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Would you want to go on a helicopter tour with beautiful views of the mountains? Landing on a beautiful hotel surrounded by mountains. Sounds like a dream come true to me. With the Helicopter to Everest View Hotel, you can live this dream in a single day.

Making your dream of enjoying one of the most luxurious dreams come true takes only a single day with the helicopter to Everest View Hotel.

If you have not heard about the Everest View Hotel, let me tell you it is a paradise for adventure and travel enthusiasts. At the altitude of 3963 meters, Everest View Hotel is one of the highest hotels in the world. You can tell from the name itself, it is popular for the best views of Mount Everest.

The Everest View Hotel helicopter tour is great for people who love to enjoy the beautiful views without overexerting themselves. Trekking the area to reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world would take you a week at least. Sometimes, it takes you 2 weeks to finish trekking the area. However, with the helicopter to Everest View Hotel, you can easily enjoy all the beautiful views within a day.

Being one of the most time-efficient ways to enjoy the beauty of Mount Everest, a helicopter tour of the Everest view Hotel has become very popular. As you go on your way to the Everest Base Camp, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful glaciers up close. Passing through the snowing rocks and the ice lakes, you will be mesmerized.

What’s more? You get to start your day with a warm breakfast surrounded by these glorious peaks standing tall. This tour is great for people who don’t have the time to trek for days on end to enjoy this view. Also, there are people who want to witness the views and the moments but can’t because of their issues. Anyone who cannot trek the way to the top can easily access the magnificent views with this service.


  • 360-degree panoramic view of the Everest Region peaks
  • Eagle eye view experience
  • Time-efficient trip
  • Enjoy breakfast at the highest hotel in Nepal with beautiful views of the mountains

Useful Info

About the Route

For the beautiful helicopter to the Everest View Hotel tour, you will start your day with a drive from the hotel to the airport in Kathmandu. Your tour starts with a helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla. Enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains and the civilization in Lukla, you will land. It takes around 30 minutes for you to reach Lukla from Kathmandu on the helicopter.

Reaching Lukla, you will stop and explore the place a little. The helicopter stops at Lukla for refueling. As soon as the refueling is done, you will fly from Lukla to Everest View Hotel. At the beautiful hotel, you can enjoy your warm breakfast while admiring the mountains. You will be surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains, especially Mount Everest.

After enjoying a warm and scenic breakfast experience in the Himalayas, we will now head towards the Everest Base Camp. boarding on the helicopter again, we shall head towards Everest Base Camp. After around an hour or two you will fly over the Everest Base Camp.

While flying over the Everest Base Camp, there can be weight adjustment measures to take. This means the pilot can choose to take the group into two different shuttles stopping at Pheriche. You can witness the base camp of the highest mountain in the world along with many other glaciers on the way.

Passing the Everest Base Camp, you will head towards Kala Patthar. The famous viewpoint of the Everest Region welcomes you with the majestic views of the peak along with the neighboring peaks. Admiring the view, we shall board the helicopter and head back to Kathmandu. You will make your stop at Lukla and head back to Kathmandu ending your helicopter tour to Everest View Hotel.

About the Helicopter Package

Choosing your helicopter to the Everest View Hotel package is another thing you should be informed about. There are two types of packages for your helicopter to the Everest View Hotel. Normally, if you are alone or with a group is what determines the type of package you will be choosing. But you can also choose the package based on your preferences.

There are two types of packages to choose from. Group helicopter tour package and private helicopter tour package. They both follow the same route but have a slight difference in mostly price and comfort.

Group Joining Helicopter Package

If you are traveling solo or with a small group of 2 or 3 friends, you will be grouped with other people. The number of people in a group for the helicopter to Everest View Hotel is 5 people. So you will be grouped with other people to form a group of 5 people. The group joining package is a great way of meeting and getting to know new people. You can share your joy and memories with other people even when you are traveling solo.

Private Helicopter Package

As for the private helicopter to the Everest View Hotel package, you can book a private helicopter for yourself. This is usually opted by people who are traveling with a group of friends and don’t want to share their ride. If you are someone who does not like sharing your flight with strangers or enjoy your personal space, you can contact us and book a private helicopter to Everest View Hotel.

Best Time for Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour

Since the helicopter tour to Everest View Hotel only takes around 6 hours, you can enjoy this experience any time of the year. Unlike trekking in the region, there are no risks or downsides to enjoying the helicopter tour all year round.

Winter provides you with the best views of the glaciers and the snow-capped mountains. It is cold but you can always gear up for the cold. With warm clothes, you can enjoy the glorious snow caps easily even in the winter.

As for the summer, you won’t have to trek through the slippery trails in the summer heat. You can just enjoy the breeze comfortably from your seat in the helicopter. The weather in the summer can be an issue. As long as you check the weather forecast, you will have a blast in the summer with the helicopter to the Everest View hotel package as well.

The Autumn season is a great time for helicopter tours in the region as well. With the clear skies, you can enjoy the best views of the mountains along with everything underneath. Autumn lets you dress comfortably and enjoy the best views from your flight.

Spring season brings you with the best views, clear skies, and a great experience during the tour. You can see the green hills and the beautiful small settlements underneath. Clear skies and best views of the glaciers and the mountains are what spring is popular for.

So you can enjoy the helicopter to Everest view Hotel all year round without any issues as it is a short one day tour of the region.


Day 1 :

Few Things You Should Know About This Trip

1. What is the highest altitude of the Everest View Hotel helicopter tour?

The highest altitude we will be landing on is the famous viewpoint of the area. At the altitude of 5644 meters, we will land at Kalapathar and enjoy the beautiful view before flying back to Kathmandu.

2. What is the emergency protocol?

In case of any emergencies, the pilot will guide you to safety immediately. So be sure to address your problems to the professional guide and the pilot.

3. Will I get altitude sickness?

There are chances of you getting altitude sickness as you will gain altitude very fast. But with proper preparation, you will be safe. Taking medicine for altitude sickness is a great idea if you are experiencing any symptoms. Drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated is a must to avoid altitude sickness.

4. Will we land on Everest Base Camp?

No, we will not land on the Everest Base Camp itself. We will be flying over the Everest Base Camp and you can see it from the helicopter ride.

5. Do I need oxygen cylinders?

There is no need for you to carry oxygen cylinders. However, for emergency situations, the helicopter does contain an oxygen cylinder so rest assured.

6. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is a must for any high altitude adventure activities. In case of any emergencies, your travel insurance will pay for the rescue and the medications.

7. What is the age limit for the helicopter tour?

Anyone can easily enjoy the helicopter tour as long as they are healthy enough for the ride. There is no age limit as long as you can handle the excitement and the thrill.

Cost Includes and Excludes

Cost Includes

  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Breakfast at Everest View Hotel
  • Experienced Guide to explain about the Himalayas
  • Helicopter charter fee and air tax
  • Oxygen in case you need them
  • All payable taxes and service charges
  • Down Jackets
  • National Park fees
  • cost for the movie camera /Dorn camera and their permissions
  • Personal expenses if you need anything else which not mention on the program details

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