Tipping Guides in Nepal

Tipping Guides in Nepal

Tipping Guides in Nepal is a small way of honoring them right back. Tipping is also taken as a token of love and as a gesture of satisfaction from the guests.

Guides are the true heroes of the travel business. They make the whole traveling process interesting, engaging, and enriching.

Guides are the one who helps you to make your trip safe and memorable. Tipping guides in Nepal are not mandatory but it is, however, expected. The extra income from the tips helps the guides to keep up their level of service high.

Tipping is a great motivational factor to guides to improve their service and work hard.

How Much to Tip Your Guide in Nepal?

There is no fixed tipping rate for guides in Nepal. It is not compulsory to tip in Nepal, but it is highly recommended to tip your guide.

Guides are the storytellers, teachers, and many times they put their lives at risk for us. Then, why we often baffled on how much to tip your guide. So, feel free to tip them according to their service level.

Tipping rates totally depend on the duration of your trek. So, if you use the service of a guide for a 5 day to one week, then you could give them $25 ( NRs 2500 ). And if you’re planning a month-long expedition, $200-$250 USD ( NRs 20,000 – 25,000) will be adequate.

Tipping can also vary based on the activity. For instance, a hike or city tour guide you could get $5 a day. However, you may want to tip a trekking or mountaineering guide extra for their skill set.

If you have a head guide and assistant guide, you may want to give the head guide a bonus as well for overseeing everything. For instance, if you do a 10-day trek, an assistant guide should also give $100 (from the group), and ahead guide may get $125-$150 (from the group).

And if you are willing and able to tip more if their service has more delighted you, then feel free to tip more.

The guidelines and estimation for how much to tip your guide are roughly indicated as below:

In the case of a Group

Service USD Per Day NPR Per Day
Trekking Guide $10 – $15 NRs 1000 – NRs 1500
Tour Guide $10 – $15 NRs 1000 – NRs 1500
Porter $5 – $10 NRs 5000- NRs 1000

In the case of Solo- trekking

Service USD Per Day NPR Per Day
Trekking Guide $3 – $5 NRs 300 – NRs 500
Tour Guide $3 – $4 NRs 300 – NRs 400
Porter $2 – $4 NRs 200 – NRs 400

If you are trekking with a company, then the above figures are appropriate for tipping. As they pay a decent amount of wages to the guides as well as provide insurance for them. Otherwise, the guide might be relying on your tips to support themselves.

But we don’t compel you to stick with the above figures or guidelines. If you connect more with your guide, then feel free to switch it up.

Things to Remember while Tipping Guides in Nepal

  • Enclose your tips in an envelope. If an envelope isn’t available then, place the cash in the palm of your guide’s hand while shaking hands and say thanks. And also let him or her know who it is from (the individual, family, entire group).
  • If you aren’t tipping at all or tipping less then explain your reasoning. Why?
  • If you forget to tip or run out of money, ask management about using a credit card or tipping after the fact. But remember, guides prefer cash.
  • You can either tip in Nepali Rupees (NPR) or US Dollars. But tipping in Nepali rupees would be more convenient for those who don’t live in towns. They won’t have to worry about exchanging to finally use them.
  • Handing money with your left hand is considered rude in Nepal. While this isn’t a too big issue for foreigners. But it’s much better to hand money with your right hand in Nepal, especially when giving a large tip. It shows respect.
  • It is best to tip discreetly. Put large amounts in an envelope if possible and pass small bills without making a scene.

Things to Avoid While Tipping Guides in Nepal

  • Do not showboat your generosity.
  • Avoid giving worn out and old clothes or goods. Your guides may feel offended.
  • Do not tip too less like any notes below Rs. 50
  • If you like the service, do not delay on tipping. It is uncertain that the staff will be on duty the next day.


What’s the most common tipping mistake?

Probably the worst tipping mistake is not to tip at all. Usually, if you know to tip, you’re tipping around 15 – 20 percent so you know you’ve tipped something, and that’s great.

If you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received, is it ever okay not to tip, or is there a better way to handle it?

No. You should never let your money talk for you. If you get good service, in addition to leaving a good tip, you would want to thank your guide. When it goes the other way, you still should leave the customary 10 percent. If you get the worst service then it is better suggested to directly talk to the manager and express your dissatisfaction.

When is it okay to tip in foreign cash besides the Nepali cash?

If the choice is that or nothing, then leave the foreign currency. But otherwise, try your best to leave a tip in the currency of that country.

Last Words,

Tipping in Nepal is not quite common in Nepal. But tipping culture is good for a country like Nepal. It is quite important to tip your guide to appreciate their hard work.

The tourism industry is seasonal and not consistent. So tipping your guides can also help them to support their family financially.

The guides have ushered you and your belongings across mountain passes. And they have been your only lifeline in remote areas. Your guide is the people who will ensure you have a memorable experience. So, why not reward them for their consistent help?

For further information and queries, feel free to contact us.

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