Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

 Mount Everest Helicopter Tour Cost

In this article, we are going to talk about Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost.

Nepal’s tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace. The biggest example of the development of the tourism industry in Nepal is the improvement of transportation facilities. And the biggest and the most exotic form of transportation to the Everest Base Camp is the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

You should remember that there is no helicopter to Mount Everest. The helicopter will take you to the Everest Base Camp. The wind conditions and pressure at the top of the Everest make it impossible for anyone to get to the top of the Everest in a helicopter as of now.

But the Base Camp is accessible in a helicopter and that too in 1 day. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Everest Base Camp is one of the most difficult treks to undertake. The difficult climatic conditions, strong physical and mental preparation, and the excessive amount of time that it takes to get to Everest are a few reasons why you might be discouraged.

But there’s no reason to worry. The helicopter tour is efficient, exciting, and exhilarating. The awesome views of the mountain, the reasonable costs, and the very small window of time to get to Everest Base Camp make it a thriller of a ride.

Benefits of the Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

best time of year to climb everest


Unlike the regular trek to Everest which is very difficult to undertake, a helicopter tour is easy. It is restful to the body and restful to the eyes too. The cozy flight offers great scenic views and saves a lot of your energy.

The fact that you can reach Everest within a day shows you how easy this trip is going to be. You don’t need to undertake any training or preparation. You won’t have to battle fatigue or keep up with the cold.

Time Efficient

Time is one of the biggest worries that you have when you set out for your travel. The holidays are limited in number and you might want to see as many new places as possible. This is when the helicopter ride is too good to ignore.

A Helicopter ride starts early in the morning as the best view of Everest is possible in the morning sun. You roam around the Everest Base Camp region and/or Kala Pathar on the same day and also return back to the hotel.

Talk about saving your time!!


Going to Everest in a helicopter can be a very private experience. The helicopter tour can be undertaken in various ways. You can choose to go to the Everest Base Camp in a helicopter either on a private tour or join a group.

You can enjoy the pleasure of Everest with your loved one in an intimate tour in the private tour package. Even if you join a group, a helicopter can have a maximum of 7 passengers which makes the helicopter tour intimate.

Medical Treatment

While on the trip to Everest in a helicopter you happen to be ill, the Helicopter will take you to the nearest hospital. You’ll have the privilege of getting to a hospital that specifically treats your disease.

The helicopter ride will also have oxygen supplies that will be automatically turned on as the helicopter ascends a height of 3000 meters. So even if you have kids that are with you, safety will be maintained.

Affordable costs

An Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost comes with a range of options. And the views that you get while going to the Base Camp will essentially be the same. There are three different ways that you can make full use of the Helicopter ride:

Group Joining

Joining a group is an excellent idea if you are a people-person. We will arrange for various people who will go along with you. This will help you meet people from various parts of the world.

You can share your travel expenses, learn various ways to experience and appreciate Nepal better and share your expenses as well.

The cost of joining a group will be 800- 1200 USD.

Private Helicopter Tour

In this intimate helicopter tour, you can get the comfort of going to Everest with your loved one or by yourself. In addition, you can also have a private family tour. You can enjoy the mountains all by yourself and chill in the mountains.

The cost of the private Helicopter journey to the Everest Base Camp is 3500-3600 USD.


With all these exciting offers, you might also wonder how and when you might get there. And rightly so. Here’s how you’ll get to the Base Camp and be back:

  • At 6 a.m. you will be transported from your hotel to the Kathmandu airport in a private car.
  • At 6:30 you’ll get to the Kathmandu Airport and start boarding the plane.
  • At 7 a.m the flight will take off to the Lukla Airport. You’ll get there at 8:30 am. You’ll also get to go to the Everest Base Camp and Kala Pathar.
  • At 9 am, you will be served breakfast in Hotel Everest View (or any other hotel depending on if the weather is inclement).
  • At 10 am, you will start your tour back to Kathmandu.
  • At 12:00 pm, you will reach back to Kathmandu airport.
  • You’ll be back in the comfort of your hotel at 12:30 pm.

Everest Helicopter Tour Cost – FAQs

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad and the helicopter can’t take off, we will arrange another day for travel. If the timing is not convenient and you can’t fly, you will get a full refund of the money you have invested?

Will I go to the top of Everest?

No. The helicopter will not land at the top of Everest. We will go to the Kala Pathar, which will give you the best view of Everest. If the weather is good we will go to the Everest Base Camp. If the wind conditions don’t allow for the plane to land at Everest Base Camp, we will go to Kala Pathar.

Can you tell me the experience of the pilots?

The pilots who will fly the helicopter are some of the best in South Asia. They are experienced in taking a lot of people to the scenic mountains. So you are in extremely safe hands.

Is the cost of the breakfast included in the package?

The cost of the breakfast will have to be borne by you. The cost of the breakfast and tips you might like to give to people along the way are not included in the cost of the helicopter tour.

Is there going to be a charge of getting to the Sagarmatha National Park?

Yes, there is a minimal fee for entering the Sagarmatha National Park which is not included in the cost of the package.

When can I fly?

Anytime you want. Unlike trekking, where you have to look at seasons that you want to, you can go on the helicopter tour anytime you want to. Helicopter flights are available all year round.

Are the food and water healthful in the Everest region?

One thing you can be assured of is that the food and water you will be served is the most hygienic. Breakfast will be served in one of the best hotels in Nepal. We pay extra attention to your health and boil and cool the water that will serve you. That makes water the purest you can get.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost – Conclusion

Affordable prices, availability of flights all year round, and high standards of safety and health makes the helicopter tour one of the best tours you can undertake. The mountain tour with all the scenic mountains along the way, the comfort, the beauty, and the joy it will provide is the perfect way to go to the mountains and have the time of your life!!

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