Training for Trekking in Nepal

Training for Trekking in Nepal

There might be a day when you are just a few hours of walk away from the world’s tallest peak or the highest altitude Tilicho lake. You can smell it, you can feel it in your skin that you are close enough but then your body deceives you. What will happen then?

You never reach your destination.

Thus, you need to prepare well so that you can reach your dream destination. You can enjoy the fun journey as the path leads you through highs and lows with beautiful sceneries.

Thus, our only purpose is to help you in making your trekking journey a beautiful experience.

What kind of Training for Trekking in Nepal is required?

Training for Trekking in Nepal exercises

There are different training given by different specialists throughout the whole training period.

Food and nutrition are taken into account. So, there will be a food and nutrition specialist.

The trekkers will be also mentally prepared for the trek and the challenges that may occur. It is because mental health and strength are as important as physical fitness, especially while traveling on a rough trekking route.

Training is all about strengthening the mind, muscles, arms, and legs. For this, experienced and best trainees will provide you with different forms of exercise. Also, the training center is equipped with new and advanced fitness equipment.

Now the physical part of the training includes:

Cardiovascular training for trekking in Nepal

Cardiovascular training focuses on exercise that increases the heart rate. They bring the muscles in shape as it includes a large amount of movement of muscles. It will also strengthen the heart and lungs and increase bone density.

A stronger cardiovascular system means more capillaries delivering oxygen to the lungs. Overall, cardiovascular training provides a huge impact in preparing you for the trekking trip.


Muscles are stretched making you more and more flexible. Flexible muscles lead to more mobility and fewer chances of bone-breaking and fracturing. Moreover, it makes trekking easier and also prevents you from having fatal injuries.

You will be able to easily walk on any difficult trails and route. Moreover, you can cover your path of the journey in a much shorter period of time. Thus, stretching is an integral part of our training.

And if you have trekked in Nepal in the past without any training, then you will surely feel the difference this time. You are sure to feel more easy and comfortable trekking this time due to the loss of stretching training.


Endurance is important while trekking the highlands of Nepal. Endurance training strengthens our muscles as well. It makes our muscles ready to face the harsh environment on our trek.

It will also make us emotionally strong and not let us give up during hard times in the trek. It will push you until you reach your destination. During the trek, even if your arms and legs are fully drained out of energy, still endurance can lead you to the top.

That is the power of endurance. So, you better not miss any of this training class.

Muscle conditioning

In muscle conditioning, we train our skeletal to enhance strength and endurance. Not only does muscle conditioning training improve muscle strength but also strengthens the surrounding connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. And the stronger the entire structure, the less likely we are to face joint sprains, dislocations, tear or muscle pull, strain during motion.

That results in a reduced risk of any injury as such. It also leads to better posture and balance.

Altitude training

As we go higher, the oxygen in the air gets thinner making it more and more difficult for us to breathe. But, our altitude training has that covered as well. We will be providing you with altitude training to make your body capable of overcoming this issue.

After this training, you will breathe easily at high altitudes. No oxygen cylinder will be needed. Your lungs will adapt to the height.

This will make your trek easy. So it is best to attend the altitude training class.

Strength training

You will not only have to carry yourself but your bags as well when you trek in higher altitudes. This requires a lot of strength and stamina which many past trekkers gained through strength training.

The training environment will get you ready to walk with extra weight in the highlands no matter how rough the weather.

Effort and force are the necessary elements for making your trek successful. In the strength training class, a lot of physical exercises will be provided. Plus, a proper diet will be ensured involving a high level of protein intake.

And most importantly, it will teach you how to save strength, and not waste it on unwanted tasks during the trek. The motive is to make the body strong and well prepared for the duration of the trek.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

downhill lunge hiking exercise

What if I am trekking for the first time? Is the training appropriate for me?

Yes, in fact, it is especially for you. Trekking in the beautiful highlands of Nepal requires you to be both physically and mentally fit. That’s why we are here.

We will equip you with all the necessary training required to build your physical strength and stamina as a first-time trekker. We will prepare you physically for all the challenging and extreme trails, landscape, and weather waiting for you. All you need to do is prepare yourself mentally.

I am already physically proactive, do I also need this training?

If you are physically fit and are doing your regular physical exercises or if you are an athlete or are associated with playing any physical sports, then congratulations, you are already a step ahead of the rest.

But our training comprises of physical training that solely focuses on the strengthening of the muscles that are most used while trekking. Nepal has many harsh trials and difficult paths. So, even many experienced trekkers find it challenging.

Thus, it is best to be prepared for training with us. You never know what lies in your way.

What is the price? Is it worth it?

When it comes to preparing yourself for an adventure as crucial as trekking, the price would not be more important than quality, can it? And we assure you that, every penny is going to be worth it.

However, the price is very reasonable. We won’t give you a chance to regret your decision. You will surely be happy with your decision to join us at the end of the training period.

Can fat people join the training for Trekking in Nepal as well?

Yes, this training is applicable for all people regardless of your shapes and sizes. But before that, we have a question to ask, “Are you ready to give up on a few of those extra kilos and get in shape?”.

If you are ready for this transformation, then you are ready to join this training. Otherwise, it may not be suitable for you. So, it is better if you are mentally prepared before joining us.

Also, there are many overweight trekkers who have given up on that extra plate of food, trained themselves hard, and conquered many of the harsh trials. So, nothing is impossible if you are willing to give your best.

I am very thin. What if I lose more of my weight by this training?

Not necessarily. There may or may not be a loss in your weight. Moreover, you might also be able to gain a healthy weight if your weight is too low.

It is not a weight reduction or increment program but a Training for Trekking in Nepal. It will hone your trekking ability and make you both physically and mentally strong to cover the rough highlands of Nepal safely.

How hard is the training?

The training is pretty tough. As we are preparing for the worst that might occur while trekking in the rough highlands with thin oxygen, the training is not so light and easy.

Yet our highly skilled trainees will take it slow and level it up slowly to match your pace. You might not even notice in the process. But you should be ready for all the hard work.

A strong determination is key. If you are afraid of the training, how will you ever complete the trek?

Can we cover any trek-routes after the training?

Yes, you can. Our training enables our enthusiast trekkers to be able to travel through any terrain throughout the country. You will be then able to enjoy the trek to any routes without any fear.

Going off to trek without training is like gambling. It can be dangerous sometimes. So, we must always be prepared.

Only this way, we can enjoy the trek to the fullest and have a beautiful experience.

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