Things to do in Kathmandu

Things to do in Kathmandu

Today, we are going to discuss the exciting things to do in  Kathmandu Valley. It is a popular tourist destination in Nepal. The valley consists of three cities- Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

The valley also happens to be the most developed region of the country. It houses the only international airport terminal in Nepal. Most of the service sector industries are located in the valley.

Unlike any other city, Kathmandu is not characterized by tall buildings and highways. In fact, the valley has more number of world heritage sites than movie theaters. The valley has its own charm- the one that is oblivious to any other city in the world.

Some of the ways in which you can spend your time in Kathmandu are-

1. A religious trips around the city

Kathmandu has several religious sites. The Pashupatinath Temple attracts thousands of Hindus from all over the world. Although the temple doesn’t allow foreigners inside the main temple, you can walk around the premises of it.

Situated on top of a hill with hundreds of staircase leading to it, Swayumbunath Temple is a famous pilgrim site for the Buddhist. It is also visited for the spectacular view of the city seen from the temple.

Boudhanath Temple is yet another famous Buddhist Pagoda situated in Kathmandu. The inverted white dome encircling a wide range of areas and wearing a crown of the golden stupa is of magnificent beauty. The premises of the temple is surrounded by markets selling handicrafts and restaurants selling some of the most exclusive Nepali and Tibetan cuisine.

This, by far has been the best experience you can have and things to do in Nepal.

2. A cultural trip around the city

culture in nepal Things to do in Kathmandu

The entire valley is like a museum of ancient archeological structures well preserved over thousands of years.

To encounter with an interesting culture and lifestyle, Bhaktapur city would be a great way to start with. The Bhaktapur palace is also listed under the UNESCO world heritage site. Jhu-Jhu Dhau, a locally fermented curd, is one of the most famous foods of this place.

Yet another world heritage cultural site is the Patan Darbar square. The entire place is a clear depiction of the root of the existing culture and lifestyle of Nepal.

Narayan Hiti Palace, the last palace resided by the monarch, is now a museum and is open for visitation. The palace is beautiful and glorious and will help you learn the lifestyle of the royals of Nepal.

Among several things to do in Nepal, this is inseparable from the list.

3. Shopping

Nepal is famous for handicraft products and most of the outlets happened to be situated in Kathamndu. Thamel is made up of several of these markets selling local handicrafts. Pashmina shawl available in such exclusive stores is of high quality and extremely graceful.

Nepal also produces some of the best handicraft carpets. You can also pick up several other souvenirs which are not available in your home country.

New road and Darbar Marg are two other places perfect for shopping. You will find several stores, exclusive and local. Darbar Marg, however, has mostly high-end branded stores.


There is so much more to do and so much more to see in Kathmandu valley. If you happen to be looking for a relaxing vacation, then the valley also has several resorts and hotels for you to come and deposit all your stress and anxiety.

Another plus point of visiting Kathmandu is the green hills that surround the entire city. Also, the weather is pleasant almost throughout the year. Kathmandu can be the best place to spend summer vacations with your family and your loved ones.

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