Upper Mustang Trekking Cost

Upper Mustang Trekking

The Upper Mustang Trek is a captivating journey through astonishing landscapes and unique cultural encounters. Located in Northern Nepal, the Upper Mustang has remained isolated from the outside world for many hundred years. The centuries of isolation have preserved the culture, tradition, customs, lifestyle, and heritage of the region in their purest form.

The upper Mustang region carries a rich history and culture of Tibetan-influenced communities like Thakali, Tibetans, and Gurungs. They have distinctive regional languages, traditions, and unique Tibetan Buddhist culture. Exploring the ancient historical heritages and friendly interaction with local communities is a priceless experience during the trekking journey.

Upper Mustang is a magnificent trekking destination that showcases its pristine mountainous topographies. The unique landscapes around the off-the-beaten trails, like narrow alleys, barren terrains, canyons, etc, enchant the journey. Likewise, the ancient features of the region, such as walled-city Lo Manthang, mysterious caves, time-honored monasteries, old-age stupas, etc., add sheer excitement to the trek.

The trekking cost is related to several defining factors for a comfortable and fulfilling journey. While the initial investment may seem daunting, traversing through the raw and unspoiled beauty of Upper Mustang enriches the trekking adventure. The memories and experiences gained from the trekking journey far outweigh the financial considerations.

Opting for a reputable trekking agency is a wise approach to ensure quality of service and support throughout the journey. The Himalayas on Foot offers a comprehensive Upper Mustang Trekking Package for a remarkable experience of exploring the hidden gems in the core of the Himalayas. Our 13-day Upper Mustang Trekking journey provides an exhilarating and adventurous experience traversing the remote trails along the spectacular arid scenery. Starting from just US$2,090, the cost of the Upper Mustang Trekking Package covers all the services and logistics required for a successful journey.

Moreover, a group discount is also available. If you are a group of 2 to 6 people, the cost is US$ 1,590. Similarly, if there are more than 7 people in a group, the package cost of Upper Mustang Trek is only US$ 1,450. From transportation costs to meals and accommodation, we will unwrap all the hidden expenses and break down the budget.

Upper Mustang Trekking – Cost Includes

Upper Mustang Trek 13 Days Itinerary | Cost & Guide - Himalayas on Foot

Upper Mustang Trekking cost includes the several components covered by the overall package price of the trek. These essential components ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable trekking journey. The breakdown of the costs provides transparency and clarity regarding what you can expect and what is accounted for in the total cost. By detailing each aspect, you can make informed decisions and arrange a budget accordingly for the Upper Mustang Trekking adventure.

Upper Mustang Trek Permits Costs

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Permits are the initial trekking costs. It includes fees required for accessing the particular trekking regions, National Parks, or Conservation Areas. Permits not only grant legal access but also contribute to the preservation of natural resources and contribution to the sustainable development of the trekking region. The permits required for the Upper Mustang Trek are

  • Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit (RAP)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)
  • Trekkers Information Management system card (TIMS)
Permits Valid Period Costs
RAP 10 days US$ 500 per person for ten days
ACAP Unlimited time for single entry NPR 3,000
TIMS One time entry for unlimited period NPR 2,000
Total permit cost US$ 538 per person

Upper Mustang is a precious region with a rich environment and unique cultural importance. A restricted permit system helps regulate tourism activities in order to conserve the untouched biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region.

The cost of a Restricted Area Permit is US$500, which works for upto 10 days. An extended stay will charge an additional US$50 per day for each day of stay. You can obtain this permit through a registered trekking agency or the Immigration Department before embarking on the Upper Mustang. To issue a permit, there must be at least two people in group because a single-person permit is not granted. Do not worry if you are a solo hiker, as the Himalayas on Foot will get you permits by fixing you with the rest of the trekking groups.

Next, You need the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit for entering the protected region and trekking along its trails. ACAP permit costs NPR 3,000 per person. Another important permit required for the trek is the TIMS card. TIMS is required compulsorily for doing any Himalayan treks in Nepal. The cost of a TIMS card is NPR 2,000 for a single person. You can obtain both the ACAP and TIMS permit from the Kathmandu office of the Tourism Board.

Note: The licensed trekking agencies can arrange and obtain all your required permits for the Upper Mustang Trekking journey. All you need to do is to provide essential documents like an original passport or a copy and passport-size photographs.

Transportation Costs

Transportation to and from the starting point of the trek is included in the total package cost. Whether the transportation involves by bus, flight, or other vehicles, this aspect ensures you reach the trailhead safely and conveniently.

The Upper Mustang trekking journey begins from Jomsom. The package cost covers flight fare to and from Jomsom, which is inclusive of airport taxes. A flight from Pokhara, which takes you to Jomsom, costs around US$ 140 to US$ 170. The round trips cost approximately US$280 to US$340. During the return from Pokhara, the driving cost to Kathmandu by tourist bus ranges from US$ 25 to US$ 30. Likewise, the transportation costs of international and domestic airport transfers by private vehicles come to around US$ 15 to US$ 20 each way.

Guides Costs

Guides offer invaluable expertise in navigation and safety. They provide enriched natural and cultural immersion, which enhances the overall trekking experience. With guides, you can relish the informative trekking journey with deep insights into the desert-like landscapes, ancient caves and monasteries, the forbidden kingdom, and several other hidden gems of the Upper Mustang region.

For the Upper Mustang trekking journey, we will hire a professional local guide with a government license. Our region-familiar experienced guides let no skipping of the key attractions in the trek. Moreover, they know about the local people and their language, which facilitates meaningful interactions. The cost of hiring a guide for the Upper Mustang trek can range from US$25 to US$35 per day, including insurance and meals.

Meal Costs

Meals are provided by the lodges/teahouses along the trekking route. Meals are essential to replenish energy levels and sustain throughout the trekking journey. Teahouse meals offer the taste of local cuisine with authentic hospitality. During the trek, you will be served with full board meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The prime teahouse meal is a traditional dal bhat, which includes rice, lentil soup, and pickles. The breakfast items mostly include fried, boiled, or scrambled eggs, milk, bread, pasta, etc., Apart from local meals, you can savor some well-known Western dishes like pizza, burgers, sandwiches, etc.,

Food costs are daily expenses that come under the general cost of the trek. The cost of each food differs, and the typical cost comes to around US$ 10 to US$ 15 for each day’s meal. The cost of food depends on altitude, which rises with elevation gain. Also, remoteness increases meal costs because of the difficulty in transporting products. The region may not be accessible to transportation during monsoon due to poor road conditions. Food supplies are mostly carried by mules and by jeep during the favored time. There is so much effort for each meal that you are served in the trekking region.

Accommodation Costs

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The accomodation costs cover the lodging along the trekking routes. It is essential to rest and rejuvenate after each day of a long hours trek. Upper Mustang Trek has experienced growing teahouses and homestays in the past few years. Previously, it was necessary to carry your tent; however, this is no longer required due to the flow of visitors and rising accommodation demand. Now, the accommodation can range from basic teahouses to established hotels.

During the Upper Mustang trek, you can expect simple teahouse accommodation with basic amenities. Accommodations along the way are mostly found in shared bedding systems. And, if you prefer a private room, you have to pay for the entire room, which is the cost of two to three people. Likewise, toilets, bathrooms, and dining halls are also available for common use.

The cost of lodges/teahouse accommodation generally ranges from US$ 10 to US$15 per night. The accommodation cost depends on the location, altitude, and services used. Remote/difficult locations, higher altitudes, and additional services tend to charge more fees. You can enjoy a hot shower and internet service at an extra US$ 5 to US$ 10. The accommodation charges are fair compared to the remoteness of the Upper Mustang, where transportation and electricity facilities are limited.

Likewise, the cost of accommodation for a one-night stay in a 3-star hotel in Pokhara is approximately US$ 40 to US$ 50.

First Aid Kit Costs

Upper Mustang trekking takes place in remote Himalayan locations. The region may lack effective medical services and facilities. So, you need to be self-sufficient and self-reliant in terms of basic health care. There can be accidents, injuries, and minor health complications during the journey. In such cases, the first aid kit is helpful with general treatment and medications. The Upper Mustang trekking cost covers the well-equipped first-aid kit and oximeter, which is approximately US$ 30-40.

Miscellaneous Inclusions:

  • You need a bag to carry your trek essentials. So, we will provide you with a durable duffle bag to fit your trekking needs that withstand the trekking conditions during the Upper Mustang journey.
  • A down jacket is needed to stay warm in cold weather conditions at higher altitudes. Likewise, a lightweight, portable sleeping bag facilitates a cozy night’s sleep. It can be used even during the teahouse accommodations for added warmth. If you do not have one, we will provide you with these necessary items, which need to be returned after the trek.
  • We will arrange a helicopter service in case of emergencies. However, the cost of the service is paid through your travel insurance. So, it is advisable to take insurance with evacuation coverage, which is crucial in remote trekking. It handles the cost of emergency transfer to the nearby hospital.
  • All taxes of government, official expenses, and service charges are included in the Upper Mustang package costs.

Note: The overall cost of miscellaneous inclusions comes to around US$200 TO US$300.

Upper Mustang Trekking – Cost Excludes

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These are the services or expenses that are not covered by the Upper Mustang trekking costs. Payment for the excluded items falls under your own responsibility, like the aforementioned additional costs for extra services in teahouses.

Cost of Personal Nature Expenses

The cost of your personal expenses, such as shopping, laundry, hot showers, wifi connections, drinking water, hot and cold drinks, personal hygiene items, snacks, bar bills, buying or renting trekking gear and equipment, purchase of souvenirs, etc. Personal expenses rely on your preferences, choices, and comfort level during the trek. If you prefer a lavish stay or choose expensive items on purchase, surely the cost increases. So, you are recommended to carry enough cash to pay for the extra services beyond the package and necessary personal items during the Upper Mustang trek journey.

You may need around US$ 700 to US$ 1,000 to spend on personal nature expenses.

Tipping Guides and Porters

The Upper Mustang trekking package does not cover tipping costs for guides and porters. Tips are offered as gratuities for support staff in the trekking journey. While not mandatory, tipping is a common practice in the trek. Your guide and the porter may expect tips as a reward for the successful journey. The cost of a tip can differ depending on the trek’s destination and the services provided during the journey. While tipping for the Upper Mustang trek, 15% of the total cost is expected.

Travel Insurance Costs.

Travel insurance covers unexpected events and expenses that may occur while traveling. Several expenses are incurred due to unexpected illnesses or accidents during the trek. So, insurance includes various benefits for a safe trekking journey, mainly with emergency access to medical facilities. It also handles trek cancellations, lost backpacks, and other unforeseen occurrences.

Trekking in remote and high-altitude regions increases the probability of accidents and emergencies. Therefore, it is vital to have insurance for going on the Himalayan trek. The travel insurance cost depends on the trek duration, destination, coverage included, and age of the trekker. The travel insurance cost for the Upper Mustang Trek can approximately range between US$100 to US$150. Remember that insurance cost is affected by the length and height of the trek. While basic insurance coverage can come at low prices, comprehensive packages can cost more.

Communication Costs

Communication costs are the significant expenses of the trekking journey. Either to stay in touch with your loved ones or for immediate contact in case of emergencies, communication is needed. However, the cost of communication is not borne by the agencies. You have to pay the bills by yourself for communication purposes that are incurred during the remote trekking journey.

The costs occur from buying a local SIM card, connecting to internet services during the teahouse stay, charging batteries, telephone charges, and other possible expenses for required communication. You can use your SIM with international roaming services or the local SIM upto lowland trekking areas. As a mobile network may not be connected in higher elevations, you can either buy or rent a satellite phone for remote communication. It facilitates a safe and smooth trekking adventure. The total costs for communication each day can generally be around US$10 to US$ 15.

Porter Costs

Porters play an important role in lightening the burden of loads. They carry gear and supplies to ensure a free and comfortable trekking journey for trekkers. With the valuable assistance of the porters, you can get relief from your backpacks and enjoy the trekking journey. Although the cost of porters is not included in the Upper Mustang trekking package, you can hire porters at an additional cost.

Generally, you can hire a single porter for every two people. However, it’s your choice to hire porters of your needs and comfort. Consider hiring a local Sherpa porter who has knowledge of mountains and terrains and the ability to perform at altitude difficulties. A porter can charge around US$20 to US$25 per day, including meals, accommodation, insurance, and daily wages.

Drinks Costs

Drinks are important to stay hydrated and maintain energy levels during the trek. It helps to regulate the body temperature and replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. Drinks help to keep you strong and focused throughout the trekking journey. Teahouses and guesthouses along the trekking trail offer a variety of drinks like tea and coffee, fresh fruit juice, canned juice, hot water, etc.

The cost of drinks is relatively less than other Himalayan treks, as Upper Mustang is not an extremely high-altitude trek. You have to pay around US$2 to US$4 for tea, US$3 to US$5 for a cup of coffee, and US$1 to US$3 for a bottle of water. Likewise, if you are up for alcoholic drinks, you have to pay the bar bills between US$2 to US$5 per bottle of beer.

Note: Alcoholic drinks are not recommended for high-altitude trekking because they complicate the health and acclimatization process.

Miscellaneous Costs

The miscellaneous costs of trekking can include several expenses beyond the main essentials, like permits, accommodation, transportation, and meals. These additional expenses are incurred during the trek depending on factors such as trek duration, destination, and personal needs and preferences. Various unpredictable circumstances like natural disasters, trek cancellations, incident costs, charging electronics, etc., incur miscellaneous costs.

While renting the gear, its quality and duration of rental can add to the miscellaneous costs. Likewise, the cost of extra foods and drinks or special dietary preferences along the trekking journey increases expenses. While hiring a porter, the fee may vary depending on the routes and local rates. So, proper negotiation beforehand of the journey is essential to prevent excess expenses.

Consider your personal choices and requirements while budgeting for the trek. An extra 20 to 30 % of the total trekking costs is helpful for covering the miscellaneous expenses of the trek. In general, you will spend around US$ 5 to US$10 per day as miscellaneous charges for the Upper Mustang Trek. It helps to cover unforeseen costs and provide a more comfortable and enjoyable trekking experience.

Note: You may encounter cultural/religious sites, community schools, etc, along the trails. Although not compulsory, you can donate a small amount which works for the welfare of remote communities.

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Some Other Excluded Costs

  • The Nepal entry visa fee is not included. You can issue the visa upon your arrival at the Kathmandu Airport.
  • Only meals during the trekking journey are served. The package does not cover the cost of lunch and dinner in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • The cost of international flight fare is not included in the trekking package.


Lower Mustang Trek Cost

You may have gained valuable insights on budgeting for the Upper Mustang trek and a clear understanding of what to expect from this wonderful trekking journey. Food, accommodation, and services in the mountain region are all similar, as there are no options for a lavish stay. Our trekking package inclusions ensure you are well-equipped and supported throughout the journey. You can trek freely, soaking into the untouched beauty of the Upper Mustang region.

Be prepared to delve into the magnificence of the Upper Mustang trekking journey. Upper Mustang offers an outstanding trekking experience, rewarding trekkers with a journey through pristine topographies filled with ancient history and fascination. This trek offers an unparalleled opportunity for genuine immersion into the pure nature and culture of the secluded region.

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