Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

manaslu circuit trek packing list

It’s a quite long trip doing a circuit around the Manaslu region. So, what are the essentials to be included in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List?

Manaslu region’s remote, off-the-beaten-paths, and spectacular scenery make it a popular trekking destination in Nepal. But, along with adventure there comes different challenges as well during the Manaslu Circuit trek. So, you must be well aware of the Manaslu trek packing list before you go for this trek.

It is a strenuous trek and requires a moderate level of fitness and preparation. But everyone can complete this trek with a bit of preparation. With light and wise packing, you can overcome the Manaslu trek difficulty.

Packing for this trek is rather easy.

Plan ahead and make a list in order to avoid over-packing. This way you won’t be leaving the important ones out. Plus, check the details of the weather and temperature of the Manaslu region before you start packing.

Nepal experiences four seasons in a year i.e. Spring, Summer/Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter. And you will find six climatic zones from tropical to the Arctic in the Manaslu Region. This causes the weather to vary in context to the region.

Although it could be blazing hot in the lower parts of the trail, it could be cold at the higher altitudes of the region.

This is why if you do not pack wisely you might face a lot of complications during your trek.

Here are the most important items you should not miss while maintaining the Manaslu circuit trek packing list. They are as follows:

Sleeping Gear

The below-mentioned sleeping gears are the must-pack items despite the season or month you are trekking. It is always a safe idea to pack these items you will need for a comfortable night.

Sleeping Bag

Although there are a lot of tea houses in every step of the trail, bringing a good quality sleeping bag is always a wise decision.

The temperature at the higher altitudes of the trail is always cold, especially during the night. The tea houses may provide you with blankets but it might not be enough to keep you warm through the night.

For some people, it can just be for a hygienic purpose if you do not want to use the blankets provided. You can bring in your own sleeping bag and use it underneath the blankets.

The four-season sleeping bag is a popular item during trekking these days. Despite the season, it is a wise idea to carry sleeping bags every time you trek.

Sleeping Pad/ Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping pads add extra comfort and warmth as compared to only using a sleeping bag.

And a sleeping bag liner is to protect your sleeping bag from external wear and tear. It is a great option if you are renting your sleeping bag.


Do not forget to pack your pillow if you cannot sleep without it. A small inflatable pillow is an ideal choice.


If you are a light sleeper, you definitely have to add this to your packing list. You will have to share rooms with others and also the wall in the tea houses are not soundproof.


As mentioned you trek in different climatic zones in the Manaslu Region. So, it is best to dress in layers.

The Base Layer

The base layers are mostly thermal tops and pants which trap the heat inside to keep you warm. This is a requirement when trekking during the colder seasons.

The Outer Layer

A normal t-shirt if trekking during warmer seasons and a long-sleeved shirt to wear on top of the thermal base layer for winter treks.

Please make a note to bring t-shirts which are light, comfortable and quick drying.

A windproof fleece jacket is ideal for trekking in the colder seasons. While you need to pack waterproof fleece to protect you from the rain.

As for the lower body, convertible pants are the best option. You can easily unzip the lower part to unveil a knee-length pair of trousers as the temperature gets hotter.

The Outermost Layer

The third and the outermost layer are jackets which are both wind and waterproof. They are the down jackets which keep you warm despite the fall in the temperatures.


A pair of sturdy, comfortable pair of hiking shoes with a firm grip is essential for trekking. It should be waterproof to protect your feet from rain and snow.

Get the right-sized shoes and break in it before your trek starts, to avoid blisters.

Besides the hiking shoes, you will need a pair of comfortable trainers or sandals to walk around after the end of a day’s trek.

To keep your feet warm pack some pairs of warm woolen socks with padding around the toes and heels.

And if you are trekking during the monsoon, gaiters are necessary to keep yourself protected from the rain, mud, stones, and even leeches.


Lightweight inner gloves made from fleece materials are perfect to keep you warm yet functional.

However, the outer gloves should be thick waterproof, and durable to protect your hands from the wind and snow. These are very essential items to include in Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List.


The sun rays are extremely strong in the higher altitudes. And snow reflects about 80 percent of the UV rays.

It can be difficult to keep your eyes open for a long time. So a dark UV protected sunglasses are a must when trekking to Manaslu.

You are also required to wear a sun hat and high SPF sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.

Other headwears to add to your list are beanies or a buff. It can be very-cold during mornings and night at the higher altitudes, and it is important to keep your head warm to retain heat.

A warm beanie preferably a heat retention one or a buff which is also used as a headband, cap, mask, neck gaiter are a must.

manaslu circuit and tsum valley trek

Trekking Accessories

Head Lamp with Extra Batteries

When you start your treks early morning at dawn or even while taking a walk at night, a headlight will be of great help.

These make you self sufficient.

Water Bottle/Water Purification Tablet

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated during the trek to avoid altitude sickness.

Since you need to drink a lot of water, buying bottled water adds to your cost. Water is expensive in these regions.

It is best to bring your own water bottle and refill it in taps or natural spring water. Simply carry water purification tablets. You can easily buy these tablets in Nepal or you can even bring them from your own country.

You can also buy boiled water from tea houses and lessen plastic waste.

Trekking Poles

Since Manaslu is popular for it’s off the beaten rugged trails, trekking it can be a lot for your knees. So, to lessen the burden and enjoy your trek use a trekking pole.

There are a lot of options for trekking poles but get a lightweight and foldable trekking pole for more convenience. You need them any time of the year. But they come really helpful while in the summer or winter trek as the trails are usually slippery. This is a must to include items in Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List.


Crampons are to use on snow and ice to prevent slipping and injuring yourself. It is ideal for winter trekking when it is snowing.


Microspikes are a pocket-sized traction system that you can attach to your shoes. These allow you to trek in all types of terrain- ice, snow. wet rocks, concrete, etc.

It is great for the winter trek to avoid slipping on ice. Get a lightweight stainless steel and durable microspikes.

Day Backpack

While trekking you should carry a backpack containing all the essential items that you might use throughout the trek. It should be big enough to fit in all your necessary items like a water bottle, snacks, wet tissues, jacket, etc.

A bag with small compartments with a waterproof cover is the best choice.

Duffel bag

This is the bag that contains all the other things in your packing list from sleeping bags to clothes etc. Your potter will carry this during the entire trek.

Pack the heavier things in this bag that you will not need while trekking during the day.

It should be light and comfortable to carry with shoulder straps or luggage with wheels. Soft luggage is more preferable in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List.

Personal Items

First Aid Kit

It is very important to be included in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List that you bring along a first aid kit at all times.

Since you will be trekking in the remote Himalayan regions it is pretty much impossible to find a hospital or even a pharmacy. So, bringing a first aid kit will be very helpful in case of an emergency.

Stock your first aid kit with basic medicines like Tylenol, anti-diarrhea medicines, oral rehydration suspension, band-aids, etc.

Keep this kit in your backpack for easy access.


Bring along your toiletries like shampoo, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste in travel sizes. And feminine hygiene products for female trekkers. Plus you will not get toilet paper in the teahouses as you go higher so it is a good idea to pack your own toilet paper.

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers are an easy and quick way to disinfect your hands while trekking.

Face/Body Wipes

It is not practical to shower every day during the trek so you can use wet wipes to clean your face and body.

Portable Charger

You will not always find a charging point in your rooms in the tea houses. And even though you can charge it in the common room in the tea house you might have to wait in line for it.

So, it is a great idea to get a good portable charger with which you can charge your electronics during emergencies.


On the days of acclimatization, you can spend your time reading books. An e-book is the best choice for trekking. It is best also at places with poor lighting in the tea houses.

Weight Limit

Overpacking is absolutely common. But, it is quite a burden when you have to carry it all on your back.

Hiring a porter is a good decision but there is a limit to how much he will carry. The Nepalese government has a fixed weight of 15 kilos i.e. 33 pounds per porter.

You can always hire more porters to carry your luggage but it will only add to your cost. And most importantly, you do not really need a lot of things while trekking. Just pack the required items and leave the unwanted items behind.

Tips – Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

  • You don’t necessarily have to buy brand new trekking gears. You can rent good quality trekking gears in some stores in Thamel.
  • If you do buy trekking gear, you can sell them to the same store after finishing your trek. But make sure you keep the receipt for better resale value.
  • The best tip for packing for the Manaslu trek is to travel light. It will save you from carrying heavy loads and straining your body.
  • You can leave your belongings at the hotel you stay in during the time you leave for the trek.
  • Please keep a track of the weather and pack accordingly.
  • Make a list and pack beforehand.

Conclusion – Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

There is no doubt that Manaslu is a great trekking destination. But to enjoy it to the fullest you should come prepared for unseen circumstances.

Make sure you pack smart and light. The required items on Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List can vary dramatically depending on the season you’re trekking in.

Avoid bringing unnecessary items and enjoy trekking in the Himalayas.

For further queries and information please feel free to contact us.

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