Mount Manaslu

Mount Manaslu

Among all the peaks in Nepal, Mount Manaslu stands tall as the eighth highest peak in the world. It is at a height of 8163 meters from the sea level. It is located in the Mansiri Himal, a part of the Himalayas in the northern part of Nepal. Manaslu is the highest peak in the Lamjung located about forty miles east of Annapurna. The name “Manaslu” is derived from the word ‘Manasa’ which in Sanskrit means ‘intellect’ or ‘soul’. So Manaslu is also called as the “Mountain of the Spirit” since its name holds it so.

This mountain was not explored by trekkers and remained an isolated place until 1950. It was first trekked in 1950 by H.W. Tilman and his group. Ever since the area was opened to the trekkers in 1951, it has seen a flow of trekkers and has been popular among travelers. However, this region is not available to all the trekkers. One has to have organized groups to trek in this area and even the numbers of such groups are very limited. This is because the region is very remote and the rescue in case of emergency is also very difficult.

Mount Manaslu Topography

Mount manaslu

Manaslu region topography is quite unique and people living there have a unique mixed culture. Nupri (meaning Western Mountain in Tibetan) is a trading center among Nepalese and Tibetans living in these areas.

Manaslu is a huge white giant spreading across 3092m prominence. It extends from the cultivation area to the area mostly covered with ice and snow all the seasons. Because of this, it looks like a serrated wall of snow and ice hanging from the sky.

The three sides of the mountain fall in steps to terraces down below, which are sparsely inhabited and dotted with agricultural fields. Manaslu is feasible from all directions because of its long ridges and valley glaciers. There are several established routes to the peak of the Mountain and the south face of the mountain is considered the most difficult for climbing.

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