Best Time To Go To Base Camp Mt Everest

best time to go to base camp mt Everest

In this article today, we are going to discuss the Best Time To Go To Base Camp Mt Everest!

Everest Base camp trek is one of the most renowned trips for trekkers and mountain climbers all over the world. Reaching to the base of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest (8848 meters) is no ordinary feat. The base camp itself lies at an elevation of 5634 meters.  Even though it is not the same as summiting Everest, the Everest base camp trek has thrills and charms of its own.

Everest Base camp is a long, high-elevation trek that takes 2-3 weeks to complete. The trekking is done for around 9 days with 5-6 hours of walking every day. It can be strenuous at times as you go on attaining altitude and the steep ascents and rough trails take their toll.

The total distance of the trek is 65 km during which you might face different hurdles such as excessive cold, sunburns, natural disasters, altitude sickness, and other unexpected situations. For this reason, EBC is a formidable trek that requires more training, preparation and caution than others.

The trip is as rewarding as it is challenging. Khumbu is a naturally gifted region with majestic mountains, beautiful hills, remote villages and thrilling trails. As you roam around the lap of Mount Everest, you relish in the splendid views of the Himalayas and mingle with other trekkers and climbers in the camps.

The trail is adorned with rhododendron, oak, and pine trees and the lush green forests will provide a sense of peace and serenity to the trekkers. The Sherpa and other traditional settlements provide a peek into the authentic life, traditions, and cultures of Nepali people in the mountains.

As the weather and temperatures of Nepal are mostly moderate, many of the treks can be done any time of the year. Unless there is huge rainfall, snowstorms, or avalanches due to huge snowfall, even the high elevation treks are doable every season. Here we give you a breakdown of the different seasons to get the best experience out of Everest Base camp.

Best Time To Go To Base Camp Mt Everest

best time of year to climb everest

We have explained the best time of year to climb Everest and the best time to go to base camp mt Everest. Each season is described in detail:

Everest Base Camp Trek in Winter

Winter in the Himalayas is one of the extreme as it sees temperature drops (-17 degree Celsius), winds, and heavy snowfalls. There are chances of snowstorms and avalanches in extreme cases. While the cold is bearable during the day due to the sun, the mornings and nights are extremely cold and not everyone can handle them.

Heavy snowfall results in tricky trails that require special poles and gear for grip and caution. You will need boots with good traction that also keep your feet warm and dry. Heavy gloves, down jackets, trousers, and layers of clothes are required to protect from the cold.

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Due to the extreme weather conditions, very few tourists visit the trail during the months from December to February and so the trails are less crowded, the accommodation and other services are cheaper and the clear skies provide unhindered views of the splendid mountains.

People who enjoy the challenges of the cold, tricky trails are found completing the trek even during the winter. Some even try to witness the avalanches from the base camp which can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is considered the best season for landscape photography and to get the ever-changing light rays on the summit of Everest.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Monsoon

Monsoon is Nepal ranges from June to August and sometimes even up to mid-September. Monsoon in Nepal is unpredictable with frequent and heavy downpours occurring at any time of the day as the temperature ranges from 5 to 17 degree Celsius. The trails get wet and slippery and hinder the trek almost every day.

It is not the right season for most of the treks in Nepal. You need to carry raincoats, rain covers, waterproof jackets, and trousers and many other items to make sure you keep warm and dry. Trekkers and climbers do not recommend this season for EBC, especially for novice trekkers.

The clouds and humidity obstruct the views of the surrounding and you do not get to enjoy the mountain views and sceneries that the trek is especially known for. The frequent landslides obstruct the roadways whereas the weather almost always delays the flights from Kathmandu to Lukla.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Spring

The months of February, March, April and May are considered the spring season in Nepal. The skies start to clear up and the cold gradually goes down in March leading to blooming flowers and lush greenery by April. There might be short, unexpected showers but then the skies clear up to reveal beautiful vistas of the surrounding hills and mountains.  The days are warm and sunny and it is possible to travel in t-shirts and shorts only.

The temperature during spring ranges between 15 and -10 degree Celsius. The cold is compensated by the blooming flora especially rhododendrons adorning the trail. With good boots and warm clothing, you can enjoy the trek with its fresh, welcoming trails adorned with lush forests and flowers with the magnificent mountains in the background.

This is the second favorite season in Nepal for trekking. It is regarded as best time of year to climb everest and best time to visit mount everest base camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Autumn

best time to go to base camp mt everest

This is the favorite season for locals and tourists alike in Nepal. Moreover, it is the best time to go to base camp Mt Everest. The months right after the monsoon from September to December before the cold sets in are Autumn months in Nepal. The temperature ranges from -10 to 12 degrees Celsius and days are warm with no sign of rain making it a perfect time for all the treks in Nepal.

The perfect weather results in clear skies and splendid, unhindered views of the majestic mountains, lush green hills, and terraced fields in the trails. The temperatures are perfect so the trek isn’t too hot and sweaty and even the mornings and evenings are bearably cool. All these make the autumn season the favorite and popular season for treks all over Nepal.

The trails are usually crowded as climbers, trekkers, Sherpa and other locals are traveling to famous destinations. While you might not be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the trails, it will be a fun experience to share your trip with people from all over the world.

The best time to start the trek is after mid-September to avoid any unexpected rainfall and before December to avoid the early onset of winter. October and November are specifically the best months for the trek to Base camp. One can finish the trek without using climbing gear or too heavy clothing and rain gear which makes the experience more fun and easy.

While the months of spring and autumn are Everest base camp best time to visit, it is advised to check the weather forecasts and make plans accordingly. The temperature and weather conditions in high elevations change dramatically with sunny day changing into cloudy and stormy in a matter of minutes. Be wary of such changes and how to be safe in such situations.

Have proper knowledge about different altitudes and the sign, symptoms, and cures of altitude sickness. Once you have the knowledge and determination to tackle all the challenges of EBC, you can have the adventure of a lifetime in your Everest Base camp trek.

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