Gosaikunda Trek

5 Days


Nepal has been named ‘paradise’ due to its magnificent scenery, majestic snow-covered peaks, and unforgettable views. This is among some of the popular and great trekking areas in the whole globe.

The five-day trek to Gosaikunda is one of the best short treks in Nepal. It helps you understand how diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultures look like in Nepal. This, however, is a walk exclusively about Gosaikunda Lake.

The sacred Gosaikunda lake sits at 4380M high; it is a holy place for both Nepal and India. Therefore, it is highly sacred. It is a lucky destination for pilgrims from two nations who visit here for Ganga-dosh and Janai-Purnima celebrations.

This trek is found in Langtang National Park, where one enjoys snow treks to an enchanting mountain lake surrounded by tall forests, tribal villages, and superb vantage points. Furthermore, it is not the same route that they walk down to or from home around the lake every day. He goes through a thick forest of oak and Rhododendron to strange villages (which allegedly boast about high-altitude cheesy factories) and above to the alpine territory that offers views of well-known mountains such as Ganesh Himal and Langtang.

The trip begins in a small town called Dhunche, situated within the Rasuwa district with spectacular forest and terraced grounds.

Likewise, they will see different cultures from villages inhabited by the natives, known as the Tamangs, in different regions of Nepal. These villages are known for great hospitality traditions relating to yak herding and cheese preparation.

While there exist many other trekking spots in Nepal, Gosaikunda remains the most unbelievable one in every sense. Five days of nature-based and cultural trips is a combination that one can enjoy during their visit to Nepal. It makes it possible for you to conquer any high mountain trek in Nepal on weekends and fortnight.

The five-day trek through the awe of some snow-capped peaks from the beginning will blow your mind away. Walking through this densely forested area full of Rhododendron, oak, pine, and birch trees remains an extraordinary experience for all time.

There is no better place for nature lovers, culture explorers, and religious followers than the 5-day- Gosaikunda trek. This hike suits experienced hikers and beginners seeking a challenging yet brief trek in Nepal. This trek can also be customized to include nearby trekking destinations.

5 Day Gosaikunda Trek Highlights

  • Short treks around Kathmandu: easy five-day trek.
  • Experience the beauty and holiness of places like Gosaikunda and other holy lakes.
  • Clear distant views of Langtang Lirung ( 7,234 meters), Langtang ri ( 7205 meters), Ganesh Himal ( 7422 meters ) and other small mountains.
  • A habitation to many endangered species, including the red panda and the snow leopard.
  • Experience the nature and culture of this area.
  • Trekking through beautiful rhododendron forests.

Useful Info

Gosainkunda Lake Trek Difficulty

Gosaikunda Trek Cost

The difficulty of the Gosaikunda trek is medium, depending on numerous factors. These include the means of travel, the trek route, and the month of trekking. So these are some of the circumstances that can make the journey simple or complicated.

Distance and duration

Gosaikunda Lake is situated in the Langtang National Park. This is located at a height of 4380 meters (14370 ft) within Rasuwa district. Gosainkunda Lake trek starts from the down low region at approximately 2000 M places, referred to as Dhunche, and ends at a high altitude of 4380 m in Gosaikunda Lake.

The route passes through a bumpy road 35 km from Tirshulli to Dhunche.

You will walk for 5-7 hours in the standard 5-day schedule. These walking hours can be hard for some people who normally do not walk well or are not physically active all day. Therefore, it’s better to prepare yourself beforehand for this trek to make it easier. You can make your preparations by going on a daily hike of four to five hours or climbing stairs, jogging, and so on. Besides that, this trek does not involve any ice or technical ascent. Thus, it is one of the simplest treks compared to other trekking areas.

Weather and temperature

5 Days Gosaikunda Trek Weather and temperature

Certainly, the weather and temperatures matter greatly when defining how easy or difficult a trek is or isn’t. The forest is beautiful during springtime as it bears flowers of magnolia and Rhododendron. It is arguably the most suitable season for hiking to Gosaikunda. Therefore, it makes for a very easy time to hike. Similarly, autumn is The next most appropriate season for the Gosaikunda trek.

This is when the field has a lot of crops, the forest is densely vegetated, and there is a low chance of rainfall. The temperatures are favorable, too, where the maximum temperature is about 33°C (day), and the minimum temperature reaches approximately 6 °C (night). This is a great weather period that will make you trek quite comfortably.

Although winter in the Gosaikunda can be very cold, having the right clothes will take the troubles away. The only hurdle is leeches, worms, and dreary wetness encountered during summer.

Altitude sickness

Acute Mountain sickness is a big challenge among the many challenges one can undergo while trekking. If you are trekking beyond 3000m, there is a high probability that you will suffer from altitude sickness.

Gosaikunda trek starts from an altitude of 2000m Dhunche up to 4380m. Therefore, Forgetting the consequences of altitude sickness could be dangerous here. However, you can make this trek easy by just following some basic rules. Most of those issues related to altitude sickness will be solved by drinking more water and walking slowly. Moreover, an additional medication known as Diamox is also useful in dealing with this illness.

Best Time for 5-Days Gosainkunda Lake

Best Time for 5-Days Gosainkunda Lake

There are four seasons in the weather heart of Nepal, i.e., Winter, Summer, Autumn, and Spring. However, the spring and autumn months are the best Time to visit for the trek. You can discover mountains panorama and folklore in this Time.

In case you do visit, during April, there will be a lot of alpine vegetation and indigenous wildlife and plants everywhere. You may also be fascinated by a pink or other-coloured forest and pine-alpine aromas.

The weather is warm, with 18-25 degrees Celsius. The temperature for your walk is not high. In summer, the temperatures run at an average of 22 to 33 degrees, and due to the monsoon season, there could be rainfall of 400 to 500mm per month.

During summer, nature becomes very clear and green, making the surroundings look natural. This would be an extraordinary experience walking over pastures with beautiful views of mountain ranges. Therefore, Summer is also considered one of the best seasons for trekking.

Trekking is at its best during the Autumn time.

The average temperature in the window period between October and November is between 20 – 28 degrees Celsius. The stable climatic condition within this moderate temperature makes it the most suitable trekking season. Trekkers from the Dhunche get a great view of the Langtang mountain range, along with other low hills and mountains under crisp blue skies.

In the month of winter, December, you may have an opportunity to play with the snow, but trails become slippery, making it hard for trekking.

While snowfalls will still be a problem during winter, you’ll enjoy snow-dusted mountains, frozen lakes, and mountain views. Hence, take extra caution when packing for a journey to Gosaikunda Lake.

Preparation for The Trek

Preparation for gosaikunda 5 days Trek

Fitness Requirement

The Gosaikunda trek can be categorized as a moderately difficulty trek.

Therefore, it is possible for even a beginner to prepare for the trek comfortably. Just make sure that you are fit to do a trek beforehand. If you are wondering how to start the fitness routine, let our experts relieve some of your traveling stress. Start with cardio exercises for improved heart conditioning based on what you realize about your body’s kind.

Cardiovascular Endurance

The trekking journey you are about to take needs much endurance and strength. It gives you a chance to mark your journey slowly and effectively. Begin from walking and later jogging. Start again with some long-distance trekking using speeds on ratios as well. Make your first target to cover about 5km within 40 mins. Increase your pace slowly and keep a milestone of 5 km within 27 mins. However, consult a doctor when you are over 45 before planning any trekking trip. You may also include cycling or swimming if you are passionate about it in your fitness plan. It is one of several major cardio exercises to increase your endurance level tremendously.

Cost of 5 Days Gosaikunda Trek

Cost of 5 Days Gosaikunda Trek

Gosaikunda Trek is an affordable trekking destination. A 5-day trek package with us starts from $ 635 per person. Obviously, the cost also depends on the number of people that will accompany you to the Gosaikunda package while choosing any means of transportation.

This five-day Gosainunda trek cost covers typical transport, a guide, a permit fee, costs for food, and so on.

We also organize private treks for those travelers who prefer to walk without a crowd of tourists. Private walking tours give you a more comfortable hike experience. Consider a personalized vacation tailored to your needs for maximum flexibility and ultimate personal experience if personalization, flexibility, and depth of experience are priorities for you. Here is the price list for your five-day Gosainkunda Lake trek below.

1 person:. 635$

2 to 6 person: 450$

7 person to (∞) : 410$

Outline Itinerary - 5 Days Gosaikunda Trek

Day 1: Drive to Dhunche ( 5/ 6 hours; 2,030m )

Day 2: Trek to Chandanwari (6/ 7 hours; 3200m )

Day 3: Trek to Gosaikunda (5/6 hours; 4361m)

Day 4: Trek back to Dhunche (7-8 hours; 2,030m)

Day 5: Return to Kathmandu (5/ 6 hours; 2,030m )

5 Days Gosaikunda Trek Detailed Itinerary

Dhunche Altitude: 2,030m

Driving hours: 5/ 6 hours

Accommodations: Teahouses

The trip will start in the morning, at an early hour. You will have breakfast and get to the Machha Pokhari Bus station with the help of our guide. From here, we drive to Dhunche on a bus. It is located at an elevation of 2,030 m (6,660 ft) and takes approximately five to six hours by road from Kathmandu.

You will see meadows and beautiful villages along the trip. We will take a beautiful ride parallel to Trishuli River, one of the mightiest rivers of Nepal, up to Dhunche.

Dhunche is one of the villages found in Rasuwa District that also serves as the district headquarters. Upon arrival in Dhouchen, we will visit the local village and its environs, where we will socialize with locals. Then we will have a memorable evening with many local people and spend our night in a nice tea house.

Chandanwari Altitude: 3200m

Trekking hours: 6/ 7 hours

Accommodations: Teahouses

After breakfast at Dhunche, we will begin our trek to Chandanwari on the second day. We will walk for about 2 hours to get to Deurali (2,500m), a small village on the way up Chandanbari, where there are few tea houses.

We shall hike for approximately 3 hours, passing some streamlets and small cascades via a lovely trail, then reach Dhimsa (2,900m). However, after a little strenuous walk through awesome pine trees, the climb begins from Dhimsa. After walking through a 60m long JCL, we hike up the steep uphill section to reach Chandanwari(3200m), a settlement located at the lap of a pine forest. This place is also referred to as ( Sing Gompa).

Chandanwari has so much to offer its tourists. Chandanwari attractions include a Yak cheese factory and a monastery. We will also taste the tasty Yak cheese and stop at Sing Gompa. We will spend our night in Chandanwari after a hearty evening meal with lots of cheese.

Gosaikunda Altitude: 4361m

Trekking hours: 5/6 hours

Accommodations: Teahouses

After a hearty breakfast at Chandanwari, we shall move towards Gosaikunda, which is elevated to 4361 m. The walking and climbing today will be much harder than yesterday.

It begins with a gradual upward climb along the trail. The journey to Gosai Kunda will follow a difficult and narrow rocky path. Slowly, as we go upwards, you will need to pass through bare hills and experience a cool breeze. Therefore, ensure your clothes are warm enough to survive such an environment.

We shall walk almost one and a half an hour before arriving at Cholangpaty(3500m). Now, the views of these mountains include Langtang Lirung (7234 m), Langtang Ri (7205 m), Manasalu (8163 m), and Ganesh Hilim (7422 m).

After two more hours of walking, we reach the Lauribinayak (3900m). One can enjoy the panorama of Langtang Lirung, Gansel, Masalu, and Langtang rhees from Lauri Binayak.

After that, we will have to climb for almost two hours before coming across another site known as Sakyamun temple, revered by both Hindus and Buddhists. The sacred Lake Gosaikunda will be visible after half an hour of hiking. We continue to hike for another half an hour and see the first lake, Saraswati Kunda, Bhairav Kunda, and finally, sacred Lake Gosaikunda. We shall then proceed to other small lakes we intend to visit before resting at tea houses.

Dhunche Altitude: 2,030m

Trekking hours: 7-8 hours

Accommodations: Teahouses

We will have breakfast in the Tea house and enjoy the beautiful morning. We shall then backtrack to finally reach Dhunche through the same route and pass through Lauribinayak, Dhimsa, and last but not least, Deurali below Gosaikunda.

It is the last day of trekking today. Therefore, savor every moment of the trek. Hiking downhills, we will enjoy the alluring views of the mountains and pine forest and taste some of the flavourful cheese of Chandanwari. Hiking will be slightly easy and enjoyable because we shall be going down. We will also see various protected birds on the trail, e.g., Wood Snipe, Snow Partridge, Tibetan Snow Cock, etc.

Kathmandu Altitude: 2,030m

Driving hours: 5/ 6 hours

Today is the last day of our trip journey. A night’s rest at one of the tea houses in Dhunche has refreshed us. Now we are ready for a good breakfast. Next, we shall board a bus towards Kathmandu, traveling alongside the Trishuli River passing through green meadows and small villages.

Once again, we’ll have a 6-7 hour ride, after which we’ll reach Kathmandu, thus coming to the end of our journey. These trips have given us unforgettable experiences that we will never forget. These include the majestic Gosaikunda Lake, spectacular trails full of culture, Tamang people, Tibet-style life, and lifelong memories of delicious yak cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Can I do the Gosaikunda Trek?

The appropriate time for the Gosaikunda trek is Spring, from April to early June, and then Autumn, which is from September to November, as it has predictable weather when the skies are blue.

Is The Beginner Capable Of Doing Gosaikunda Trek?

Yes. It is moderately difficult and contains some ups and downs en route. Unfortunately, it is not technically doable without some previous trekking experience, even if possible for trekkers with limited training there.

Do people need a special permit for the Gosaikunda trek?

While the trek begins, you must purchase a Langtang National Park entry permit and TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card from Kathmandu or Dhunche.

How is Gosaikunda Trek’s accommodation?

Within the trail lay teahouses meant to offer simple bed, breakfast, and lunch at a reasonable fee. The teahouses are excellent places to rest and grab a bite– as long as one does not expect luxury.

Gosaikunda trek bag packing, what should I take?

These include warm clothes, hiking boots, sleeping bags, rain jackets, backpacks, and trekking poles. E.g., first aid kit, toiletries, personal stuff, etc. Being prepared for unpredictable weather.

Does the Gosaikunda Trek have any issues regarding altitude sickness?

The highest point on the Gosaikunda trek is about 4,380 meters (Gosaikunda Lake), and some trekkers can suffer from AMS problems. As a result, it is essential to undertake Proper acclimatization, hydration, and identification of altitude sickness signs.

Can I Hire a local guide and porter?

Yes. Indeed, a local guide and porter can be hired in Kathmandu and Dhunche, respectively. The presence of a guide not only improves your trip, but a porter is just there to carry the gear.

Are there any emergency facilities at Gosaikunda Trek?

However, there are very simple basic health posts in some villages along the trail, and hence, you should carry your first aid kit that can handle minor injuries. Evacuations by helicopter can be provided in case of extreme emergency. You should, however, have appropriate medical insurance for such occasions.

5 Days Gosaikunda Trek Cost Includes/ Excludes

Cost Includes

  • Full Board Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Kathmandu – Dhunche – Kathmandu by local bus
  • Lodge / Tea House Accommodations
  • Private jeep transportation from Kathmandu to Dhunche and back to Kathmandu (additional cost of $160 / Jeep for each way)
  • Permits like Langtang National Park Entry Permit and TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) card.
  • The English-speaking sherpa guide plus his insurance and Salary.
  • Sleeping bag, down jacket, and duffle bag – if required (return after the trek)
  • A first aid kit and an oximeter
  • All the government Tax, VAT, and service charges.
  • Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu
  • In case of emergency: Travel insurance arrangements and use of a helicopter service.

Cost Excludes

  • Porter Service (salary and Insurance not included) - hiring option available for $140.
  • Your Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Nepal entry visa
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu
  • Your expenses, drinking water, hot & cold drinks & bar bills, wifi, battery charge etc…..
  • Charge of toiletries, telephone, hot shower & internet
  • Tipping the guide and porters (15% of the total cost is expected)

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