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The 7 days Tamang Heritage trek is a trek throughout the hills of Nepal in the Lantang region. The trails appear in the northern region of Kathmandu Valley and are quite accessible. The trek allows you to experience the beautiful landscapes of the hills. You can find thick forests, terraces, green farmland, and lush vegetation. Vistas of peaks like the Lantang Himalayas closer to the Tibetan border are also visible. Along with exploration of the region’s nature, you also get to visit many Tamang villages.

Tamang villages are inhabited by the Tamang community of Nepal. Tamangs are originally Tibetan horse traders that are popular as inhabitants of Nepali hills. They are indigenous to hills north of Kathmandu Valley and are believed to have settled several hundred years ago. Despite their Tibetan roots, Tamang people have their unique culture and separate language.

The Tamang heritage trails were horribly affected back in 2015 due to a massive earthquake. Their homes were demolished, and resources were out of reach due to destruction. The Tamang heritage trek is a primary source for the locals to build back their community. Therefore, not only is this trek aesthetically pleasing trek throughout Nepal’s hills, but it is also a way to support the local community.

The 7 days Tamang Heritage trek begins from Kathmandu and ends with a return to Kathmandu. We will begin the journey by heading to Syaprubesi via bus. Then, we start the trek by going to Ghatlang, a beautiful Tamang village. Then, we head towards Tatopani as our next destination. It is the region housing natural hot springs, which is a great spot for relaxation. Then we head to another Tamang hamlet of Thuman. From Thuman, we traverse to our final Tamang hamlet of Briddim. Then, we head back to Syaprubesi and drive to Kathmandu, ending the trek.

The 7 days tamang heritage trek package comes with most of the basic amenities of the trip. We have a detailed breakdown of these amenities here. Stick with us to know more!

Who are the Tamangs?

In Nepal, Tamangs are an ethnic tribal community who speak Tibeto-Burmese. The words “Ta” and “Mak” are Tibetan terms from which the term Tamang is believed to have originated. Their respective meanings are “warrior” and “horse.” History purports that they dealt in horses. Horse Rider, however, does not possess any written records.

Out of all the 59 indigenous communities in Nepal, Tamangs are the most populous ethnic group. They are unique in their language, culture, religion, customs, rituals, and way of living. They assert that they are Yambu’s original occupants, living in the Kathmandu Valley settlement. There are still a large number of Tamang villages all over the country.

In Kathmandu and the surrounding districts, there is a sizable Tamang population. Permanent Tamang residents can be found in locations such as Dhading, Kavrepalanchowk, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Rasuwa, Makawanpur, Nuwakot, and so on. The 7 days Tamang Heritage Trek aims to take you to some of these locations.

Useful Information

How difficult is the 7 days Tamang heritage trek?

Gatlang, Rasuwa 🇳🇵
Gatlang, Rasuwa 🇳🇵

The 7 days Tamang heritage trek is not very difficult. We consider this trek to be one of the easiest treks that you can do in Nepal. The difficulty level of treks in Nepal generally depends upon the altitude and length of the trek. Treks that take you to the foothills of the Himalayas or mountain passes are quite tough. Those treks take you to altitudes as high as 5000 meters and last for more than 2 weeks. However, the Tamang heritage trek, while factoring altitude and days traveled, results in the trek being a piece of cake.

The trek’s highest point is at an altitude of 3300 meters in Nagthali. Also, it only takes 7 days to complete. If you question the suitability of the trek for children and adults or novices, we’d argue it is completely safe for everyone. People of any experience level or age can finish this trek and be completely fine.

What is the best time to do the 7 days Tamang Hetiage trek?

What is the best time to do the 7 days Tamang Hetiage trek

The Tamang Heritage Trek is best done in the spring and autumn. In Nepal, the months of April, May, and June are used to celebrate spring. Similarly, September, October, and November are regarded as autumn. The ideal season for a lengthy trek in Nepal is during these months. There’s less risk of rain or snowstorms, and the weather is consistent. This lessens the possibility of road blockages and landslides. Additionally, it dries up the trails, removing the possibility of accidents brought on by slick roads.

The weather is also at its optimum during these months because it is neither too hot nor extremely cold. Making your packing list is also simpler. Clear, blue skies are another feature of the spring and autumn seasons. It is simpler for you to see the mountains because there aren’t any clouds in the sky to block your view.

Also, the Nepali New Year falls during the spring. In Nepal, the festival season begins in the autumn. In conclusion, autumn and spring are excellent seasons to travel to and hike in Nepal.

On the other hand, off-season treks are also quite possible, with additional caution. The time after the winter solstice brings in the New Year of the Tamangs. It is also called Sonam Losar. If you wish to visit the Tamang hamlets during the peak of their festivities, you can choose this time. Sonam Losar usually falls in late January or early February. Make special arrangements for treks during winter to witness Sonam Losar during the 7 days of the Tamang heritage trek.

What permits are needed for the 7 days Tamang heritage trek?

What permits are needed for the 7 days Tamang heritage trek

Your requirements for the 7 days Tamang Heritage Trek are two major permits. These are both the Lantang National Park permit and the TIMS permit.

TIMS – Trekker’s Information Management System Permit is known by its acronym, TIMS. For any foreign hiker visiting Nepal, this general permit is required. It guarantees one’s security when hiking the Annapurna circuit’s inaccessible trails.

Permit to Enter Lantang National Park: This permit is required to enter the protected area in the territory of Langtang National Park. It makes certain that the local flora and fauna will continue to exist and thrive.

Package offers:

The 7 days Tamang heritage trek can be done with a group or on your own with guides. However, your decision to travel solo or with a group determines the package cost. We provide several offers for group trips. You might get some discounted offers during peak trekking seasons. Special offers are also applicable for group trips.

These are some package offers we bring:

  • 7 days Tamang heritage trek for 1 person – USD 750 per person
  • 7 days Tamang heritage trek for a group of 2 to 6 people – USD 580 per person
  • 7 days Tamang heritage trek for a group of 7 or more – USD 540 per person

Outline Itinerary 7 Days Tamang Heritage Trek

Day 01: Kathmandu to Syaprubesi by bus (1460 Meters, 6 to 7 hours drive)

Day 02:
Trek to Ghatlang (2238 Meters, 5 to 6 hours trek)

Day 03: Trek to Trek to Tatopani (2380 Meters, 7 to 8 hours trek)

Day 04: Crossover Nagthali to Thuman  (2238 M Thuman, 3300 m Nagthali, 4 to 5 hours trek)

Day 05: Trek to Briddim (2239 Meters, 5 to 6 hours trek)

Day 06: Trek back to Syaprubesi (1460 Meters, 3 to 4 hours trek)

Day 07: Drive back to Kathmandu (1400 Meters, 6 to 7 hours drive)


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Tea house / Lodge

Place: Syaprubesi

Altitude: 1460 Meters

Time taken - 6 to 7 hours drive

We will begin our trip by heading to the starting point of treks in the Langtang region. We will get out of Kathmandu early to make a long drive via public bus. You can also choose to get a private jeep for higher cost and more convenience. It takes around a seven-hour drive to the Langtang Valley gate.

Even though the Tamang Heritage Trail is quite near Kathmandu, the route is spectacularly winding and hilly. As we travel higher, the road gives us amazing views of the Langtang region's peaks. Vistas of mountains like the Annapurnas, Manaslu, and Ganesh Himal seem spectacular. The route then descends to the valley of the Trisuli River. Then it stays at a similar altitude for the majority of the driving day.

After our arrival, we will check into a local lodge for our overnight stay. Tomorrow we begin our trek.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Tea house / Lodge

Place: Ghatlang

Altitude: 2238 Meters

Time taken - 5 to 6 hours trek

We will head to Ghatlang to kick off our trek today. We will begin from Syaprubesi, which is the usual starting point for treks like the Lantang Valley trek and the Gosaikunda Trek. We will, however, take a different route than these treks. The trek begins with one and a half hours of climbing to a viewpoint to get vistas of the Goljang valley. You will also see the Gosaikunda Mountain and Ganesh Himal from this point.

After the viewing, we will descend to the Goljang Valley itself, which will take about an hour. Then, after that, around an hour's worth of trek will lead us to our destination of Ghtlang. It is a beautiful, beautiful Taamang hamlet where we will stay for the night. Upon arrival, we check into our tea house for the day. This is the end of day 2 of our 7 days Tamang heritage trek.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Tea house / Lodge

Place: Tatopani

Altitude: 2380 Meters

Time taken - 7 to 8 hours Trek

We will head to the natural spring at Tatopani today. The trek for today will be a downhill walk to Thangbuchet, a mesmerizing river. Then, the trail goes uphill as we pass through suspension bridges and head uphill to Tatopani. The trek takes around 7 hours to finish, and you reach Tatopani.

The name of this place is a translation of the words “hot water” in Nepali. It is used in different settlements throughout the country. The place houses a myriad of natural hot springs in its vicinity. Hence, the place’s name. The hot water comes directly from the earth. Such water bodies are said to have healing properties by the place’s natives. Taking a dive inside such hot water is definitely going to be a relaxing experience after a long day of trek.

We will locate ourselves in a nearby lodge or tea house for the day.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Tea house / Lodge

Place: Tatopani

Altitude: 2238 Meters at Thuman and 3300 meters at Nagthali

Time taken - 4 to 5 hours Trek

Our next destination in the 7 days Tamang heritage trek is Thuman. However, before reaching our destination, our hike takes us to the highest point of the journey. We will leave Tatopani and head high to the open grassland of Nagthali Danda. This lies at the height of 3300m, allowing you breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Then, we reach the Brimdang village and continue our trek to Nagthali Danda. At the hill, you will find a place to have an afternoon snack or tea. The region houses a gompa, and the gompa’s attendant serves you tea. After that, we will continue our walk downhill toward Thuman. The hamlet is highly populated by the Tamangs, and the locals are known for being singers and dancers. We might even join in for some singing and dancing with the locals.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Local Tamang family’s house / Homestay

Place: Briddim

Altitude: 2239 Meters

Time taken - 5 to 6 hours Trek

Another destination of our trek is Briddim. Today's trek starts with a relatively flat trail before we go downhill towards Timure. The roads that we walk today are quite close to Tibet. Just a three-hour long walk from Timure could take us to Tibet via its ancient trade routes. However, the modern-day highway is not accessible to such routes. Moreover, you need to cross borders and need to check out of the country officially.

We take the road heading to Briddim, our overnight stay stop after around 5 hours of trek. Today, we will do a homestay in one of the local’s homes. You will get all the resources and food from the locals themselves. They will ration it out and expect you to help them with chores. So make sure you help them back. This will be an incredible way of connecting with the locals.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Tea house / Lodge

Place: Syaprusbesi

Altitude: 1460 Meters

Time taken - 3 to 4 hours Trek

Today will be the last day of trekking before we officially end our trip tomorrow. It will just take three hours to get back to Syabrubesi from Briddim. After lunch, spend the afternoon exploring or lounging about the place. In the little village of Syabrubesi, there are a few markets. You can have regional handicrafts created by local women. They sell items like vibrant aprons and shawls in regional fashion. This would be a perfect souvenir for your dear ones back home.

We will stay the night in Syaprubesi’s local lodge and call it a day.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Hotel

Place: Kathmandu

Altitude: 1400 Meters

Time taken - 6 to 7 hours drive

We will take the same way back to Kathmandu that we took to get to Syaprubesi. After arrival in Kathmandu, we will host you a farewell dinner. This marks the end of our 7 days on the Tamang heritage trek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tamang Heritage Trail?

Tamang Heritage Trail is a splendid trail north of Kathmandu, which is populated by the Tamang community. The Tamang Heritage Trail allows you to trek along its beautiful hilly trails and experience the Tamang community up close by offering homestays.

Which tribe does Tamang belong to?

Tamangs belong to the community with Tibeto-Burmese as their native tongue. People believe they were ancient Tibetan horse traders. However, they have been residing in the hills of Nepal in different places for centuries.

What is the accommodation for the Tamang Heritage trek?

You will be staying in hotels or resorts in Kathmandu. On the other hand, most of your overnight stays will be in local lodges. The overnight at Briddim will be a homestay at a local Tamang family’s house.

What kind of food is available in this trek?

The majority of the food options for the trek will be Nepali staples. Meals including rice, momo, thukpa noodles, chowmein noodles, lentils, vegetable curry, and so on will be served to you. Tamand staples like Thukpa, sel roti, gundruk, churpi, etc will be available in the hamlets.

However, Kathmandu will have a broad selection of food options. You can explore the cuisines of Kathmandu on your own as well.

How much does the Tamang Heritage trek cost?

The Tamang heritage trek costs USD 750$. This includes all the necessary amenities in the list.

How difficult is the Tamang Heritage trek?

The trek is not very difficult; however, it isn’t effortless either. You need to walk for 5 to 6 hours a day on average for almost a week.

Is the Tamang Heritage trek possible without a guide?

No, you cannot do the trek without a guide. You need to hire a licensed one. Regulations from the government now mandate that trekkers on the remote trails employ a licensed guide. You need to have a guide with you to complete this trek, or else entry via checkpoints might not be possible.

Do I need porters for the trek?

Hiring porters is not mandatory, in contrast to hiring guides. Nonetheless, they do make your trip more comfortable and easier. You can hire a porter by paying an additional cost.

What should I pack for the Tamang heritage trek?

Carry appropriate clothes based on the weather. You do not need extensive tools or extravagant items for it. Just carry regular day-to-day necessary items and essential clothes suitable for the climate.

What is the age limit of the 7 days Tamang heritage trek?

There is no age limit for the 7 days Tamanng heritage trek. Children, teens, youths, and old people with fitness levels can easily complete this trek.

Do I need to get travel insurance for the trek?

Yes, you need to get travel insurance for this trek. This is a compulsion. Getting travel insurance is not due to risks but rather to obtaining permits. Despite the trek being very safe and convenient, obtaining permits like TIMS requires you to get travel insurance. So make sure you have your travel insurance and documents ready for your trek.

Cost Includes and Excludes

Cost Includes

  • Pick up and drop off to and back from the airport for both domestic and international flights.
  • Full Board Meals throughout the trek (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Accommodations for the trek in the Tamang hamlets at local tea houses or lodges.
  • Local bus fare from Kathmandu to Syaprubesi and back to Kathmandu.
  • Private jeep to travel from Kathmandu to Syaprubesi and back (Optional for an additional USD 160 per way)
  • Permit for Langtang National Park Entry
  • TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System card) permit
  • Licensed guide with English speaking proficiency, insurance, and salary
  • Porter with his insurance and salary (Optional for additional cost USD 190 )
  • Spare sleeping bag, down jackets and a duffle bag for temporary use if necessary. You must return after the trek.
  • Medical kit or first aid kit of essential tools along with an oximeter.
  • Tax, VAT, and service charges or other government charges.
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu on the last night of the trip.
  • In case of an emergency, your travel insurance will be used to arrange and pay for a helicopter service.

Cost Excludes

  • Extravagant personal expenses like wifi, battery charging, alcohol, bar bill, hot water, donations, gifts/souvenirs, etc.
  • Entry visa for Nepal. You can issue it upon arrival at the airport.
  • Compulsory travel insurance for permit documents.
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu. We encourage you to explore local eateries.
  • Expenses for laundry, telephone bills, hot showers, internet bills, etc.
  • Gratuities or tips for guides or porters or other servers ( They expect at least 15% of the total cost)
  • Factors not mentioned in the included section.

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