Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty

Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty

Mardi Himal Trek Nepal is a country that has been a place to wander for trekkers across the globe for some time now. Trekking trails of the country offer countless things to the trekkers and that is why people love coming here again and again. The country has a diverse topography where you can find some of the tallest peaks, wide and deep valleys, and breathtaking terrains with lush vegetation.

Mardi Himal Trek is one of those popular trekking trails in Nepal for trekkers. This trek lies in the enchanting Annapurna Region, the most picturesque region of Nepal. People in thousands come every year to this region just to experience the beauty here. The trail of Mardi Himal Trek is located very close to the trail of Annapurna Base Camp Trek which is another popular mention. Mardi Himal Trek is not all about the Mardi Peak which lies at the altitude of 5,587m by the famous Mt. Machhapuchhre Peak(Mt. Fishtail).

Moreover, it is to explore the rich natural beauty and cultural beauty of the Annapurna region. This recently opened trekking trail makes you experience the real and heavenly Nepal. Though most people prefer Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek over this trek, this trek has offerings to impress anyone. It can be a great alternative to the difficult and lengthy Annapurna Circuit Trek and ABC Trek.

That doesn’t mean Mardi Himal Trek is an easy trek to do but when it is compared to those treks, well it is. If you are not ready for those long and difficult treks or have a short travel time, Mardi Himal Trek can be your savior.

In this article, we will discuss the Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty level. Sticking with the topic, we will also provide some important guidance about the trek also. Therefore, be with us until the very last of this article and you’ll find your answers to whether you can do this trek or not.

Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek

  • Do off the beaten and recently opened trek of the Annapurna region.
  • Get deeper and deeper to the mountains through valleys and hills.
  • Explore the loaded vegetation, streams, rivers, waterfalls of the region.
  • Know the ethnic and simple lifestyle and culture of the locals.
  • Enjoy the clear and breathtaking shows of mountains like Annapurna, Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, and other peaks.
  • Experience the most welcoming hospitality of the Gurungs and Tamangs.
  • Know what it likes and what it takes to trek in the trekking paradise, Annapurna Region.

Outline Itinerary of Mardi Himal Trek

This is the popular Itinerary of Mardi Himal Trek from the Himalayas on Foot Team which is planned for 10 days. However, you can shorten or lengthen the Mardi Himal Trek as per your need. All you need to do is reach out to the Himalayas on Foot Team. The Mardi Himal Trek 10 Days takes place as below:

Day 01: Pick up from the Kathmandu Airport and Hotel Transfer.

Altitude Gain: Kathmandu(1,400m).

Day 02: Bus Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

Drive Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Altitude Gain: Pokhara(1,400m).

Day 03: Drive from Pokhara to Kande and trek to Australian Camp

Drive Duration: 1 hour.

Trek Duration: 3 hours.

Altitude Gain: Australian Camp(2,400m).

Day 04: Trek from Australian Camp to Forest Camp

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Altitude Gain: Forest Camp(2,550m).

Day 05: Trek from Forest Camp to High Camp

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Altitude Gain: High Camp(3,580m).

Day 06: Trek from High Camp to Mardi Base Camp and trek back to High Camp.

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Altitude Gain: Mardi Base Camp (4,500m).

Day 07: Trek from High Camp to Siding

Trek Duration: 6 hours.

Altitude Gain: Siding(3,580m).

Day 08: Trek from Siding to Lumre and drive to Pokhara

Trek Duration: 3 hours.

Drive Duration: 3 hours

Altitude Gain: Lumre(1,850m), Pokhara(1,400m).

Day 09: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu

Drive Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Altitude Gain: Kathmandu(1,400m).

Day 10: Transfer to the Airport and Departure from Nepal.

Altitude Gain: Kathmandu(1,400m).

Note: The above drawn Mardi Himal Trek Itinerary is a 10 days long plan. However, you can shorten by choosing the airways for transfer to and from Kathmandu. In the above-listed plan, the roadway is preferred instead of the airway which further lengthens the overall duration of the trek. You can just opt for airways if you have a little hurry.

About Mardi Himal Trekking Route

Like other treks in Nepal, Mardi Himal Trek commences from Kathmandu. The reason for that is there is only one International airport that also in Kathmandu. So, that is where your journey is supposed to start. Though it will not be a trek from the very first day. Actually, the trek of Mardi Himal Trek starts once you reach Pokhara and do drive to a place called Kande. You have two options to travel to Pokhara: airways and roadways. Depending upon your priority, you can choose one.

It will take 1 hour of a quick drive to reach the place, Kande, where your trek will start. From Kande, you’ll find your way to this beautiful tourist stop, Australian Camp, after trekking for 3 hours. You’ll spend the night there after an awe-inspiring evening at Australian Camp(2,400m). Proceeding further, you will move across the places of Annapurna Region like Forest Camp(2,550m), High Camp(3,580m) before finally reaching the Mardi Himal Base Camp(4,500m). It will take 3 days to reach the ultimate stop of Mardi Base Camp Trek. In between that time period, you’ll explore so many beautiful things. That can be iconic and sky-touching mountains, raw and organic lifestyle and culture, rich and lush vegetation, and more.

The route of Mardi Himal Trek will now turn back and it will retrace the same trail to find the way to Pokhara. In the matter of several days, you’ll traverse through High Camp, Siding, Lumre, and finally to Pokhara. From Pokhara, you will join either the bus ride or flight to reach Kathmandu(1,400m). And once you reach Kathmandu, the Mardi Himal trek completes.

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How Difficult is Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is one of the most underrated treks in Nepal. It is not because of the difficulty but lack of exposure. Many trekkers are not aware of this beautiful trekking trail. If you are one of them who has just learned about the Mardi Himal Trek, you surely want to know the Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty.

Well, it is not the toughest trek but the okay trek to do even for beginners. In point of fact, this trek is also one of the shortest treks that can be done in just 5 days also. The trail of Mardi Himal Trek is not that strenuously difficult or challenging. If you can

do normal or medium uphills and steeps, you are more than eligible for the trek. Due to lack of experience, the novice trekkers feel like it is a difficult trek.

Notably, the highest point of the trek is Mardi Himal Base Camp which sits at an altitude of 4,500m. You’ll not ascend more altitude than that. The altitude is not that high as compared to treks like Everest Base Camp Trek. You can easily do that if you are cautioned and prepared for it. Taking about its daily trekking hours, you’ll trek for around 5 to 7 hours daily in Mardi Himal Trek. That should not be a problem for you to walk, the trails are not nose breaking steep. With regular breaks and rests, you can complete this trek quite easily.

In a nutshell, Mardi Himal Trek is not that much of a difficult trek. It is doable by all kinds of trekkers who are healthy and sound. Still, it depends on the trekkers and their physical and mental status.

Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty

Mardi himal Trek Itinerary

Trekking Distance and Duration

Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek is a trek of around 41KM and to cover that distance, you’ll need to perform 5 to 6 hours of trekking. Well, the distance and duration are not that hard or demanding. The people with no or fewer Himalayas trekking experience can face some or serious challenges while doing this. The trail is through averagely steep and rough trails. People with no such trekking experience will find this trek a bit difficult. So, trekking distance and duration of the trek can be problems for some people. Otherwise, it is just an easy trek to do.


Mardi Himal Base Camp is the ultimate height you’ll achieve in this trek. The place resides at an altitude of 4,500m, which is undoubtedly a high altitude to be at. Though, the people with previous high altitude trekking experiences will not find it difficult. There are higher treks than this trek. But, if this trek is the first trek for you and you have never done any high altitude treks, you might feel a little bit difficult.

From 1,400m to 4,500m, this trek will see a couple of thousands of changes in the altitudes. Acclimating to the high altitudes is not for everyone, it can be a challenging thing for someone not used to high areas. The altitude sickness can also turn harsher if not taken seriously. But, if you are doing all the things to avoid altitude sickness then you can deal with this Mardi Himal Trek difficulty.

Weather and Temperature

The weather and temperature in the Himalayas are pretty unpredictable. You never know how and when it can change. However, the temperature and weather seem to stay calm in the Autumn and Spring. And, it gets unsuitable in Winter and Monsoon.

So yeah, the Mardi Himal Trek difficulty also depends on the time of the year you are picking. The offseason like Monsoon and Winter can put challenging conditions for you to overcome and the high seasons can make the trek easier. Above all of that, the temperature in the higher region is always cold and can be a challenge for people living in humid and low altitude places.

How to Make the Mardi Himal Trek Less Difficulty?

Choose the right time

You cannot do Mardi Himal Trek any time of a year and complain it is not easy. As said earlier, the difficulty level of any trek is corresponding to the time you are doing it. There are difficult and unpredictable times like Monsoon-season of rainfall and Winter-the coldest season of all. If you choose these times over the two best and friendly trekking seasons: Autumn and Spring, you are destined to face challenges. That is why you should consider the time you will be doing the trek. Make sure you are going to do this trek in Autumn and Spring, they are the unbeatable times for doing it.

Plan accordingly

Once you have sorted out when to do Mardi Himal Trek, you have to plan accordingly. There will be a need for physical training, backpacking, travel insurance, flight booking, etc. Don’t push things to the departure date, that way you’ll have so many things to do but not enough time. So, start to plan the trek as per your trekking schedule.

Do general training

Though Mardi Himal Trek is not the toughest trek, people of any experience level can do it. But if this is going to be your first trek then you should do some general physical preparation. Go for day hikes or even hilly hikes if possible, do workouts, perform general cardio exercises, and more. This way you’ll have built a firm physical level for Mardi Himal Trek and you’ll feel the effect of it while doing the trek, you’ll not face too many problems.

Go through a trekking agency

If you are planning to go solo for Mardi Himal Trek, we suggest you do not do that. Mardi Himal Trek is not as popular as Annapurna Circuit Trek and you have to lead your way on your own. That can be challenging when you are trekking on and off the beaten track. There can be times when you may get lost in the woods or may go on the wrong track. To avoid all these problems, go through a licensed trekking agency. They will provide you a well-experienced trekking guide for your trek. That will be a safer and hassle-free decision.

Trek slowly and calmly

Trekking too fast causes mountain sickness to happen. When you trek fast, you’ll achieve higher altitudes quickly and your body will be already too tired. That kind of situation is what the mountain sickness looks upon to attack. There are simple ways to avoid that, trek slowly without rushing, take enough rest, and keep your body hydrated all the time on the trail. Those ways you can be safe from sickness.

Don’t provoke altitude sickness

Do not do those acts that can provoke or double the chances of getting caught by altitude sickness. You should not consume anything that can dehydrate your body quickly, for example, alcohol or smoking. Likewise, do not trek in a rush like you are in a race. That can weaken your body and can cause sickness. Yeah, just follow what your experienced trekking guide tells you to do and that is it, you can stay safe from mountain sickness.

Related Trips In Annapurna Region

We are going to list down the best alternatives to Mardi Himal Trek in the Annapurna Region. The down listed treks are other trekking options that you can do to explore the Annapurna area.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna circuit trek

Duration: 13 Days Total Distance: 230 km Difficulty: Moderately difficult

Maximum Altitude: 5,416m, Thorang La Pass

This is not just the most popular trek in Nepal but in the world also. People from various locations of the world come every year to be part of this Annapurna Circuit Trek. It is a long circuit trek that revolves around the blissful Annapurna region. Moreover, the trek lets you go deep into the region and explore every bit of it. The mountains you’ll view in this trek can take your breath away and so do the terrains and landscapes of the region.

It is a 13 days long trek but you do it in fewer days than that. Don’t forget to check the 8 Days Annapurna Circuit Short Trek, which is a shorter version of it. Yet, the Annapurna Circuit Trek is more challenging and longer than Mardi Himal Trek. If your trekking standards are higher then only opt for this alternative. Otherwise, it is good to go with Mardi Himal Trek.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp trek in January

Duration: 13 Days Total Distance: 115 km Difficulty: Moderately difficult

Maximum Altitude: 4,345m, Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the trek in the Annapurna region that takes you to the base camp of the world’s tenth tallest peak. To reach that foothill of Mt Annapurna, you’ll start an amazing journey of 13 days through the lower Annapurna region to the higher one. In that process, you’ll come across many heavenly and never seen things. The nicely built houses of locals, the far locating mountains, lush greenery all around, the rivers and streams chanting on their own way. It is a trek to experience unlimited things.

Let’s make this clear here, this trek is not as easy as Mardi Himal Trek. If you lack training and high altitude trekking experience, don’t do Annapurna Base Camp Trek. It is a long trek of 115km which can be a troublesome distance for novice trekkers. Gain some expertise by doing easy and short treks like Mardi Himal Trek and then opt for these level up treks.

Poon Hill Trek

Trekking in Nepal for Female Travelers Ghorepani
Duration: 9 Days Total Distance: 115 km Difficulty: Easy

Maximum Altitude: 3,193m, Poonhill

Poonhill Trek is one of the shortest and easiest treks in Nepal. The trek can be done in just 5 days also but a 9 days itinerary is more suitable. It is about reaching Poonhill(3,193m) which is certainly the best place to view the mountain panorama of the Annapurna region mountains and the sunrise view. Thousands of local and foreign trekkers reach this place just to experience the much-praised panoramic view from this hill station.

To reach the hill station, you’ll need to trek via various villages of the Annapurna region including the iconic Dhandruk and Ghorepani village. This trek also lets you know the deep knowledge of locals and their inspiring lifestyle and culture. Moreover, you’ll be bestowed with some of the best greenery and vegetation around and over this trek. This trek suits everyone including those who have not trekked a bit also. But, they should have some true passion to complete this trek. Otherwise, the ups and downs of the trek can challenge them.

If you are looking for a similar alternative to Mardi Himal Trek, Poon Hill Trekking can be an option.

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Last Say – Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty

Mardi Himal Trek is an easy one to do but only with sound health and general preparation. Easy doesn’t mean this can be done by anyone. The Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty level is enough to make you face challenges if not prepared well. With certain training and preparation, you can overcome the Mardi Himal Trek Difficulty easily.

For any guidance and assistance on Mardi Himal Trekking or any other adventures in Nepal, remember us, the Himalayas on Foot.

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