Best Time to Go Trekking in Nepal

Best Time to Go Trekking in Nepal

Even in the times of worry and stress, we try to forget the troubles by enjoying quality moments. And traveling is indeed the best. It is a wonderful way to have a time-out and most of all, to enjoy the amazing things that life can give. People drastically become positive and most of all receptive once they’re relaxed.

Speaking of a nice place to spend your quality time, Nepal is an excellent place to travel with your loved ones and enjoys the beautiful sceneries and significant tourist spots.

Out of all, Nepal is well-known trekking destination in the world. Rich in real natural beauty, every trail follows ancient foot-trails which ramble through scenic river-banks, intricated fields, and the forested ridges. They connect beautiful villages, the local people, their communities, culture, religion etc.

Trekkers can walk along the rough but beautiful tracks in the lap of green and friendly looking hills. The green, dark and deep forests with different seasonal blossomings can catch anyone’s eye as can the diverse flora and fauna. But to brief, these all unique differences are connected by their ethnic culture and civilization. And it is an opportunity to see and experience them all.

Thus, with diversified geography and climate, Nepal has always been on bucket list of every bold nature lover. There is a number of heritage and modern trails in different parts where you can combine a trek with a peek of cultures of the local communities. But, when a traveler thinks to visit Nepal for any trekking adventure, the first thing is to know the best time for your purpose.

So, When is the Best Time to go Trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal can be done at any time of the year. But as everyone insists, the perfect timing is either fall or after the winter. With pleasant climate condition, it is neither too hot nor too cold. Every view is crystal clear. But in other seasons too, the condition is not that bad. Every season has its own specialty.

To make sure you know the best time to go trekking in Nepal, here is a full description of its major four climatic seasons. But each of the seasons has its own popular attraction to offer.

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1. Trekking in Nepal in Spring

Accordingly, it is the second finest trekking season in Nepal. Spring in Nepal is during March and May. Traditionally, February is a winter month here.

It is quite a moderate temperature all over but slightly warm in lower areas. However, trekking is relaxed and attractive. This is also the time for high mountain expeditions too. About all the trekking routes are available.

In late spring, the rhododendrons burst into bloom. Along with the complete blossoms, you will have stunning and admirable views. Many other rare wild plants also germinate. The jungle is lush. This is also a wonderful time to spot wildlife. You can witness almost every bountiful color of beauty with ascending altitudes.

The weather at high altitude is so even that treks are no longer exhausting. Although by the end of the dry season, before the monsoon breaks, it starts to get too hot for comfort. The temperature may increase upto more than 25 degrees. Visibility is not good as earlier.

The morning is usually very clear but the afternoon is unpredictable. There might be some haziness and a lot of dust in the air. The dust and dryness in the air even reduce visibility. You have much chances to obtain tryst with the mount sceneries then.

2. Trekking in Nepal in Summer

It is one of the busiest seasons in the trekking of Nepal which starts from June to August. Temperature is high thus walking may be quite difficult. As this season also involves monsoon, chances of slight to heavy rain pours.

There are chances of additional rainstorms at this time. The time is hot as well as cold now and again. Temperatures above 2000m have high temperatures around 30+ and can drop around 20 degrees. It rains with incidental thunderstorms. The trails become muddy, slippery, and often leech-infested.

The weather literally becomes hazy and disturbed with the foggier skies. Mountains are usually obscured by cloud and haze from dust. It gives a type of lousy view.

By the end of monsoon, however, the lush and greenery around the countryside can be seen, which offers the perfect lead into trekking season. The rain escalates the loveliness around with green vegetation. As it also includes rice-planting time, there is amazing environment everywhere.

However, this is a good time to visit Kathmandu. Even in some rain shadowed trekking areas of Nepal connecting to Tibet like Upper Mustang and Dolpo regions, it is the best time. These places are devoid of the rain clouds because of the huge mountains.

With us, you can have popular treks like Everest Kalapathar trekking, Jomsom Muktinath trekking, Manaslu Circuit trek, etc in this season.

This season is also recommended for forest researchers and botanist. Don’t forget to carry raincoats and insect repellent in this period. Staying covered from the sun is vital along with being hydrated.

Trekking cost at this time could be less than compared to others. But if you are not properly ready, you can have uncomfortable experience.

3. Trekking in Nepal in Autumn

It is the busiest and indeed the best trekking time for trekking in Nepal. Lying between September to November, this includes the time when summer has already passed by and then the winter will just set in.

The climate and weather are profoundly lovely & admirable as well as the mount sceneries. The skies are generally clear, air is fresh, and these all give amazing enticing views. All trekking routes are thusly available.

Usually, mornings are clear with cold night but the dazzling sun makes the day pleasing. Some clouds may exist which vanishes at night to disclose magnificent glittery skies. Normally, the valleys are still green and clear with outstanding views.

The mid of September to mid of December is also the best season of trekking in the Himalayas, peak climbing, and high mount expeditions. Here at higher altitudes, the weather is clear with mild days but the nights drop into freezing temperature. Slight chance of snow and sporadic short storms are there.

In addition, this is the period of multiple festivities in Nepal. So, there is an obvious extra enjoyment.

The only flaw at this time of year is every popular trek is full of trekkers and tourists. Better to pick a less popular trek if you prefer less crowd. Also, better to book your flights ahead of time for this busy season.

4. Trekking in Nepal  in Winter

Between December to February, the climate in this season is cold, but most of all the sky is clear. The days are usually clear too but there is periodic snow falls in the higher elevations with threatening winds and cold temperatures.

There is the risk of winds and cold temperature in the higher altitude of trekking routes. In this season, the daytime is mild but very cold at night, especially in mountains. Still, the visibility is clear. The cities remain clear and chilly, though without snow it is easy to explore the city sights.

However, in some part of the low hills, you can still trek comfortable. The season is great especially for people who love trekking in lower heights/elevations generally below 3,000 to 4,000 m.

January is the coldest month of the year and sees many mountain lodges shut down due to extremely low temperatures. This time, trekking becomes more challenging in the high altitudes with semi-regular snowfall followed by more winter storms.

As snow gets harder and wind condition remains stabilized in early winter, climbing some trekking peaks is possible. Climbing Mera peak, Island peak, Chulu, and trekking in Annapurna, Everest, Langtang in early winter have been quite popular over the past few years.

For winter package, we have Everest base camp trekking, Annapurna Ghorepani poon hill trekking. It will be truly amazing to celebrate Christmas and new year in the Himalayas with less crowd. But it is a real feat of endurance and adjustment.


All seasons are great as every day every time Nepal has a lot to offer no matter what season it is. After deciding the month, you can research thoroughly the places you want to visit. Make sure you are well knowledgeable about the place before you go there. Once you know everything about Nepal, you can surely enjoy the place.

With us, you have the option to customize and plan your own possible destination. You have the best deals for the hiking trip in Nepal as per your travel schedule.

Contact us ( ) for more travel advice to make sure everything is planned to make your holidays time more enjoyable and memorable.

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