Nepal Weather November Trekking

Nepal Weather November Trekking

In this article, we are going to discuss Nepal Weather November Trekking.

With eight of the top ten highest peaks in the world and the most stunning landscapes, trekking in Nepal is one of the unique experiences.

Trekking is the most popular activity in Nepal. The main reason is the huge variety which allows people of various ages and capabilities to attempt & explore the explored.

Regardless of what much may perceive, trekking in Nepal is not only wandering alone through the rough trails and terrains. With an exotic wilderness, travelers will discover well-discovered paths, hundreds of locals passing by each day, their strong culture, and unreserved friendliness. It is an opportunity to rest and recover in the lap of nature.

For every trekking destination, the weather is the biggest factor of consideration. The best season for trekking in this heavenly place is mostly in the dry and warm seasons, March-June and September-November. During this time, the temperature is bearable. The skies and scenic views are clear. Although you can even trek out of these seasons too.

Even if November is the best time for trekking in Nepal, all of us would like to know the then weather condition for trekking.

So how is the weather like in November for trekking?

Here is the full description regarding this common inquest.

November as Trekking Month

everest base camp trek in november

November is the final official peak trekking season month in Nepal. Nepal weather November trekking is the best among other seasons. The mountain views along with other scenes are at their best with good clarity.

For all the regions, it is a great time to visit Nepal. The trails are crowded, the villages are full of life and the valleys are in bloom.

The temperature is moderate. During the day it’s sunny, the sun shines with bright shine whereas in the night the temperatures might drop a little but not so vastly.

Usually, the daytime temperatures at 2,000m altitude are 21+ degrees and around 7 degrees at night. Above that elevation naturally, temperatures drop but the views are still pristine. It is quite cold so better to be dressed in layers to cope with warm days and chilly nights.

Weather in November

ebc trek in november

November continues to maintain great weather which directly benefits every long and short hikes & trek.

It is obvious that weather temperatures and conditions change as you ascend up or descend down. Likewise, there are variations depending on the trek. The temperatures and weather can only be roughly estimated. You should be mentally and physically ready for every extreme condition.

The weather is warm and sunny during the day so bring trekking shorts. Better to have convertibles. Also, carry trekking t-shirts, warm fleece (for high altitudes), long trousers. It is also a safe side to bring a light sleeping bag. And possibly a sleeping bag liner is always a good idea.

Historical weather data in November

With the help of an accurate record of GPS data, the relevant temperature and weather conditions of respective trails can be found out. The data are also correlated to real trekking guides and trekkers in the corresponding areas.

This past weather information helps trekkers to make proper decisions.

The data of trekking areas covering the widest variety of areas like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna Circuit are much useful.

  • In EBC during November, the weather is great and so are the views. No snow until the first week. Even up to the third week, the conditions are good for trekking.
  • Likewise, on ABC, there is no rain or heavy snowfall during November. The great sight of landscapes and mountain ranges is sure. The case is the same in Annapurna Circuit too.

Even with these old climatic data, you shouldn’t forget that weather can change irregularly, on an hourly basis. The situation can be unpredictable sometimes. Thus, you should be aware of and prepared for every condition.

 Trek to consider for November

As already mentioned the Nepal Weather November Trekking is the peak time and suitable for all the available trekking routes. So you have to be prepared to face crowds mostly in renowned trails.

We all know about Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, and Annapurna Circuit. But besides these popular routes following trek can also be done:

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek 5 best short treks in Nepal

The Langtang valley trek is slowly becoming as popular as ABC and EBC. The trek is also one of the trekking regions nearer to Kathmandu Valley. This trek can be easily done in Nepal Weather November Trekking with less climatic obstacles.

Langtang Valley Trek offers beautiful landscapes with a moderate climate and breathtaking views of Langtang range and Ganesh Himal. The trails are moderate. Every path will welcome you t the traditional and cultural lifestyle of the locals.

With this trek, you get a chance to explore the Langtang Valley popularly known as “the valley of the glacier”. Also, you can also visit Kyanjin Gompa, the oldest Buddhist monastery in this region. You will an amazing journey in this naturally diversified region.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trekking Cost

The next choice for your November trekking can be Upper Mustang Trek. Culturally preserved, this region is a traditional and politically sensitive area. Due to this, very limited numbers of trekkers are allowed here to trek.

The cultural mash-up of various mountain tribes like Thakali, Tibetan, and Gurung is what makes this trip unforgettable. Plus, the majestic views of Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri will fulfill your urge for scenic views.

Besides, some ancient monasteries, Buddhist shrines, gompas including the capital of Mustang, Lo-Manthang are the prime attraction of this trek.

Mustang is yet to explore the jewel of Nepal. Every aspect whether it is geography or culture-wise is unique. I am sure you will experience many things here that you haven’t explored to date.

 Poon Hill Trek

Poon Hill Trek 3 Days Trekking In Nepal with Kids

Among the easy and short treks of Nepal, the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is the most popular one. Due to the moderate altitude, every trekker can enjoy this trek without any risk.

Lying in the Annapurna region, with a very short time this trek gives the chance to explore the natural and cultural heritage. Along with the stunning mountains, rhododendron forests, sunrise & sunset view are simply adorable.

Daily, you pass through a dense bamboo forest full of waterfalls. On the way, you also encounter the Gurung villages with friendly locals. You can rest safely on any tea houses and have crisply cooked suppers.

This trek can be done throughout the year. But in November, the climate is pleasant and the sunrise views along with mountain ranges are crystal clear.

Trek to Nar-Phu (The Lost Valley)

Nar-Phu Valley Trekking Nepal Weather November Trekking

Nar-Phu valley, also known as “the lost valley” is indeed a remote village of Nepal. But it holds its ancient history along with the narrow canyons, lovely forest, and unique Himalayan cultures. You should be physically fit to do this trek.

Few have explored this virtually untouched village of Nar and Phu. Surrounded by many 7000m peaks, this trek explores this lost valley. Here you can visit many old Buddhist monasteries including Tashi Lhakhang Monastery (recorded as the 108 world’s incredible Buddhist monasteries built by Karmapa Rinpoche).

Along with the Khampa settlement, you will pass through a fantastic mountain view across Kang-la pass and transverse high suspension spans. Other scenic views are of Manang and Gangapurna lake.

This place has undisturbed civilization strolled in the spectacular natural spot. Thus, this can be your next destination for Nepal Weather November Trekking.

Accommodation and Trekking permits for November Trekking

In Nepal Weather November Trekking, accommodation along the trekking routes will remain open. Preferred rooms can be booked on the popular treks for betterment. Just like lodges, other restaurants are also available with full menus.

Accommodations can get fully booked. Pre-booking will be the best idea to get a good amenity.

About trekking permits, it is definitely required for this month too. Permits are available in both Kathmandu and Pokhara. With permits, you’ll need travel insurance. Though there is no chance of weather hazards, considering the congested trail it keeps you protected.


Thus, Nepal weather November trekking is the best of all. Though the trekking routes are full, you have options for other treks which will have less crowd. So, grab your bags and get ready for the wonderful journey of your life.

We have plenty of trekking options for November. If you are unsatisfied with our schedules, there is always an option to customize it. You can contact us for any type of trip you want here in Nepal. Just go through

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