15 Best Treks in Nepal – Most Popular Ones

Best Treks in Nepal - Most Popular Ones

Are you craving for an adventure, a change of scene, or maybe a whole new meaning to life?

Maybe it is time to make a quick change in your form of vacationing, doing nothing, and taking a rest from your everyday life.

If you’re exploring your options as to where you want to vacation, you have to consider Nepal.

Nepal isn’t just a country with the Himalayas rich in mountain peaks, never-ending hills, valleys, and basins, but it also offers a thrilling experience – trekking!

Yes, trekking can be one of the most wonderful experiences you can have which might seem like just walking, but there is definitely more to it than just walking.

It is a known fact that every year Nepal attracts 200,000+ trekkers.

The statement also means that every year 200,000+ people face an unconditional difficulty as to what should be their trekking destination to explore in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal not only lets you get in touch with nature but helps you experience and understand different traditional and native lifestyles and treat your mind and body to peace and calmness.

15 Best Treks in Nepal

Below we’re listing the currently 15 most popular trekking destinations in Nepal with the necessary details to make your trip a successful and memorable one.

1. Everest Base Camp

Max Elevation: 5600m
Trekking Difficulty: Medium
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: Medium (USD spend/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

Trek to everest base camp

Trekking to Mount Everest, east of Namche Bazaar, 3570m elevation, Everest Base Camp Trekking Route, Nepal
The peaks from left to right are x, Mount Khumbila (5761m), the Nuptse ridge (7861m), Mount Everest (8848m), and Lhotse (8516m).

On the list of 15 Best Treks in Nepal, Everest Trek thrones at the top. Succeeding to reach the top of the world is a great achievement in itself but achieving that through a challenging trek that tests your limits is a life-changing experience.

Reaching the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest may be the greatest of all the adventures, but reaching the base camp of Mount Everest is also considered the adventure of the highest types.

This trek will help you experience the glory of walking on the trail traversed by legendary mountaineers.

You will pass through beautiful Everest High Passes, roaring Dudhkoshi River, renowned Namche Bazaar, serene Imjatse valley, and several Buddhist Monasteries on the trail accompanied by the beautiful Himalayan vista.

The Everest Base camp trek is the best option for anyone who’s looking to explore the Sherpa villages and get wet in their culture.

This trek also offers enthusiastic trekkers to relish the spectacular close-up views of the world’s highest mountains.

This is one of the best treks in Nepal and offers an exclusive trekking experience.

Planning a trip to Nepal?

2. Annapurna Circuit

Max Elevation: 5416m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: Cheap (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: ACAP, TIMS

trekking annapurna

Annapurna Circuit is one of the most famous trekking routes in Nepal.

The trek path goes through a variety of topography and you get to explore the rich cultural and natural diversity of the Annapurna region.

The trek will offer you an amazing view of the Annapurna, Macchupucchre, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal.

It also allows a tender adaptation process as it crosses the variety of landscapes from jungle to high alpine, lush valley, and up to arid peaks passing through hospitable villages through the world’s deepest gorge.

You get to witness the rich diversity, religious sites with captivating views of different peaks while travelling through forests, valleys to the alpine.

The Muktinath temple, Tilicho Lake and Buddhist monasteries are like a bonus to this already exotic trip.

This might come off as a trying trek for you but this trip circles around the 10th highest mountain in the world help in familiarization for the other challenging treks.

3. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Max Elevation: 5115m
Trekking Difficulty: Hard
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Guesthouses and Lodges
Pricing: Medium (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: ACAP, MCAP, RAP

Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is an exceptionally amazing trek showcasing remarkable sceneries of the peaks on the Nepal-Tibet border.

This trek goes around the stunning Mount Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world, and reaches its highest at Larkya Pass which offers the trekkers magnificent views of Manaslu.

The trail crosses fabulous mountain panorama, Hindu and Tibetan-style villages, culturally fascinating locale of ancient Buddhist monasteries and undeniably challenging Mountain Passes.

The Manaslu Circuit trekking route is certainly very diverse, remote, isolated and very rich in topography.

It offers a fabulous experience for the one looking to take an adventurous journey to explore the scenic beauty of the Himalayan region.

No wonder the trail is claimed to be one of the best treks in Nepal.

4. Poon Hill Trek

Max Elevation: 3210m
Trekking Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: Cheap
Required Permits: ACAP, TIMS

annapurna sunrise trek

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is comparatively easier and shorter trekking along terraced farmlands, beautiful rhododendron forest and very hospitable Gurung Villages.

The trek is quite beautiful during the spring when the rhododendron forest smiles to the trekkers leaving them in awe along with the panorama of the high mountains on the vista.

The spectacular sunrise view over the panorama of Annapurna range is truly the highlight of the trek.

Being a much shorter trek to experience the Annapurna Region Mountains, it changes its pattern between sunsets and sunrise. The glacier basin is also formed by the Annapurna mountain range.

One gets to witness the famous “Gorkha warrior “clan and their lifestyles, forests rich in oak trees and a variety of bird species.

There is a certain point on the Poonhill from where trekkers can get a glimpse of the entire mountain range.

The entire trek witness the changing topography from rice fields, forests to low land villages.

This is the best trek in Nepal to explore the beauty and hospitality of the Annapurna Region in a very short period of time.

5. Langtang Valley Trek

Max Elevation: 4984m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: Cheap (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang Valley Trek is very well known for its diverse vegetation and culturally rich villages.

The trek offers a great view point of Langtang Ri and mesmerizing views of the Annapurnas and Makalu.

Despite the proximity to Kathmandu, the region is as wild as any other Tibetan highlands with peaceful rural landscape.

The trek offers exposure to the unique culture of Tamang community and an opportunity to see the beautiful glaciers at a relatively low altitude.

The Langtang valley offers the exceptionally stunning view mountain panorama.

The trek is the perfect option for the ones who are looking to soak up the rich Tamang culture, beautiful landscapes and vegetation of the Langtang region.

6. Upper Mustang

Max Elevation: 3810m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: ACAP, RAP

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang is a traditionally and Geo-politically sensitive area and wasn’t open for trekking until 1992.

The culture and landscape of the region is close to that of Tibetan’s.

This region’s original inhabitants are the Manangi people. They have their own rich and unique cultures and traditions because of the isolation from the rest of the world which exists till recent times.

The 16th century Buddhist monasteries and the caves carved into sheer cliff walls in mustang have drawn many trekkers to the region.

Mustang has a remarkable topography of a semi-arid desert with deep gorges and rock shelves, fringed with snowy peaks.

The trip isn’t that difficult but the weather consists of harsh winds and cold winters which can make it a bit laborious.

Hidden behind the majestic Himalayan ranges, Mustang is a hidden paradise and a pride of Nepal.

During the trek you’ll get to use horses/mules to carry loads. They will help you pass through a rocky trail up and down the hill to see panoramic view of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and other peaks.

The ancient and glorious Buddhist Monasteries, caves drawn into cliff walls and Tiji festivals are the main attractions of this region which will make your trek worthwhile.

This is a must trek for someone who’s eager to explore the fascinating landscape and the rich Tibetan culture.

7. Kanchanjunga Base Camp Trek

Max Elevation: 5160m
Trekking Difficulty: Difficult
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Camping
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: KCA, RAP

This trek will help you make your way through the 3rd highest peak in the world – Mount Kanchenjunga (8586 m).

It can be a very challenging trek which takes you around the villages of the Rais, Limbus and Tibetan Buddhists.

This region is home to the most exotic wildlife in Asia and also maintains this originality due to the lack of influence by the outer world.

The journey to world second highest peak in the world, Mount Kanchajunga, offers you with the culture and natural beauty of the eastern Nepal.

The journey takes place in the wild high-mountain terrain, deep into the isolated mountain ranges on Nepal’s border with Sikkim and Tibet.

The trek allows the trekkers a perfect exposure to the local culture and wonderful nature, making it a fulfilling adventure.

A trek into this untouched restricted area is more like a journey of self-discovery as it takes quite a deal of determination to explore the entire permitted trail, and an incomparable experience to see the livelihood and pastures grazing in such high altitudes.

8. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Max Elevation: 4320m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: Cheap (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: ACAP, TIMS

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek takes you through hospitable villages, over high passes, and through scenic valleys, before ultimately arriving at the base of the mighty Mount Annapurna.

The trek connects with so many different landscapes and brings the trekkers very close to the base 8,000 m high peaks in a short period of time.

It makes you known to the diverse geographic structures, flora and fauna and the life of Gurung and Thakali communities.

The trek is the perfect combination of excellent natural scenery and rich cultural diversity of Annapurna region.

The walk through valleys passes and mountain villages all seem like a light walk for what awaits you – the heartwarming view of the Annapurna range.

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is a spectacular, breathtaking walk that rewards trekkers in so many ways.

9. Gokyo Ri Trek

Max Elevation: 5357m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse
Pricing: Medium (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

Given its appealing side valleys, beautiful lakes, the country’s biggest glacier and an arc of Snow Mountains, the Gokyo valley is really the most attractive region in the Khumbu.

The Gokyo Ri Trek is an exceptional trek to the Gokyo valley through forests filled, numerous thrilling suspension bridges, scenic ridges with shrines on top, charming little villages and the mountainous valleys.

The spectacular and very well-known views of the five Emerald Lakes together in the shadow of the majestic mountain peaks in the Gokyo Valley are the main highlight of the Trek.

You can enjoy the spectacular view of the ice edge between Cho Oyu and Gyachung regions, the majestic

Mount Everest and uniqueness of the Himalayan region from the top of the Gokyo Ri.

This is proved to be an ultimate trek for seeking exclusive adventure and scenic magnificence.

10. Upper Dolpo

Max Elevation: 5250m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Camping
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: RAP

Dolpa is most remote and underdeveloped part of Midwest Nepal inside the Shey-Phoksundo National Park.

It is still a part of the Tibetan Plateau with quite a cold dry climate.

The Upper Dolpo is truly a hidden pearl of Nepal with its Tibetan style villages, stunning sterile landscapes, and pretty mountain peaks.

The region is home to a centuries-old culture untouched by the modern world.

The vegetation is very scarce here so people follow animal husbandry and trade as their main occupation. Due to the isolation from the modern world, the lifestyle of people is very traditional and almost ancient.

They still follow their old rituals and living styles. The destination is a treasure of plants and wildlife and old Buddhist traditions.

The trail requires the crossing of the three high passes Nagdalo La (5350m), Shey La (5000m) and Jeng La (5110m) involve long climbs and long descents.

Having three passes with long accents and descents and few days at high altitude, it can be a very tough trek for ones searching for rural challenges.

Despite the tough challenges, the trek is made worthwhile by the breathtaking scenery, spiritual value and a peaceful vibe as if the time has stopped in this spiritual place.

11. Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek

Max Elevation: 5200m
Trekking Difficulty: Hard
Best Season: March to May and September to December
Accommodation Type: Camping
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: ACAP, TIMS

This is an ideal route for the ones willing and wishing to explore the unexpected and the unexplored.

The trek usually takes place off the main road travelling through the rocky trails to absorb all the beauty, diversity, indigenous culture and solitude in a florally decorated path.

This combination of mountaineering and trekking takes you through the deepest gorge to the highest point of 5200m.

Dhaulagiri base camp trek offers captivating views of Annapurna’s and Dhaulagiri I, II, III, IV, V other snowcapped Himalayan mountains like Machhapuchhare, Nilgiri, Manaslu and Tukuche.

The trekkers are excited to see the dramatic contrast of the land, hidden valley, ethnic settlements and snow covered mountains in this region.

This is a perfect trip for the adventure seekers that offers great challenge, superb views and wilderness experience. Moreover, there are more than a dozen of peaks above 7000m on this route.

This isolated trail is only for those with a sense of great adventure.

12. Makalu Base Camp Trek

Max Elevation: 5250m
Trekking Difficulty: Hard
Best Season: March to May and October to November
Accommodation Type: Camping
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

Makalu base camp trekking is a special adventure tours.

It is for the experienced trekkers who would like to venture deep into the high Himalayas.

This trek offers the most breath taking scenes of the Himalaya. The trekkers can view the giant Makalu above them, which is the fifth highest mountain of the world at 8468m.

The other mountains that can be seen are the Everest, Lhotse and Baruntse.

The local communities are Sherpa, Limbus and Rai. And Mt. Makalu can be viewed from the base camp.

Makalu base camp trekking is a blend of adventure and original natural beauty.

The trekking trail passes through dense forests consisting of varieties of flora and fauna.

It is not a low altitude trek and is centered on Arun River valley which is in the eastern part of Nepal.

Given the fact that the most remote as well as isolated areas make this trekking highly demanding, the scenic beauty and adventure aspect make it a successful as well as an outstanding trek.

Since the trekkers can enjoy natural beauty throughout their journey, they will never admit of getting tired.

This is a camping trek because of the isolation of this region and the absence of tea houses.

Those trekkers who are physically strong and have a passion for adventure will enjoy the trips to Makalu base camp.

13. Nar Phu Valley Trek

Max Elevation: 5416m
Trekking Difficulty: Hard
Best Season: February to May and September to December
Accommodation Type: Camping
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

The enthusiastic travelers who are eager to venture into a trek that is not very much visited which leads to a remote place can choose the Nar Phu valley trek.

The Nar Phu valley consists of snowcapped peaks, grazing settlements at a very high altitude and ancient villages.

During this trek, the trekkers will get to experience the views of Annapurna II, Gangapurna and Tilicho peak.

Phu is a pilgrimage center for the Buddhists from Nepal. They visit the Tashi Lhakhang Gompa and the blessings of Lama Karma Sonam Rimpoche are heavily sought out.

The villages here and the alpine valleys above Phu are quite amazing. The spectacular Kang la pass is at an altitude of 5306m the highest elevation of this trip.

This trek through the villages of Nar and Phu requires trekkers of great fitness to cross through canyons, forests and monasteries.

The view of the Annapurna circuit is the main highlight of this colorful journey to the timeless Tibetan culture.

14. Rara Lake Trek

Max Elevation: 3450m
Trekking Difficulty: Moderate
Best Season: March to May and September to December
Accommodation Type: Camping
Pricing: Medium (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

This trip to one of the most remote places of Nepal Karnali region, to the largest lake of the country is a blessing to those who seek thrilling adventures.

The region is home to the wildlife treasures of the country like a rare Red panda, Musk Deer, Black beer,

Ghorals, Leopards and many more.

The Rara Lake trek is surrounded with beautiful forests of pine, spruce, juniper and host variety of unique flora and fauna.

Thakuris have quite a settlement here. The Thakur Baba Temple is in the south-east corner of the Rara Lake trek.

The clear high altitude allows the trekkers to visualize bird watching and soaking in the cultural delights with beautiful bloomers during the migration season.

The 5km long and 2km wide lake, mirroring the great Himalayas is an appealing sight that is visited by many pilgrimages in the summer season.

Home stay trek is more affordable with simple accommodation and Nepalese dishes.

15. Tilicho Lake Trek

Max Elevation: 4919m
Trekking Difficulty: Hard
Best Season: March to May and September to November
Accommodation Type: Teahouse and Lodges
Pricing: High (USD spent/day)
Required Permits: TIMS

Tilicho Taal (lake) is the lake situated at the highest altitude (4919m) in the world. It is a holy place for Hindu and Buddhist.

Being gradually improved trail with very few lodging options, the trip to the lake helps in familiarization for the rest of the trip.

The area is the best example of rough and wild beauty with a glacier-like lake at the base of the mountains.

The Tilicho Lake trek of the Annapurna region is one of most exciting and best trekking routes of the world. In this trek, you can view a great variety of scenes and explore a variety of cultures.

For the trekking lovers, Annapurna trekking is one of the best options across the globe as it is filled with loads of places to explore along with magnificent views of the Himalayas.

Tilicho Lake trek pass through high passes provide spectacular views of Annapurna, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri,

Thorung Peak, Chulu, Tukuche Peak and many other mountains of the Himalayas.


The above mentioned treks live up to your needs and expectations of a perfect trekking journey. It will definitely meet your time, budget and physical limits.

Each trek provides you the best visuals to interesting flora and fauna, traditional settlements of local people, diverse cultures and traditions with wonderful and captivating landscapes and pleasing sceneries.

Your trekking experience will be a great memory to cherish later in your life that will leave you with a craving for more adventure.

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