Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek

A journey to Rara Lake is one of the incredible and fascinating treks in the far western region of Nepal.

The Rara Lake Trek takes you through the solitary path in the remote area of Karnali. This trek showcases the beauty of enthralling Rara Lake walled by green hills on all sides.

The oval-shaped Rara Lake is at an altitude of 2,990 meters above the sea level. It is the deepest and largest lake in Nepal. The Rara Lake is proudly addressed by the Nepalese as the Queen of Lakes.

This lake is protected under Rara National Park which is one of the smallest parks of the country. It lies in the Mugu and Jumla district of Nepal.

This place is a popular destination with a rough trail. The routes are very much off-beaten track yet, you can experience a variety of nature. The glimpses of culture and scenery on the way are quite different from the rest of Nepal.

You can see that this beautiful Rara lake is all encircled by pine, spruce and juniper forests.

Chuchemara Hill at 4,087 m is the best vantage point to get the magnificent views of the deep blue clear lake while trekking to Rara lake. The view of majestic Himalayan peaks surrounding the lake enhances the attraction of trekkers.

There are Malla stones around the lakes. The tall pillars of rock around the lake features the inscription of the sun and moons during the times of Malla Kings. Thakur society is dominant in this community. You can also explore the Thakur Baba’s Temple which is in the southeast corner of the Rara Lake.

The Rara Lake trek is the best place in Nepal to see wildlife. During this trek, you will get to see different wildlife including Himalayan black bear, leopard, musk deer and red pandas.

There are potentially 20 species of mammal that includes the Ghoral and Serow. There are 214 species of bird including Danfe and 500 kinds of flowers and herbs. Rara Lake trek also allows you to witness the rustic life of locals who call this remote land their home.

Highlights of Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek

  • Visit the largest lake of Nepal which is approx 13 kilometers.
  • Fascinating trek to the Himalayan range with pristine splendor of nature.
  • Visit UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal.
  • Experience the adventure like jungle safari in Rara.
  • Breathtaking views of landscapes, mountains, and wildlife during the trek.
  • Explore the primitive life of the local people.
  • Encounter the mysterious beauty of a remote area of Nepal.

Detailed Itinerary of Rara Lake Trek

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Maximum Altitude: 1,300 m

This is our first welcoming day at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). We will warmly greet and transfer you to the respective hotels. You will sit through a short briefing regarding the trek.

Depending on our arrival time, we will have a choice of visiting nearby places or the rest of the time free for leisure.

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing

Maximum Altitude: 1,300 meters

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal represents the historical and cultural artifacts of the country. We will be visiting UNESCO world heritage sites within Kathmandu.

There are many popular destinations to explore in this city. In Kathmandu, we will be visiting the Swayambhu Stupa. Along with the Pashupatinath, the most famous Hindu shrine in Nepal and Boudha Stupa, the largest Buddhist stupa in Nepal.

On the whole, you will have a good time exploring Kathmandu city.

Overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Day 3: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

Maximum Altitude: 1,500 meters

Travel Hour: 1 hr

After our short excursion in Kathmandu, we will take a flight for Nepalgunj which is about 1 hour from Kathmandu.

Nepalgunj is one of the biggest towns located in western Nepal. It lies near the Nepal-India border which is also the gateway to Kailash via Simikot. Here, it is quite hot and tropical in nature.

This city has a religious significance as it homes Bageshwori Temple- a renowned temple for Hindu devotees.

You will encounter the diverse cultures of people belonging to the various communities.

Overnight stay at Nepalgunj.

Day 3: Nepalgunj to Jumla

Rara Lake Trek

Maximum Altitude: 2,540 meters

Travel Hours: 20 minutes

Today, we will fly to Jumla, which is notable for being a dry district. It is one of the least developed districts in Nepal.

Once at Jumla, you will explore the bazaar, visit the temple dedicated to Chandannath. The picturesque landscapes, wildlife and fascinating people and culture of this place will amaze you.

Nonetheless, it will be an exhilarating experience and the magnificent view of this place is the reward.

Overnight stay at Jumla.

Day 5: Jumla to Chere Chaur

Maximum Altitude: 3,055 meters

Trek Hours: 6 hr

Today is the first day of our trek. Leaving Jumla, we will begin our trek to Chere Chaur. The journey starts with an ascending hike along the Jugad river.

We will proceed through the green forest and many beautiful villages. On the way, we pass through Khalanga Bazaar, a small marketplace for the nearby villages.

We will reach Chere Chaur to explore the ancient monasteries. On the trail, we will witness amazing landscape views throughout the trail.

Chere Chau is a rolling plateau of grassland. The views here are remarkable. We can also visit a Hindu temple that sits at top of the hill. It is one of the peaceful places and we can see the rich high altitude flora and fauna.

The lush meadows, meandering rivers and the coniferous forests on the nearby mountains will make you feel like you are in heaven.

Overnight stay at Chere Chaur.

Day 6: Chere Chaur to Chala Chaur

Maximum Altitude: 2,980 meters

Trek Hours: 5 hr

After breakfast, we stretch our trek to Chala Chaur. Our journey starts with an uphill climb into rhododendron forests. Further, we head towards an unnamed green meadow.

The trail ascends until you reach the Jaljala pass. It offers a fabulous view of Kanjiroba Himal towards the north-east.

Jaljala pass is not hard like other passes. We will continue our walk through a tranquil wilderness and follow the downhill path for a couple of hours.

From here, we ascend on a steep trail and enter the Rara lake circuit before reaching Chala Chaur.

After walking along with the cool forests, we will finally reach Chala Chaur.

Overnight stay at Chala Chaur.

Day 7: Chala Chaur to Sinja Valley

Maximum Altitude: 2,490 meters

Trek Hours: 7 hr

Today, our trek starts with an ascend to Sinja valley. The trail passes through several settlements, dense forests along the Jaljala stream.

We will follow the Jaljala Khola (stream) through a dense pine forest. Walking through the terraced farms, we will reach the Sinja valley.

Sinja Valley, a western part of Jumla, is the origin of the Nepali language (Khas language). That is the reason why Nepalese civilization is purely believed to have started from Sinja.

An interesting thing about this valley is that culture and traditions are well preserved. In the Sinja valley, we can encounter exquisite landscapes, the unique Khas language, and lovely people.

Overnight stay at Sinja valley.

Day 8: Sinja Valley to Ghorasaini

Maximum Altitude: 3,050 meters

Trek Hours: 6 hr

Leaving Sinja valley, we will trek towards the uphill trail along the Hima river.

We will pass through the Laha village forest and beautiful valleys. On the way, we have to cross the suspension bridge.

Then, this trail follows another stream of Ghatte Khola towards the north-east.

Walking towards the beautiful miniature valley through farmland, we will reach Ghorasaini.

Overnight stay at Ghorasaini.

Day 9: Ghorasaini to Rara Lake

Rara Lake Trek

Maximum Altitude: 3,010 meters

Trek Hours: 6 hr

Today, we will head to our final destination to Rara Lake, Nepal’s largest lake.

Starting our walk in the serene environment from Ghorasaini with an uphill climb all the way to Chuchhemara Danda.

Chuchhemara is the finest viewpoint to get the admire the scenery of the Himalayan ranges. From here we can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Rara Lake and landscapes.

After enjoying the marvelous views, we will descend looking down at the beautiful Rara lake.

On the way to Rara Lake, we pass through Khatyar Khola camp and a few villages including Murma. From Murma, the trail gets a little easier.

This trail passes through bamboo and birch forests before crossing the Khatyar Khola.

We will continue walking towards Chapri village which houses the Rara National Park Headquarters.

Overnight stay at near the Rasa Lakeshore.

Day 10: Explore Rara Lake

Maximum Altitude: 2,990 meters

Today is the day to explore around Rara Lake.

It is an ideal spot for exploration and relaxation.

You can enjoy boating and admire the picturesque settings of the lake. Moreover, you can hike around the Rara lake to encounter the stunning views of Himalayan peaks.

You can explore this place, walk around the lake, watch wildflowers or rare birds. If you wish to, you can meet the charming local people.

Overnight stay at Rara lake.

Day 11: Rara Lake to Pina

Maximum Altitude: 2,440 meters

Trek Hours: 6 hr

After having an enjoyable and pleasant time in Rara lake, we head back all the way to Pina.

This route leads to a ridge top at Jhyari’s small village. From here, we will walk downstream following the Jhyari Bira Khola. Then we will cross the Dhauligar valley following the Dhauligar Khola.

This trail is quite easy and we walk on a relatively straight path until Gamgadhi. Gamgadhi is the headquarter of the remote Mugu district of Nepal.

From Gamgadhi, we descend on a steep trail to Pina village.

Overnight stay at Pina village.

Day 12 Pina to Bumra

Maximum Altitude: 3,460 meters

Trek Hours: 5-6 hr

From the Pina village, we will head to Bumra crossing Ghurchi Lagna Pass.

Our walk continues with an uphill climb into tranquil and enchanting forests. Enjoying the excellent view of landscapes and mountains, we will reach at Ghurchi Lagna Pass at 3,460m.

It is the highest point of this fabulous journey.

From here, our route descends across alpine meadows and pastures. You will pass through a few villages and reach Bumra village. The Bumra village is also known as Nauri Ghat.

Overnight stay at Bumra village.

Day 13: Bumra to Jumla

Maximum Altitude: 2,540 meters

Trek Hours: 5-6 hr

Today is the final day of trekking which starts with a pleasant descend to a nice green valley. You will pass through pristine alpine forests of rhododendron, oaks, and pine trees.

Then, you will reach to fertile agriculture tended valley, to the villages of Padmara. We cross two suspension bridges above the Hima River and walk downhill.

After walking for a few hours, we get to a hot spring where we can ease our aching body with a dip. After reaching Chere Chaur, we follow the same trail we took a couple of days back and reach Jumla.

Overnight stay at Jumla.

Day 14: Jumla to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

Maximum Altitude: 1,380 meters

Travel Hours: 1 hr

You will take the earliest flight available to Nepalgunj from Jumla. After reaching Nepalgunj, you will again take the flight to Kathmandu.

After reaching Kathmandu, we freshen up and take a rest and celebrate the successful completion of the Rara Lake trek.

Overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Day 15: Final Departure

We will take a final flight back to respective countries from Tribhuvan International Airport.

Best Time to Visit Rara Lake

It is a beautiful, peaceful place that you must see, and getting there at the right time of the year makes all the difference.

March, April, May

The ideal time to visit the Rara lake would be March through May. At this time the weather is mild with rhododendrons blooming everywhere.

Along with filling the mountain trails with color, the sky is clear and the lake is crystal blue. From the tower, a two-hour hike above the lake, the view of the lake is stunning.

It is also a perfect time for either flying, trekking, taking a bus, or jeep rides.

September, October, November

September, October, and November are another choice, and really a good choice. Monsoon is over and winter has not yet arrived. The skies are cloudless and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.

This time of year should be perfect for trekking, driving, and flying.

Besides, winter and monsoon months may turn a bit hostile for this trek with the extreme weather. However, with proper preparation, you can opt for the adventure during these months as well.

Whatever you chose, whatever fits into your schedule, try to fit in Rara Lake. This place will not disappoint you for sure!

Accommodation During Rara Lake Trek

Home-stay facilities are available in the Rara region with the houses serving you during your stay there. You can find budget hotels with restaurants that offer basic accommodation services with simple Nepali dishes.

The visitors can even enjoy tented camps on the western part of the lake. Therefore, the cost of the Rara Lake trek is comparatively lower than the other destination which is very affordable to everyone.

Trekking Permit for Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake lies within the Rara National Park. So, Rara National Park Entry Permit is necessarily required for this trek. You can easily obtain this permit at the checkpoint.


Rara Lake is a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks. It is the biggest lake & a hidden treasure in western Nepal. The Rara Lake trek is a trek through the remote wilderness of western Nepal. It offers a superb experience of nature.

The entire route is ‘off the beaten trail’. This trek is a moderate to difficult trek yet, the payback is incredible.

It is one of the best destinations for trekking. The bio-diversity & living cultures of Rara attracts visitors. It is rich in flora & fauna ,high Himalayan views ,local cultures,art & living styles & many more.

For further information and queries regarding this trek, feel free to contact us.

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