Khopra Danda Trek Map

Khopra Danda Trek invites travelers from all around the world to sightsee its majestic mountains and stunning landscapes while traversing through bountiful rivers and waterfalls. This trek is about 7-10 days, depending on your preferences. While this trek demands your involvement in ascending towards Khopra Danda (3,660m), along the way, you’ll witness gigantic mountains, high hills, lush forests, and distinct flora and fauna while exploring traditional settlements. Although Khopra Danda isn’t located as high as Everest Base Camp and Manaslu Circuit Trek, this trek has its own unique experience to offer. The breathtaking sunrise glancing over mountainous landscapes and the dancing Himalayan flora with Himalayan whipping wind pleases your soul while leaving you in a state of tranquility.

Khopra Danda trek offers the magical sights of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Tukuche, and Annapurna II. The stunning view from Khopra Danda oozes out a vibrant atmosphere in response to sunlight, and a clear day summons transparent magical views of mountainous peaks. Khopra Danda trek takes you through a series of rugged trails, lush forests, and local village settlements, where challenges and enthusiasm intertwine to reshape your experience into a rip-roaring adventure.

While this trek is deprived of excellent facilities as it lies far away from city areas, with proper execution and management, it provides a stunning experience with first-class service while radiating the Himalayan atmosphere. Khopra Danda is a renowned trek these days for its wonderful experience up in the high region. It is a short and sweet trek to the lap of the Himalayas to explore breathtaking vistas and mountainous lifestyles. This trek gives you insights into the magical creation of nature and nature-dependent lifestyle. Since the drive-through from Kathmandu Valley to the lap of Khopra Danda, radiantly delightful moments accumulate, finally culminating in a wonderful experience.

The Khopra Danda trek involves passing through a series of stops and viewpoints. Along the way, you’ll encounter numerous village settlements and resting areas. This trek is about 8-10 days of visiting and night-staying at many places. Therefore, it is important to plan your trek to Khopra Danda with basic knowledge of the itinerary and trekking routes. This helps in your trekking journey and also lets you immerse into local traditions and cultures, which ultimately enhances your trekking experience. It also outlines your trekking journey and unlocks paths to the exploration of local settlements, the Himalayan lifestyle, and magnificent viewpoints. Having a guide or knowing trekking routes lets you have a comfortable and smooth trekking journey. The key to happy trekking to Khopra Danda is to have a keen understanding of Khopra Danda Trek Map.

Highlights of Khopra Danda Trek

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  • Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets radiating a vibrant atmosphere over mountainous landscapes
  • Majestic view of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri and Tukuche
  • Fewa Lake and Mt. Machhapuchhre
  • Ghandruk village and numerous traditional settlements
  • Rivers, waterfalls, lush forests, high, rugged hills, and stunning landscapes
  • Remote areas and nature-dependent lifestyle
  • Distinct flora and fauna
  • Khopra Danda ridge and Khayer lake
  • Rhododendron blossoms, Himalayan Monal (national bird of Nepal), and many Himalayan wild species
  • Thrilling adventure through off-beaten tracks
  • Local cultures and delectable cuisines
  • Munde’s viewpoint, Poonhill, and many stops along the way
  • Insights into blended religions and local museums

Trekking route of the Khopra Danda Trek Map

Khopra Danda Trek Cost

After the beginning of our drive-through from Kathmandu, we go through numerous village settlements and high hills alongside the Trishuli River. Enjoying glimpses of beauty along the way, we reach Pokhara (2nd largest city of Nepal). Pokhara is famous for its beauty, and it has many exploration sites. You can relish the glimpse of Mt. Machhapuchhre reflecting through the Fewa Lake and many mountain ranges while boating in Fewa Lake. Then, with the drive-through, we reach Ghandruk through stops like Phedi, Nayapul, Birethanti, Silwal, and Syauli Bazar.

Ghandruk is a traditional Gurung village that is situated 32 km northwest of Pokhara. Here, you can get insights into the Gurung customs and traditions along with sightseeing cultural museums. It takes 4-5 hours from Pokhara to reach Ghandruk through a 4-wheeler. While the drive-through tilts towards monotonous, the patience of beholding the majestic view from Ghandruk keeps you thrilled and occupied. Along the way, you also get to immerse in the beauty of Gandaki province.

Ghandruk, being one of the famous visiting sites, offers a magical view of gigantic mountains leaving a mark of approaching mountainous range. Then, the journey follows the next day towards Tadapani. The rugged trekking trails and elevation in altitude balance your riveting journey. By the time you reach Tadapani, you’ll be elevated by 600-700m in altitude. Teahouses in Tadapani welcome you warm-heartedly, where you’ll be spending your comfortable night. The trek continues through lush forests and rhododendrons until you reach Dobato. Along the way, you’ll be passing through Meshar Danda and Isharu, which serve as excellent viewpoints for stunning mountainous landscapes.

The following day, the trek follows the rocky trails and steep ridges until reaching our destination, Khopro Danda. It takes around 2-3 hours of trek from Dobato to reach Khopro Danda. Khopro Danda is an amazing place and a viewpoint for a panoramic view of mountains up close. The trek continues early morning to catch the breathtaking sunrise from Khopro Danda. Relish the stunning view from Khopro Danda while also exploring local villages and nearby settlements.

The next day, after the stunning sunrise from the Khopra Ridge teahouse, the hiking starts towards Khayer Lake. This day marks challenges as you’ll have to elevate by 1000m to reach Khayer Lake. The lake is situated six kilometers away from Annapurna South. This day awaits majestic views of rippling Khayer Lake dancing naked under the clear blue sky.

Furthermore, this serves as a majestic viewpoint for sightseeing astonishing landscapes and glimpses of the staggering Annapurna range. Khopra Danda Trek includes numerous other stops on the way returning to Pokhara. The trekking follows different routes while returning and takes you through Swanta and Chitre to Ghorepani. You’ll be descending in altitude from Khopra Ridge towards Swanta and finally to Ghorepani.

Khopra Danda Trek presents you extra day for sightseeing magical Himalayas before heading for Pokhara. On this day, you’ll be trekking for about 4-5 hours until reaching Poonhill. Poonhill is one of the famous Himalayan viewpoints of this trek. It bids you farewell via a vibrant glowing mountainous range. As the trip leans towards an end, you’ll be catching a drive to Pokhara from Ghorepani. The breathtaking mountains and Khopra Danda miss you while you’ll be relishing the beautiful moments you behold and capture.

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Landmarks, Accomodation and Viewpoints

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The Khopra Danda Trek Map comes in handy during your trek to Khopra Danda. It includes all necessary viewpoints, sightseeing, accommodation and tracks. By using Khopra Danda Trek Map, you’ll find necessary sights and lodges with no issues while you enjoy the beauty of the high mountain region.


This trek offers numerous viewpoints along the way to Khopra Ridge. One of the first viewpoints you’ll encounter is Ghandruk. Ghandruk is the place from where your actual trekking starts. This is a culturally rich Gurung village and consists of local customs, and a museum and offers beautiful views of breathtaking vistas. This is a weekend celebration space for the locals of Pokhara as it is just about 4-5 hours drive from Pokhara.

Ghandruk village is famous for its typical village settlements and is also an entry point for Annapurna trekking sites. It has good accommodation facilities like teahouses and lodges that serves delicious cuisines. The locals welcome you with warm hospitality, giving you insights into their local traditions. It also has a marketplace called Seuli Bazar, which is famous for visiting and buying goods. Ghandruk village captures stunning Annapurna massif and beholds distinct wild species. This means you’ll relish the beauty of nature without ascending in altitude.


Tadapani is the neighboring village of Ghandruk. Tadapani consists of many traditional houses and is rich in cultural variation, with the presiding Gurung community. The village is situated in the lap of a gigantic hill that serves stunning views of the mountain range. Being at a significant altitude, this village seizes the beauty of awe-inspiring snowy peaks reflecting the beautiful sunrise on a clear day.

The fun part of Tadapani is that it is not connected through roads. One must trek through trails and rhododendron forest while ascending by about 600-700m in altitude to reach Tadapani. Vibrant rhododendrons and verdant oak trees add depth to the beauty of this village. Besides just magnificent sights, this village also presents you with an exploration of the local village and traditions along with traversing nearby settlements.


It is another viewpoint and night-staying site. Dobato lies at an altitude of 3400m above sea level. Being at a significant altitude, Dobato infuses the Himalayan lifestyle and panoramic views of gigantic mountains up close. Along with that, it beholds the beauty of greenery, lush forests, and different wildlife species. Dobato has good lodges for the nightstay, and this village serves as the midpoint of Tadapani and Khopra Danda.

Khopra Ridge

Khopra Ridge, also known as Khopra Danda, is the mesmerizing destination of the Khopra Danda Trek. Khopra Ridge offers you a breathtaking mountain range oozing out vibrant sunrise. This lies at an altitude of 3660m above sea level and radiates Himalayan atmosphere. Khopra Ridge is rich in majestic sights and has good accommodation facilities. The entire place is decorated with a cheerful vibe of rhododendrons and lush green forests.

Khopra Ridge, being a less crowded site, you can enjoy the silence with nature personally that soothes your soul. Khopra Ridge encompasses the scenic sights of Dhaulagiri, Machhapucchre, Nilgiri, and Annapurna. Along the way, you’ll encounter gushing waterfalls and soaring Kali Gandaki rivers that uplift your trekking experience.

Khayer Lake

Khayer Lake is the highest point of the Khopra Danda Trek, which lies at an altitude of 4,665m above sea level. It takes around 7-8 hours of trekking from Khopra Danda to reach Khayer Lake. This point of Khopra Danda Trek serves you magical views of snowy peaks lined up next to each other like a series of mountainous layers. It lies in the center of the Annapurna Conservation Area and serves an excellent view of the Annapurna massif. The dancing waves of the Khayer Lake furnish the beauty of the region through its snowy reflections under a clear blue sky.

Furthermore, Khayer Lake is one of the sacred lakes of Nepal where Hindus go to worship. While people are drawn to Khayer Lake through its stunning beauty, Hindus believe that worshipping Khayer Lake invites good fortune into their lives. It is believed that bathing in Khayer Lake enlightens one’s spirituality, and one shall attain Nirvana. There is also a small temple called Khayer Barahai at the bank of Khayer Lake that enhances the religious aspects of this region.


Poonhill is another famous viewpoint for the massive mountain range. It lies at an altitude of 3210m above sea level which means you have to descend in altitude while trekking from Khopra Ridge to Poonhill. You get to Swanta from Khopra Ridge and then finally to Ghorepani (2,880m). Ghorepani serves magical views of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri. From Ghorepani, you’ll have to ascend in altitude to reach Poonhill. Upon reaching Poonhill, you’ll get to relish the beauty of the mountain range and surrounding landscapes.

Along the journey, you’ll pass through vibrant rhododendron forests and charming villages. Considering your case of luck, you may also encounter wildlife species like monkeys, Himalayan Tahr, musk deer, Himalayan monal, eagles, and snow leopards. The hike from Ghorepani will begin after early morning breakfast inorder to catch the beautiful sunrise view from Poonhill.


Khopra Danda Trek Map

Flight to Pokhara and Drive to Ghandruk

Pokhara elevation: 822m

Ghandruk elevation: 1940m

Elevation gain: 1118m

Flight duration: 25 minutes

Drive duration: 2-3 hours

Your Khopra Danda Trek begins after you land at Pokhara. From there, you’ll catch a ride to Ghandruk, sightseeing the magical beauty of Pokhara city. Along the way to Ghandruk, you’ll enjoy high hills, rivers, waterfalls, and distant landscapes. After 2-3 hours of drive, you’ll reach Ghandruk. Ghandruk is one of the traditional Gurung villages that beholds the stunning beauty of a massive mountainous range.

Trek to Tadapani

Ghandruk elevation: 1940m

Tadapani elevation: 2600m

Elevation gain: 660m

Trekking duration: 4-5 hours

The real trek to Khopra Danda Trek begins in the early morning after breakfast in Ghandruk. Ghandruk serves you delicious cuisines and outstanding views of mountains. You’ll also get to see a beautiful sunrise from Ghandruk on a clear day. Today, you’ll trek through rugged trails and forests along with sightseeing rugged high mountains. You’ll be elevating in altitude, and as you elevate, you’ll feel closer to the mountainous range. Today’s trek is to Tadapani, where rhododendrons add vibrant beauty to this mesmerizing Gurung village.

Trek to Dobato

Tadapani elevation: 2600m

Dobato elevation: 3350m

Elevation gain: 750m

Trekking duration: 5-6 hours

After your night stay at Tadapani, you’ll continue your trekking journey the next day. This day invites thrilling challenges as you’ll have to walk for 5-6 hours while ascending over 500m in altitude. Dobato, being the midpoint of Tadapani and Khopra Danda, serves the beautiful scenery of a gigantic mountain range. Mt. Annapurna South is also visible from here. Dobato also has comfortable and warm lodges along with delectable cuisines.

Trek to Khopra Danda

Dobato elevation: 3350m

Khopra Danda elevation: 3660m

Elevation gain: 310m

Trekking duration: 2-3 hours

The trek to Khopra Danda from Dobato is short, sweet, and easy. You’ll be rewarded with the magical beauty of the Himalayan range with just a short effort of hike. After 2-3 hours of your trek, while elevating by 300m in altitude, you reach Khopra Danda. Here in Khopra Danda, you’ll get to relish the golden sun rays glancing upon the snowy mountains. The up-close view of these mountainous landscapes is magnificent. Moreover, glimpses of lush forests, rhododendrons, waterfalls, and rivers add depth to the beauty of Khopra Danda.

Trek to Khayer Lake and return to Khopra Danda

Khopra Danda elevation: 3660m

Khayer Lake elevation: 4665m

Elevation gain: 1005m

Trekking duration: 7-8 hours

On this day, you’ll be trekking to Khayer Lake. Khayer Lake is situated at an altitude of 4665m above sea level and holds religious importance. Many people go to Khayer Lake to worship god as bathing in Khayer Lake cleanses impurity. Besides its religious importance, Khayer Lake serves beautiful scenic views of gigantic mountains. Being situated just 6km far from Annapurna, it beholds majestic view of Annapurna massif.

While the challenges along the routes to Khayer Lake enhance thrilling moments, the sights from there are truly amazing. You’ll be rewarded with a sense of achievement and personal growth as spending quality time with nature up close personally tones your mental health and enlightens your spirituality.

You’ll spend the night at Khopra Danda after returning from the wonderful experience of sightseeing at Khayer Lake.

Trek to Swanta

Trek to Swanta

Khopra Danda elevation: 3660m

Swanta elevation: 2214m

Elevation loss: 1446m

Trekking duration: 5-6 hours

This trekking begins in the early morning. Today, you’ll have to walk downhill and through steep ridges. While the routes may impose minor challenges along the way, the mesmerizing moments beheld will carry you along half the way until the stunning view of Mt. Dhaulagiri conceals you on the way to Swanta. You’ll have a comfortable night and a warm sleep today at one of the finest teahouses of Swanta.

Trek to Ghorepani

Swanta elevation: 2214m

Ghorepani elevation: 2858m

Elevation gain: 644m

Trekking duration: 5-6 hours

After your night at Swanta, you’ll start morning trek to Ghorepani. Along the way, you’ll pass through rhododendron forests and also witness himalayan wild species. You’ll cross the river via suspension bridge and pass along the route of Chittre’s village along Ghorepani Path. After 5-6 hours of trek, you’ll spend the night at Ghorepani at finest lodge for a warm sleep.

Trek to Poonhill, return to Ghorepani

Ghorepani elevation: 2858m

Poonhill elevation: 3210m

Elevation gain: 352m

Trekking duration: 2-3 hours

Drive duration- 2-3 hours

This day serves as an additional day of trekking. After your early morning breakfast at Ghorepani, you’ll be ascending through rugged trails to Poonhill. Poonhill is one of the famous viewpoints where a mesmerizing sunrise awaits you. In order to catch the sunrise view, we begin our trek early in the morning. Poonhill surprises you with stunning views of Snowy landscapes while the environment oozes out a golden atmosphere.

After relishing the beauty of the massive mountain range, you’ll trek back to Ghorepani for your lunch.

Trek to Ulleri and Return to Pokhara

Ghorepani elevation: 2858m

Ulleri elevation: 2070m

Elevation loss: 788m

Trekking duration: 2-3 hours

Pokhara elevation: 822m

Drive duration: 2-4 hours

As our trek leans towards an end, you’ll trek to Ulleri from Ghorepani after your lunch. You’ll have to descend in altitude along rugged trails until reaching Ulleri. From Ulleri, you’ll catch a drive to Pokhara. The blissful moments live forever in your memories, while the Khopra Danda and majestic mountains will keep on yearning for you.

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