Khola. You will also pass through the forest of rhododendrons and oaks on the way.

This journey begins with the pleasant ascends and descends across the stone steps. Next, you will pass through a beautiful forest to cultivar followed by an easy walk to bamboo.

Overnight stay at Bamboo.

Day 5: Bamboo to Deurali

Altitude: 3230 m

Trek Hour: 3-4 hr

This trek will continue to Deurali from Bamboo early in the morning. You will pass through the bamboo forest which is damp and cold. Then it will ascend towards fewer steep sections.

This trail passes by the pasture of Tomo and reaches to Pantheon Barah. Then this track continues to the Himalayas further.

Walking on the deep gorge and on the bank of Modi Khola river, you will enjoy this trek. You can encounter enchanting rivers and see some wildlife including Himalayan goats too.

Overnight stay at Deurali.

Day 6: Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

Altitude: 4130 m

Trek Hour: 5-6 hr

Today you will reach your final destination of the trek, Annapurna Base Camp.

You will climb the Machhapuchhre Base Camp from Deurali and head towards ABC. This area is also called Annapurna Sanctuary as it is a protected area. Its surroundings are fully covered with beautiful mountains.

It will take around 1.5-2 hours to reach ABC from Machhapuchhre Base Camp. You can encounter the closer views of the glaciers and chain of mountains.

The scenic beauty of this place is absolutely blissful and overwhelming. In this place, you can encounter the high mountains like Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Himchuli.

Overnight stay at Annapurna Base camp.

Day 7: Annapurna Base Camp to Bamboo

Altitude: 2310 m

Trek Hour: 7-8 hr

You can enjoy the magnificent golden Himalayas hit by the sunrays. The sunrise over the pristine mountains is breathtaking. On a clear morning, it is absolutely spectacular.

After a delightful breakfast, you will return to Bamboo. You will follow the same trail back you took to reach the base camp.

Bamboo is highly situated at an altitude of 2310 m. Downhill to Bamboo is definitely easier. This path drops by 1700 m to the banks of Modi Khola.

There are few lodges and tea-houses available to stay at Bamboo.

Overnight stay at Bamboo.

Day 8: Bamboo to Jhinu Danda

Altitude: 1760 m

Trek Hour: 5-6 hr

From Bamboo, after breakfast, you will head back. You will follow the same trail until you reach Chomrong. It takes 30 minutes to reach Kuldihar.

This trail will descend to Jhinu hot spring. It is a place where you can enjoy a hot bath in the natural hot spring.

It is worth to detour in Jhinu hot springs. It is a great way to rejuvenate after the hectic trek, it’s not time to relax.

The natural hot water springs are a great way to soothe the nerves and relax your aching muscles. The hot spring in Jhinu Dhada should get the job done.

Overnight stay at Jhinu.

Day 9: Jhinu Dhada to Nayapul to Pokhara (Drive)

Altitude: 830 m

Trek Hour: 6-7 hr

On a ninth day, you will leave Jhinu Dhada crossing the river and heading all the way to Birethanti. Birethanti is a beautiful town surrounded by hills and green woods.

From Birethanti, you will return back to Nayapul. This downhill trek takes over 5 hours.

Then you will take an hour’s drive back to Pokhara. You can have rest in the comfort of a city. Indulge in everything that will help you relax.

Overnight stay at Pokhara.

Day 10: Pokhara to Kathmandu ( Drive)

Altitude: 1380 m

Trek Hour: 6-7 hr

You will take the same route back to Kathmandu. Take your time to enjoy the scenery and nature. Sit back and relax for a 6-7 hour drive.

The difficulty of Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

ABC is one of the moderate treks. It doesn’t involve technical climbing but it’s good to have some hiking experience.

You may encounter rock steps, different terrain, roads and creeks in this trail. The trek will be harder as you climb higher due to altitude. So, you need to acclimate properly and have enough rest.

You will trek for 5-6 hours during most of the days of your trek. But some trekking days require as much as six to eight hours walking in high altitude.

However, you will have plenty of time each day for rest and acclimatization.

Physical Fitness for Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

It is important that you are physically fit and have no injuries. However, you will have a guide and porter for help throughout the trip.

Trekking for long hours in high altitude and difficult terrain will surely put a strain on your body. You might suffer a severe physical and mental breakdown, especially if you are trekking in the Himalayas for the first time.

It is, therefore, expected that you have taken light endurance training especially for longer trips.

Altitude Sickness During Annapurna Base Camp Trek 10 Days

You will be trekking above 3000m. So, there is always a risk of getting altitude sickness when you are hiking above 3000m.

Altitude sickness depends on the people of their physical fitness and experience in the mountains. You should learn and understand the symptoms of altitude sickness and precaution beforehand.

The minor injuries can be easily treated because the guide will always carry the professional first and aid kit.

There will be health professionals or health posts at villages and camps along the journey. The travel insurance which is compulsory to take that covers almost all emergency rescue and evacuation.

Food and Accommodation During 10 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek

There are a lot of guesthouses and tea-houses in almost every village.

Your room will have a small bed with a bedsheet, a pillow, and a blanket. But it’s a good choice to bring your own sleeping bag and a sheet liner.

The rooms are simple. A room usually has a small table with a water bottle and the walls have some hooks for hanging your clothes.

Some tea houses have hot gas showers but will charge you with some additional fees. Some rooms are basic while some are quite better. The altitude and the availability of resources in that area has a lot to do with it.

You will get local food or local dine like dal-bhat-tarkari in many places. However, you can also order anything from the menu of your choice.

You will have a range of options on the menu. Also, you can enjoy a lot of seasonal vegetables. So, there won’t be a problem even if you are a vegetarian or vegan. You surely get healthy and hygienic food throughout your travel.

But as you reach the higher altitude, there will be some limited choices on the food menu.

Guide / Porter

You can trek to the Annapurna Base Camp without a guide or porter. You can choose to take solo treks in this region. However, having a guide may be useful if you are completely new to trekking or it is your first time.

Also, if you are looking to trek comfortably and enjoy the views as much as you can, it is best to take porters with you. Porters can literally ease the burden by carrying your stuff during the trek.

You should definitely consider hiring one if you have an existing medical condition (back problems, bad knees, etc.)

Well, if you want to save a couple of bucks, then you can go for a local guide/porter. They do speak basic English and have knowledge of the routes and trails. And they will carry your bag too.

Best Time for Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The best weather for trekking in the Annapurna region is during autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May). You will get a chance to enjoy some outstanding views of the Annapurnas and Dhaulagiri peaks due to the clear skies.

It will also be much cooler above 3500m. Even though it’s not technically wintering you will need warm clothes and a thick insulating jacket.

Last Say

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek-10 days is a short trip that introduces to exceptional biodiversity and the beauty of nature at its real best.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the pristine mountain vistas within a short period of time.

On this trek, you can bunk out in cozy teahouse, lodges & enjoy the apple pies found here.

For further information and queries about this trek, feel free to contact us.

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