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Me n my brother went to Nepal for a month in April, 2014. We spent some time in the Capital city Kathmandu, and we stayed at a place called Shree Tibet Family Guesthouse. The Place was situated in the popular tourist-area Thamel, in the middle of Kathmandu.
The staff was extremely friendly, like most Nepalese people, and they were always glad to see you around. The accommodation was acceptable and compared to most places around the city Shree Tibet Guesthouse was what it appeard to us, one of the better places to stay. The price was good and you got a decent room for about 15 to 20 dollar a night. Absolutely fair to what you get!
The guys also helped us to plan our trek to Everest Basecamp, and they offered a very good price, far better than we had found ourselves. They also provided a guide with a lot of experience around the Himalayas, and it all felt very professional and safe.

But what we liked most about the place was their constant will to help you out if some problems appeared. When we our self had some issues and had to run some errands they offered a free ride in their lil van to drive us around the town in order to fix it. There are no huge things, but sometimes these small offerings can help you out and make it ten times easier, and that is was I call simple, honest, and good service. No one forces them to do so, but they always want to treat their guests in a fair way and make sure they’ll leave the place with a smile on their lips.

Thanks to all the guys on Shree Tibet Famliy Guesthouse, and especially to Muk Ti for his constant help, and of course our guide Ram Giri who we truly recommend to other people who’s looking for a good guide to take you away to places in the Himalayas you only thought existed in your dreams!

Cheers // the brothers

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