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Anything you do in this world, you have two basic ways to do it: the shorter and the long way. The same is in the case of the world’s most famous trek, Everest Base Camp Trek. It’s your call on which way to choose. If you love shorter ways, you have an option to do the trek within just 5 days. Yes, you heard it right, the Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days is the shortest of its kind.

As said earlier, Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the greatest adventure trails that an adventurer can embark on. The legends of Mt Everest itself has made this trek a glorious one. Not only that, but the entire Everest region has also conspired to make this trek a dream trek. The trails are beautiful and dramatic like nowhere else, mountains up in this region are known for its iconic heights.

In the same manner, locals i.e. Sherpas are recognized for their inspiring living way and unique culture. Forests of the region are enriched with picturesque vegetation. There is nothing really you can ask for on this trek. The adventure, views, and happenings of the trek will easily overpower your expectations, that is for sure.

Above all, reaching Everest Base Camp(Kala Patthar) will be the most fulfilling moment on the trek. The feat will be more exciting as you’ll have reached the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain within 5 days. Though you’ll not trek all the way up to Everest Base Camp. Half of the way will be trekking and the other half will be a helicopter takeover straight to the legendary place to view the legendary mountains. Without doing so(Helicopter ride), it is almost impossible to reach the feat in just 5 days.

The Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days will make the 5 days the best of your life. You will not agree more on this after the completion of the trek. We, the Himalayas On Foot, have been assisting people from all around the world in this shortest tale. If you are interested too, don’t forget to read the entire article on Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek 5 days

  • Land at one of the world’s most dangerous airports to start the trek.
  • Explore the entire Everest region in just five days.
  • Dine at one of the Earth’s highest-placed hotels, Everest View Hotel
  • A scenic and adventurous helicopter ride to Kala Patthar(5,545m).
  • Enjoy the broad mountain panorama including Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Cho Oyu from the Kala Patthar.
  • Trek on the scenic trail up to Namche Bazaar.
  • Know the lifestyle and culture of Sherpas.
  • Watch the bird’s eye view of the mountains, terrains, and settlements.
  • Feel what it’s like to trek and fly around the Everest region all at once.

Everest Base Camp Trek 5 days Difficulty Level

Distance From Everest Base Camp To Summit

The difficulty level of EBC trek in Nepal is corresponding to factors like altitude sickness, trek distance, weather, and food & accommodation facilities. The short Everest Base Camp Trek is not the most difficult but a moderate one. We have tried to point Its difficulty level through the varying factors below:

High Altitude

A normal low altitude living person cannot stand out the high altitude conveniently. If you are one such person then you should consider the altitudes of EBC trek. And the only thing that should bother you the most on the trek is altitude sickness. The sickness is real and there is no subtle way to avoid it. It is on every trek that surpasses 3500m of altitude. How can a high altitude trek like Everest Base Camp be discounted by the sickness?

The clouds of altitude sickness are always over you on the trek once you leave the lower altitude. And you know EBC Trek scores the highest altitude of 5,545 at Kala Patthar. You can really do nothing about it other than just following precautions. Trekking slowly, taking rests, and hydrating the body are the three mantras to avoid sickness.

Trek Distance

Treks are meant to be walked. Some are long, tiring and that’s difficult and then some are short and luxurious and not so difficult. In the case of Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days, you need to worry much about its trek distance. As in this trek, you have to walk for only 3 days to cover 15 KM with an average of 5-6 hours a day. You surely can endure that walk quite easily unless you have done the alike trek before. Trails are not easy though, there are steeper ups and straight downs.


The weather in higher areas is very unpredictable. Within a matter of hours, a sunny day can turn into a chilly day. Besides that, you should expect a cold temperature as you go up and up. Morning and night hours are colder throughout the year. These are some weather facts about the high areas of Nepal that can cause some minor to major difficulties.

Moreover, the weather and temperatures are subject to change with seasons. Winter is the coldest and Monsoon is the wettest time of the year. Whereas, Autumn and Spring are the moderate ones. No matter which season you are trekking in, you should be aware of the challenges of each climatic season.


If you are a luxury lover then here is something to worry about. The EBC trek doesn’t have any multi-star hotels and lodges but small and economic teahouses. These teahouses are lodge-kind of service providing basic places to spend a night in. Mostly run by the locals for livings, teahouses do provide fundamental services like room, charging, internet(conditional). But don’t expect higher quality services other than the essential ones.

Plus, you’ll not get those basic accommodations also if not booked mostly in the peak trekking seasons. These are the only choices when it comes to accommodation. So with the flow of huge trekkers in high times, accommodation gets easily occupied. In such situations, you’ll not have a range of rooms to choose from. As a result, you will have to be okay with what you get. However, this particular problem is faced during the Autumn and Spring season in Nepal not all year round.

Best Time for 5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

There are two times, Autumn and Spring, that are considered as the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek. Let’s discuss why they are called so.


Autumn, the time of bluish skies, is a favorable time for Everest Base Camp Trek. it ages for three months every year from September to November. In those three months, trekkers experience mild temperature, better visibility, clear skies, and unblocked mountain views.

As of those reasons, Autumn is known as the right time to explore the beauty of the Khumbu region. The sun always remains at sight providing the warmth and brightness for the trek. Plus, there are very rare chances of clouds and rainfall which is good news for the helicopter cum trek like EBC Trek 5 Days.


Have you ever seen the red rhododendron blooming at the backdrop in any of EBC trek photos over the internet? Those were the photos taken of the Everest region in Spring. Yes, also termed as the season of flowers is another right time for this trek. Temperature favors trekkers to have a warm trekking experience in the day.

Likewise, Spring charms every visitor with a clear and scenic cloudless view. That means you can watch the mountains until your eyes heart wants to without an inch of obstruction. To experience these, you need to lace up your shoes in between March to May. But, the temperature drops after the fading away of the sun.

Low Times for 5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

These are times when the weather is not in favor of trekking. Most of the people don’t like to do a trek in these seasons and hence known as the low times for trekking in Nepal.


Monsoon or Summer is the hottest and wettest season of all. June, July and August are the months of Monsoon. The weather is very prone to periodic and heavy rainfall. There will be cold and dark days during the rain hours. However, the aftermath views are unavoidable. But a few people only dare to push their limits and challenge the weather to do the trek.

Doing a trek in the monsoon season is a simpler way of adding difficulties. And when the trek is a helicopter ride added, the risks are even higher. No one would be ready to do the trek in such times. Even the experienced guides suggest not to do the trek in this season.


This is the period of a year when the coldness of the higher areas breaks the bar. The coldest season of all, Winter, is also a low time for this short Everest Base Camp Trek. It is extremely cold up in the higher areas and snowfall also can occur heavily. In such extreme situations, to do a helicopter ride included trek can be a troublesome decision. The weather stays so from December to January. However, the trek is doable at the start of December when the winter has not arrived entirely.

Physical Level for Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days

Helicopter To Everest View Hotel | Best Time | FAQs | Guide

The EBC Trek within 5 days is a blend of the trek and a helicopter ride. Specially customized for the people not having much time for standard 12 to 16 days EBC Trek. All in all, you’ll need to trek for 3 days only from Lukla to Syangboche which is the easiest part of the standard EBC trek. A healthy person who can walk for 6 to 7 hours daily is eligible for the short trek. You don’t have to be physically muscular.

However, some sort of high altitude trekking experience is a bonus for you. That will help you to walk out the steep and downfall tracks comfortably. Even if you don’t have the experience, you can build some fitness by doing some general physical training like hiking, jogging, cycling, and other cardi-vascular training. Also, make sure you don’t have any kind of heart and lung problems.

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Detailed Itinerary of 5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

Day 01: Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla(2,843m) and Trek to Phakding

Flight Duration: 30 minutes

Trek Distance: 8 km

Trek Duration: 3 hours

Altitude Gain: (2,660m) Phakding

Here we go! The adventure of EBC Trek starts. Firstly, you’ll hop into the plane to reach Lukla which is a gateway to the Everest region. It will be a picturesque air time of 30 minutes where you can look from the window at the entire Himalayas. The view will only get better and better while moving towards Lukla. Then your aircraft will make a landing at one of the world’s scariest airports, Lukla Airport(2,860m). After your arrival there, you’ll spend sometime around Lukla exploring and preparing for the trek about to start.

Leaving the Lukla commences the 5 Days Everest Base Camp Trek. It’s good for you that the trek to Phakding starts with a downhill walk which is easier as compared to the steep uphills. The slope trek will end at Cheplung before sliding through the Dudh Kosi Valley. It will be a convenient walk until Ghat from where you have to ascend the hill to reach Phakding. Phakding is the first stop of almost every EBC trekker. There are numerous teahouses to choose from for the overnight rest.

Day 02: Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar


Trek Distance: 10 km

Trek Duration: 7-8 hours

Altitude Gain: (3,440m) Namche Bazaar

Having spent the first night of the 5 Days EBC Trek, you’ll wake up to see the beautiful sunrise and get ready for day 2. Today your stop will be the famous Namche Bazaar. So with full of energy and excitement to be in the Namche, you’ll bid goodbye to Phakding. It will be a scenic but tiring trek day where you have to ascend mostly. You’ll pass through the forest of rhododendron, fir, and pine. Several suspension bridges will also come across your way.

Some distance to reach Namche, you’ll be welcomed by the views of snow-clad Thamserku, Kusum Kanguru, and some others. There will be several hard ascends today before finally reaching Namche. But don’t rush, that can provoke altitude sickness, some struggle and you’ll be there at Namche Bazaar. By the time you reach the destination, you’ll have covered a distance of 10km which is mostly steep. Namche is a great place to be after having a hard trek day. All of the hardship is paid off by the ambiance of the bazaar and views from and around it. Overnight at Namche Bazaar.

Day 03: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Syangboche

Trek Distance: 4 km

Trek Duration: 2-3 hours

Altitude Gain: (3,790m) Syangboche

On the 3rd day of Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days, you’ll wake up to the most amazing view from your window. Shortly after breakfast, you’ll tour around Namche before leaving it to move towards Syanboche. Namche is also a major market in the Khumbu region where you can get most of the needs. There ATM machine as well if you are short of money. That will be the last ATM spot so cash out enough money there.

Today’s trek should not bother you much as it is the shortest trek in the whole itinerary. You will kick off 3 hours of trek enjoying the views of Mt Everest for the first real-time on the trip. It will be an uphill trek today again but not for long. A few hours of walk and you’ll be at Syanboche where lies one of the world’s highest-placed hotels. The name is Everest View Hotel(3,880m) and as the name deems, it provides awe-inspiring views of surrounding mountains and hills. Overnight at Syanboche

Day 04: Helicopter Flight to Everest Base Camp and Fly Back to Lukla

Highest Altitude: 5,643m

Here comes the day which you will be dreaming of, the day to see Mt Everest from Kala Patthar. To start this big day, you’ll intake breakfast at Syanboche while your helicopter gets heated. Then you’ll embark on the quest for the best viewpoint to see the Mt. Everest and other adjoining peaks. There is no better place than Kala Patthar, not even the Everest Base Camp to enjoy the Everest view. The pilot will make a landing at Kala Patthar but before that, you will be struck by the bird’s eyes view from the aircraft.

The base camp of Mt. Everest where thousands of people reach every year will be easily visible through the glass of the helicopter. Several glaciers, rough terrains, and mountains on the top will make the airtime an unforgettable one. As soon as you land at the Kala Patthar, start clicking photos as you’ll only stay there for a while. The weather is very prone to change in places like Kala Patthar. So to avoid the possible weather turnaround, you’ll make your stay at the point a short one.

But prior to that, you’ll celebrate the happiness of reaching the Kala Patthar(5,643m). To cherish to the moment you’ll try to make each and every second there a moment for a lifetime. After the time there at the foothill of Everest, you’ll sign off from there for returning to Lukla via the same helicopter. Overnight at Lukla.

Day 05: Flight Back to Kathmandu from Lukla

Flight Duration: 30 minutes

And, finally, your time to leave the beautiful Khumbu region will be at your doors by now. You’ll join the team to take the last breakfast of Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days. If there is enough time until your departure, make sure you explore the remaining Lukla. But don’t do that if your flight is about to depart.

For 30 minutes from leaving the Lukla airport, you’ll recall all the best things that happened during the 5 days whilst you look through the picturesque view. Then, as soon as you reach the hotel, you’ll look for your photos at Everest’s lap to share with the world.

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Final Verdict

Everest Base Camp Trek is the voyage on which every nature freak has to go at least once in his/her life. No words can describe the greatness of the trek but only can draw a draft. To know what it is like to see Mt Everest from up there and experience all the journey, you have one of the EBC trek itineraries. Choose the one which suits your time and money.

If you have a short time but some money to spare, the Everest Base Camp Trek 5 Days is the perfect deal for you. You get to experience everything is there to be experienced on this trip. Lukla flight, trek up to Syangboche, dine at Everest View Hotel, Helicopter ride, fly over Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar stopover, everything. All those things in just 5 days. There is no best deal than this that is for sure. Book the trip with us and experience everything perfectly!

We, the Himalayas on Foot, will make sure of everything on the trip. We have been providing quality service for some good time now. It will be amazing to serve you too on this trek.

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