Can you fly to Everest Base Camp?

can you fly to everest base camp?

Some of you fellow trekkers might wonder like Can you fly to Everest Base Camp? We are going to talk about it today!

Everest is one of the most difficult treks imaginable. It requires a lot of preparation, strength training as well as a lot of time to invest. With such difficulty, travelers find the task of going to the mountains almost impossible.


With the helicopter ride to Everest, you can throw away all your fears of trekking to Everest. You’ll get to view the Base Camp along with Everest itself. In other words, You can fly to the Everest Base Camp.

Flying is a joyous privilege. It saves all the time in the world and gives you all the comfort you can imagine. The difficult task of trekking to Everest for two long weeks can now be completed in one day.

Isn’t that spectacular!!

How is a Helicopter Tour to Everest better than Trekking?

Helicopter To Everest View Hotel

In this article, I will show you the comparison between trekking to Everest versus flying to Everest.

1. Saving Your Time


Normal treks to Everest take about 2 weeks. For an Everest trek, first, you fly to Lukla from Kathmandu and then spend days trekking in places such as Dingboche and Lobuche. You also have to take time for acclimatizing.

So while trekking you will spend a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 25 days to get to Everest Base Camp and Kalapathar.


In a helicopter tour, you will save all the time in the world. You’ll get to the Everest Base Camp in a few hours. You’ll also get to see Kalapathar. The food that will be served to you will also be of high quality.

2. Light Gear

manaslu circuit trek packing list


You’ll spend a lot of time buying and arranging gear for trekking to Everest. You’ll need all sorts of items ranging from emergency clothing to camping equipment, trekking poles just to name a few.  You’ll have to carry undergarments and clothes for nighttime and daytime.

In short, your backpack will be heavy with the number of things you have to carry onboard. And while trekking at Everest, you’ll wish you had nothing at all to carry.


One of the biggest advantages of flying to Everest is that you don’t have to carry anything that is even a bit heavy. All you’ll need to carry is your cameras for taking pictures. You don’t have to worry about heavy clothing.

As you’ll be transported back to your hotel in a day, no extra clothing will be required. Carrying a water bottle or a few chocolates in case you have a strong metabolism will be enough. And even your bag is going to be carried by helicopter.

3. No Training

downhill lunge hiking exercise


Training is another thing that you’ll have to consider while you are choosing to go to the Base Camp for traveling. You have to have at least a few months of preparation to go to Everest.

You should consider strength training, cardio as well as have a good diet plan before going to Everest. Without these things, your body might not support you to get to Everest. In addition, you ought to have completed at least a few hikes before starting the EBC trek.


Flying requires no experience at all. Most people have flown once in their lives. And if you have not, there is no need to worry. Flying is one of the most comforting experiences ever. And getting to Everest on a flight will not take even 2 hours!!

So your body will not feel tired and you can enjoy the time you spend while being amazed by the sight of the mountains.

4. Family


Trekking to the Everest Base Camp with your kids can be a tad strenuous. You might be worried about the safety of the kids. And the kids ought to have a good deal of preparation as well. While constantly looking after your physical and mental health, you’ll also have to look at theirs.

And that can be exhausting, to say the least.


Flying is equally pleasurable for kids as well as adults. It provides the body all the safety. So you won’t have to worry at all about the health of your kids. A Helicopter ride will be perfect for a family as helicopters can carry up to 7 passengers!!

5. Traffic


If you choose to go to Everest in trekking seasons, you are likely to encounter a lot of people along the way. Spring and Autumn are the best times to go to Everest for trekking. But at this time, you’ll see thousands of people who are trekking.


When you fly to Everest, there is almost no traffic at all. You’ll go with the privacy of your family. So you won’t have to worry at all about other people along the route. Just you and your family!! Just perfect!!

5. Medical treatment


While you are trekking and happen to suffer from any illnesses, you have to trackback. That will obviously be difficult. But if you have a porter with you, you can do this with ease.

You can also treat yourself with the first aid box that you will carry along with yourself. And travel medical insurance will also be beneficial for you.


There will be oxygen facilities on the flight to Everest. Oxygen will be regulated as soon as the flight hits the 3000-meter mark. In case of medical emergencies, you will be transported to the hospital nearest our best for you in the helicopter itself.

So a helicopter flight offers you the chance to get medical treatment right away.

Can you fly to Everest Base Camp? – Conclusion

Can you fly to Everest Base Camp?

Not only can you fly to Everest, but you can also have a trip of a lifetime on a flight. The scenic views along the way will only enrich your experience. With medical facilities, oxygen supply, and no training required to get to Everest, it should not be a surprise that more and more people are flying to Everest.

A dream of a place in the dream of a flight. I don’t think it could get any better!!!

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