Why is trekking in Nepal such an amazing experience?

Why is trekking in Nepal such an amazing experience

Trekking in Nepal is famous worldwide. The country sees thousands of trekkers and adventurers every year who visit it to lose themselves to nature’s enchantments.

It is merely impossible to summarize the profound beauty that Nepal engulfs in a few statements.

However, here are a few best among the several other reasons that make trekking in Nepal worthwhile and ideal experience.

Highest Snow-Capped Peaks in the world!

Snow Mountains

Did you know that eight among the ten highest peaks in the world are situated in Nepal-The highest peak- Mt. Everest being one of them! Trek to Everest Base Camp is the most popular trek in Nepal.

The journey to the base camp of any snowy peaks has its own unique beauty strong enough to consume you with a spellbound. You will have to cross some glacier cliffs, high passes, frozen rivers, and also encounter some of the most unusual wildlife inhabitants residing in such areas.

Diverse and Unique topographical structure

Aama Bhujung, Barun Valley, Nepal

From the snowy Himalayas running along the entire region to plain grassy lands covering the entire southern region, Nepal has a diverse and unique topographical structure. There is room to serve the interest of all kinds of people. Disregard of the level of difficulty to choose for yourself, the experience will be as thrilling as it can get.

The altitude difference is high within the range of a very short difference. If you are ready to challenge the altitude range, Nepal is the ideal destination.

Preserved BiodiversityRhododendron Forest

Most of the country still remains untouched by modernization. A major part of the land comprises of the forest. The trails give you an experience of nature in its purest form. There are scantly rural settlements distributed along the trail. Everything in the trekking region absolutely natural and well preserved.

Most of the treks include rhododendron forests, alpine forests, pine forests, fast-flowing rivers, splendid waterfall, and other beautiful combinations of flora and fauna. If you love nature, there is no way you can miss trekking in Nepal.

Rich in cultural heritage

cultural heritages
Over the generations, the culture has been well preserved and passed along. Besides the city area, not much of the culture as been subjected to change due to modernization. You will get a chance to explore some of the most unusual and interesting cultures and lifestyles as you go trekking.

People living in rural areas are very simple. Most of them are farmers while some of the sun tea house wherein you will be either halting for refreshment or for the night. The people are extremely hospitable and kind. They will willingly tend to all your needs.

Food and accommodation

You will spend the night in tea houses situated in areas of rural settlements. These houses are traditionally built. They may not be as comfortable as the hotels in the cities but are cozy and home-like. The host is very welcoming. Nowhere throughout the journey will you feel like you are not home.

You will also get a chance to taste the food of entirely different cuisine. Dal-Bhat, a traditional Nepali food, is the most popular one. It is a serving of rice with lentils, vegetables, meat cooked in a local way, and tomato chutney. You can also try some local alcohol although drinking while trekking is highly unadvisable.

Conclusion – Trekking in Nepal 

These are only some of the many other reasons to trek in Nepal. If I were to unfold you all the other mysteries that there is, you will not have anything to explore for yourself.

Trekking in Nepal has many things. Every person has a unique and interesting story. What trekking in Nepal is not is a bad experience. The rest is for you to find.

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